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In honor of WQXR’s salute to the Richard Tucker Music Foundation next week—featuring Tucker honoree Michael Fabiano and hosted by legendary Renata Scotto—La Cieca invites the cher public to compete for free tickets to the mini-concert.  Details are after the jump.  

As the cher public all surely know, La Scotto retired from the operatic stage in 2002, five years before Mr. Fabiano made his professional opera debut, so—Photoshop to the contrary—these two artists never had the chance to perform together. La Cieca would like to posit an alternative reality in which the two might, in fact, have sung on the same stage. Let us imagine, then, that the final five years of Mme. Scotto’s career (i.e., 1997-2002) overlapped with the first five years of Mr. Fabiano’s (2007-2012.)

Your task, then, is to create a repertoire of three operas in which these two artists might have appeared together during that imaginary five year period, and post details in the comment section below. Our blue-ribbon panel will judge your repertory choices, giving extra points for additional detail such as venues, supporting casts and whatever other ideas you care to throw into the mix.  One winner will be chosen in each of the following categories: “Most Plausible” and “Most Hilarious.”  Each winner will receive as prize a pair of tickets to the Greene Space event mentioned above, which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 7 at 7:00 PM. All judges’ decisions are final.

Deadline for posting your “Scotto/Fabiano” mini-season suggestions is midnight on Saturday, October 4 and winners will be announced on the afternoon of Sunday, October 5.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    The Mikado -- F as Nanki Poo and S as Katisha

    • Mitridate

      LOL!!!! :D

  • MontyNostry

    Fedora (Fedora and Loris)
    Rosenkavalier (Marschallin and Italian Tenor)
    La Voix humaine (Elle and the guy on the other end of the line)

  • armerjacquino

    Mme Armfeldt and Henrik. Von Stade as Desiree, Oropesa as Anne, Gunn as Carl Magnus, Allen as Egermann.

    Mrs Lovett and Anthony. Same company (VS: Beggar Woman, Oropesa: Johanna, Gunn: Sweeney, Allen: Judge). NB Scotto’s cockney accent may be problematic here.

    Aunt Eller and Curly. Same company. (Oropesa: Laurey, Gunn: Jud Fry, Allen: Andrew Carnes. Special guest: Ermonela Jaho, who cain’t say no, as Ado Annie). NB: Scotto’s Okie accent may be problematic here.

    I’d actually pay to see the first one.

    • antikitschychick

      hey there armerj! Nice to see you back :-).
      As to the question at hand, I really have no idea what Ms. Scotto was singing during the last few years of her career, but if we’re talkin ideal rep for these two great artists, I’d say something along the lines of Un Ballo in Maschera or Lucrezia Borgia…and while we’re at it, why not Aida??!! Honestly I’m just dying to hear Fab sing Radames, mostly because it’s been ages since I’ve heard a truly great Radames. If only it were him singing opposite Lumi at the Met next month…sigh… Ok back to reality… not sure if Scotto ever actually sang Aida but just as well :-P. Jamie Barton would be the obvious choice for Amneris; Stephanie Blythe would be superb as the high Priest and Placido can obviously play Aida’s father AND Amonasro (ya know he’d never let us leave him out!) aaaand, if we’re talkin French rep, it would most definitely have to be Carmen!!! :-D. Tosca could also be a possibility since Placido can play Scarpia and we’d get to see Renata stab him :-D.
      Finally: Armida is a must if only to hear Fab sing 6 different tenor parts. Gelb would naturally have to get LePage to design a machine that could clone him, Zeffirelli would naturally come out of retirement to design the costumes and decorate the stage and finally (you guessed it!) Placido would conduct! :-P.

      Well that was more than three but what can I say…the endless array of possibilities got the best of me.

    • MontyNostry

      Love the Jaho comment.

  • meowiaclawas

    Salome -- Scotto as Herodias, Fabiano as Narraboth. I believe that Scotto sang the Elektra Klytaemnestra in the final years of her stage career, so its conceivable that she would have performed Herodias as well between ’97 and ’02.

  • peter

    Samuel Barber’s Vanessa

    Scotto as The Baroness
    Fabiano as Anatol
    Fleming as Vanessa
    Susan Graham as Erika

  • dallasuapace

    Elektra, sung in Italian, with Renata Scotto as Klytaemnestra
    and Michael Fabiano as Aegisth

    Lucrezia Borgia, with Renata Scotto as Lucrezia and Michel Fabiano as Gennaro

    The Sound of Music, with Renata Scotto as Mother Abbess and Michael Fabiano as Rolf Gruber

  • la vociaccia

    Peter Grimes in Italiano: Scotto as Signora Sedley, Fabiano as inexplicably shirtless Bob Boles

    Eugene Onegin in Italiano: Scotto as Larina and Fabiano as inexplicably shirtless Lensky

    Die Frau Ohne Schatten in Italiano: Scotto as Die Amme and Fabiano as (appropriately shirtless) Apparition of Youth

    • la vociaccia

      Oh and just for the record the Grimes featured Barbara Frittoli (not the first choice- Aprile was announced but..) and Fedora Barbieri -- hammered on grappa -- as Auntie

      • perfidia

        But neither one of them shirtless.

        • la vociaccia

          Certainly not planned, but Fedora reportedly shed a few of her furs before the “Dalla cunetta” quartetto

  • Krunoslav

    Spoleto USA: THE MEDIUM
    Scotto Mme Flora
    Fabiano Toby
    Dancin’ Danielle Monica
    dir. (and u/s Mme. Flora) Chip Menotti

    Florida Grand Opera
    Scotto Fillipeevna
    Fabiano Lenski
    Teddy Tadu Rhodes Onegin
    Alexandra Deshorties Tatiana
    Victoria Livengood Olga
    Denyce Graves Larina
    dir. Fiona Shaw

    Williamstown Theater Festival
    Scotto Serafina Delle Rose
    Fabiano Alvaro Mangiacavallo
    Renée Fleming Rosa Delle Rose
    Eva Marton La Strega
    dir. Tommy Tune

    • Krunoslav

      #3 is,of course, THE ROSE TATTOO.

  • Anna Tema

    I’m having a little bit too much fun imagining a Rake’s Progress with Scotto as Baba the Turk. Oropesa as Anne, of course. Obvious choice is Candide -- ideal for Fabiano, and Scotto’s Old Lady would have been immense camp…Lady Billows and Albert Herring, maybe?

    • Indiana Loiterer III

      I was thinking of an Albert Herring with Scotto as Lady Billows (and Zajick as Mrs. Herring, Horne as Florence Pike and Hampson as the Vicar), but I can’t quite get Fabiano as Albert.

  • Buster

    Prokofiev, The Gambler. Scotto as Babulenka, Fabiano as Alexei. Babulenka is a great role for a singing actress, both Anja Silja and Renate Behle had a big success in it recently. It is hard one to pull of, though, because you have to be alert to everything that goes on around you, which is an awful lot. Fabulous opera. Staging: Andrea Breth.

    Janacek, Katja Kabanova. Scotto as Kabanicha, Fabiano as Boris.

    Queen of Spades, Countess and Herman.

    • I saw the Met’s Gambler with Galouzine a number of years ago. The opera was interesting but didn’t win me over entirely. However, the Babulenka character was quite memorable, and vividly portrayed by Larissa Diadkova.

  • Mitridate

    The Makropoulos Case
    SCOTTO as Emilia Marty
    FABIANO as Albert Gregor

    Powder her face
    SCOTTO as the Duchess
    FABIANO as Electrician, Lounge Lizard, Waiter, Priest, Rubbernecker, Delivery Boy

    La Traviata
    SCOTTO as, of course, the aging courtesan
    FABIANO as, of course, the horny young lover.

    And just for the hoots:
    Sunset Boulevard
    SCOTTO as Norma Desmond (sorry, La Cieca- I know this is your part!)
    FABIANO as Joe