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Listen like a pirate day

In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” La Cieca invites you, the cher public, to share reminiscences (and, where applicable, YouTube clips) of your favorite pirate recordings. These need not necessarily include the appearance of Maria Callas.

To begin with, few live opera recordings can surpass the legendary 1959 Adriana Lecouvreur with the late Magda Olivero heading the cast, a document that is currently available as a free download from our friends at Opera Depot.

  • Sempre liberal

    Not quite a pirate, but in honor of the Scotland election, I nominate Margaret Price’s Libera Me (not to mention Jessye Norman/Carreras/Raimondi/LSO/Abbado) in the Edinburgh Festival’s Verdi Requiem 1982. Love her outfit, too.


  • The_Kid

    For a long time this was the only Medea excerpt minus the hectoring, out-of-whack recitatives on YT. The music is all there, too, and not slashed to pieces, as is the custom in lots of productions.

    • The_Kid

      Aw, sh^t. Wrong post.

  • arepo

    What a pastiche of deliciousness.
    Okay, here’s my contribution:

    • Here you go, arepo (just replace the “s” in “https” with a “v”).

      • arepo

        Leave it to you dear Kashie.
        I just learned something.
        Many thanks and hugs to you.

  • Speaking of pirates, I’m currently enjoying the Olivero Tosca which Jungfer Marianne and La Cieca shared with us on the occasion of her passing. It is wonderful. Pavarotti is in glorious voice. And Olivero (even at 69) is singular.

    • mirywi

      According to my ears, it’s Mr MacNeil who is the surprise vocal standout in that Tosca.

      • When I made my post, I was still in Act I but yes, he’s wonderful. Even a few years in the Met video, when his voice is quite dry, he still makes a marvelous impression.

        • Krunoslav

          Mac Neil was in 1979 better than he was to become but i can’t say I enjoyed or admired his Scarpia, basically bellowed at that point.

          I saw a show the month before, with Leonie celebrating her 20th anniversary in , alas, TERRIBLE voice ( buy yes, she broke the wine glass and screamed before the stabbing) and Domingo near his zenith.

          MacNeil was professional, i suppose, but even as a teenager I was less impressed with him than my one previous Scarpia ( Wixell in 1977) , let along Gobbi and Taddei on records.

  • Perhaps the original pirates. The Mapleson Cylinders. I love this clip from Tosca. It sounds like a very exciting performance

    • arepo

      I adore the Maplesons. This one gave me goosebumps because I never heard it before.
      Thanks My Liege.

      • Here’s another one. Listen to that trill!