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Blind jealousy

Miss Schaefer, you must forgive me for calling you so late, but  I really feel it's my dutyWhich highly respected opera professional has been making a lot of childish scenes lately (even devising a fake identity on!) in order to sow discord between two ex-clients?

  • Uninvolved Bystander

    Since when are current/former students of voice teachers referred to as “clients”? And Bill Schuman would be an idiot to even risk ruining his reputation (even though some of you don’t think much of him, he does have a large group of singers working with him) for something that could be easily discovered.

    Ailyn and Stephen have been with Askonas/Holt for a few years now. Why would this come up now?

    • steveac10

      Perhaps the last of the Funkhauser gigs has passed? It takes a few years for the agency to stop getting checks. Especially for opera singers.

  • atomicwings

    With so many axes being ground in this thread and people in disguise, it’s like a production of Elektra. If we are indeed talking about Perez/Costello, how could an ex-agent come between them, especially after so many years? And maybe a publicist would think “any publicity is good publicity”, but talking about a female client in such a sexist way (She’s a loose woman!) doesn’t seem to be the stuff of good publicity.

    But if Costello is an EX-client/voice student of Bill Schumann, maybe said voice teacher would want revenge against the wife (who would also have to be an ex-client/student) who told her husband to wise up and take Michael Fabiano’s lead (whose career took off when he left Schumann for Neil Shicoff).

    Messa di Voce thinks Balvi might be the fake identity, and he/she certainly doesn’t like Perez very much:
    and seems to be in-the-know about Costello’s sexuality:

    Given the hint of “Childish Scenes -> Kinderszene -> Robert Schumann -> Bill Schumann”, and the hint “sowing discord” pointing to “vocal cords and therefore a voice teacher, I am going to guess the voice teacher as the most likely subject of this blind item.

    • CwbyLA

      OK so now that the puzzle has been collectively solved, what are the childish scenes this Bill Schuman has been making lately?

      • Ilka Saro

        Well let’s see. We’ve got Sunset Boulevard (Gotterdammerung), and Gloria Swanson (Swan as in Lohengrin) and Gloria is also NORMA. Some very deeply coded and obscure reference to Deborah Voigt perhaps.

        Oh who the hell knows!

      • Gualtier M

        Bill Schuman was still Costello’s voice teacher as of February 2014 -- where is the information that they have parted ways?

        “I think it’s important to study as often as possible. I just saw my teacher, William Schuman, for a week in Houston where I just finished singing the Duke in Rigoletto, and I’ll take the train to New York and see him on my first day off here. As a singer you can’t hear what’s coming out of your throat; you’re only hearing it from the inside, so you need a trusted person who knows how your voice works. It’s like a car. You take it to the same mechanic because they know it inside out and every time you get it back it works fantastic.”

  • Well, if Mr. Costello is as “stiff” offstage as he is on, I’d be very happy if he were gay.