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Which American opera diva’s next starring project will be an appearance as Florence Foster Jenkins in a film about that earlier American diva’s life and times?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    • Monty2200

      According to IMDB, Meryl Streep has been cast as FFJ. Is this project based on the play from a few years ago with Judy Kaye?

    • zinka

      What Met diva sounds like her????? my experience..they are all dead…. Trying to think….Peters is too old….Voigt may have problems….but I doubt ot..Racette???Lately,not a bad cherce.
      I will call Soviero……

      Love CH

    • javier

      that’s actually very funny, in a good way. voigt has lots of personality.

  • Monty2200

    That clearly wasn’t a reply to QPF. I forgot how to post without submitting as a reply.

  • Monty2200

    According to Judy Kaye, any singer can alter her voice to sound like FFJ. She claimed to have found a very specific technique to do so. I was convinced. But maybe others were not. Did anyone here see her performance in “Souvenir?” If so, how well, IYHOs, did she fare?

    • elsewhere1010

      I saw Kaye on tour with Souvenir here in San Francisco and she was phenomenal. Charming, awkward, determined, scatter-brained, self-unaware, hilarious and, ultimately heart-breaking. No spoilers, but she took an audience from a fever pitch of hysterical laughter directly into shock, embarrassment and grief. And like many very good plays, it all leads to understanding and forgiveness.

      If she ever decides to tour with it again, I’d very much recommend seeing it.

    • Mme. Euterpova

      I saw Kaye trois fois. To show how good she was: at one point in Souvenir, ffj plays one of her records. The production couldn’t use the 1941 original recording so Kaye went into a recording studio and recorded the QotN aria and copied FFJ to perfection. And the accompanist even imitated McMoon’s “adjustments” for FFJ.

      • mjmacmtenor

        I saw Kaye in this at ACT in San Francisco. She was superb. I saw her in the OC of 20th Century around 1979, as Carlotta in Phantom in the around 1990, and in solo concert a couple of times (sorry I missed her Mrs. Lovett). Knowing what a superb and versatile singer I was amazed how she imitate FFJ. Noe surprise how magnificent her acting was.

    • djedushka

      Saw her performance at a New Years Eve matinee.

      She was terrific. I often wonder why she didn’t become a bigger star on B’way. She was better than Madeline Kahn (saw both twice).

      At the finale of “Souvenir” she sane a e beautiful “Ave Maria”.

      • djedushka

        oops sang not sane and the reference to Kahn was for “On the Twentieth Century”

  • phoenix

    it has to be Fleming

    • pyramus

      She’s the first one I thought of, too. It came to my mind so quickly that I assumed I had read something about it somewhere, but Google is no help (although it did lead to a batch of spectacularly cruel reviews of her Bel Canto album on Amazon).

      • Mme. Euterpova

        wrong. Yes, there is a major motion picture in the works starring La Streep and Lo Grant. But La Cieca’s blind item is about a documentary that is indeed starring a bona fide, card-carrying current opera singer.

  • I heard about this awhile ago. Except it’s going to be Meryl Streep, not an opera diva.

    • phoenix

      That’s who I thought of right off the bat after studying the headline SIGHT READING (believe me, it took awhile) but I got steered offcourse by the American ‘opera’ diva designation. It seems they try to throw Streep into the hat for every coveted Hollywood role (and some of them don’t pan out). Not since Ava Gardner portrayed Julie LaVerne in ‘Showboat’ and then followed it up with Sarah in ‘The Bible’ has there been such a versatile film actress.
      -- Last Spring they announced Streep for the Tyne Daly role in the film version of Master Class but at present time IMDb still lists ‘Master Class’ thus: ‘this project is categorized as in development’. Nevertheless, the media has tooted for the last 6 months Meryl Streep will play Maria Callas -- whether she actually does it or not doesn’t even really matter -- in the la-la land of publicity Streep has already been lioness-ized in the press as the American opera diva.
      -- A much better choice for FF Jenkins would be her great-grandson Speight.

      • mjmacmtenor

        Although Tyne Daley starred as Callas in a recent revival of Master Class, the role was originated by Zoe Caldwell, who won a Tony for her portrayal. It kind of swept the female Tonys as Audra McDonald got the supporting actress Tony for her portrayal of one of the students.

  • Mme. Euterpova

    Apparently the Callas biopic has been shelved because of the passing of Nichols. “Florence”, a major motion picture (not documentary) will begin shooting in May.

    The second documentary about Jenkins is being planned as I write with an American opera singer as Jenkins.

    • operadunce

      I’m curious. Why would they use someone to portray Jenkins if it is a documentary? Wouldn’t they just use historical footage?

  • Gualtier M

    There is already a documentary about FloFoJen by Donald Collup and it was released on VAI:

    Now a heroine of drama with two plays about her life, Florence Foster Jenkins is attracting the interest of many great actresses -- Meryl Streep, Judy Kaye (she was brilliant!), Maureen Lipman, Katia Ricciarelli and now La Donna Misteriosa.

    • Mme. Euterpova

      La Cieca’s blind item is about a SECOND documentary.

    • mjmacmtenor


  • Mme. Euterpova

    La Cieca said it is an American diva…

  • -Ed.

    Placido Domingo.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    May we please know the correct answer now?