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A star is reborn?

The New York City Opera Board has signed an agreement to transfer its name and intellectual property to NYCO Renaissance, Ltd., which is spearheaded by  Roy Niederhoffer, Chairman and Jeffrey Laikind, President. The new board has appointed Michael Capasso, co-founder and General Director of New York’s Dicapo Opera Theater, as General Director.

New York City Opera has signed an Asset Purchase Agreement with NYCO Renaissance, Ltd. with respect to these assets, which remains subject to Bankruptcy Court approval. With these assets, NYCO Renaissance, Ltd. “intends to bring about the rebirth of New York City Opera under new leadership and return the company to Lincoln Center.” [Press Release]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Astounding news! Congratulations to Michael Capasso, for whom this is a dream come true. It all bodes well for the return of NYCO to Lincoln Center. I wonder what comprises the “intellectual property”. Pity that the archives have been trashed or scattered here and there. My prayer is that this all works well and does not suffer another defeat for lack of funding.

  • SilvestriWoman

    Know hope, NYCO! The Board should have hired Capasso in the first place, not Steel, but better late than never.

  • DeepSouthSenior

    I remember reading several months ago a very detailed and very impressive business plan for the rebirth of NYCO. I also recall a discussion about it at Parterre. Is this the same group?

    • DeepSouthSenior

      Yes, it is the same group. I found the discussion at Parterre from last January but couldn’t locate the 68-page document. Then I remembered -- I had saved the “NYCO Renaissance” plan dated January 10, 2014, on my iPad. It’s still there, and as impressive as ever. All the best to everyone involved!

  • DeepSouthSenior

    After fighting a fussy Internet Explorer not wanting to open pdf’s, I finally got the link to the plan to work:

    It is an unusual document (someone known to us all called it “bizarre”), but apparently has now borne fruit.

  • zinka

    Let us remember the fabulous array of stars who either never sang at the Met, sang there not much,or who started a great career there….Here is a very partial list:

    Ludgin,Fredricks,Poleri,Nolese,Galvany, Sills(came too LATE),Ramey,Soviero,TREIGLE,Villazon, Bayard, Brooks,Wells,Stapp (GREAT STAR)….etc.
    Imagine if we could revive this kind of talent if City Opera starts again……..

    • zinka

      FORGOT FRANCES BIBLE,Beverly Wolff and Gloria Lane..and I love mezzos…….