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Gender change for tenor heartthrob

“We hear that Anna’s fiancé, the Azeri tenor Yusif Eyvazov, has stayed behind to understudy Joan Kaufmann in the role of Des Grieux.” [Slipped Disc]

  • Feldmarschallin

    Joan Kaufmann looks like she might be related to Joan Crawford.

  • Feldmarschallin

    They also got a second cover in from what I heard but don’t know who it is but do know that Jonas is still sick apparently. But officially the BSO is saying ‘ihm geht es gut’. Na ja, schauen wir mal.

    • FragendeFrau82

      I expect JK to make a miraculous recovery with the arrival of his BFF Kristine Opolais. Or at least he is her BFF.

  • arepo

    So which is it Slipped Disc, fiance or hubby?
    My bigger concern is that Kaufmann seems to get sick way too often. Is he frail or what?
    I can just picture a substitute in March for his Don Jose.
    Say it ain’t so!!

  • Ouf

    Credit where credit is due! Lebrecht’s line and Cieca’s photoshopping combine nicely.

  • manou

    Nmoran’s attontien tp ditail id sexond tp nine.

  • Guestoria Unpopularenka

    This is a veiled hint at what the production entails.

  • Cicciabella

    Des Grieux can’t leave Manon because she’s the only woman who indulges, even rejoices in, his secret cross-dressing. Now that’s Regie. Fire Neuenfels, hire Lascivious Lebrecht.

  • Indiana Loiterer III

    Now, now, Lebrecht is just expressing his sympathies for Catalan separatism by transforming Kaufmann’s first name into Catalan.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    In memory of Dixie Ross Neil