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Blind meaning

A little bird from the meadow tells La Cieca that there will be a significant cast change announced soon for one of the Met’s 2014 productions.

  • manou

    Amandata via!

  • umangialaio

    Esa-Pekka Salonen would have a free slot to replace FWM for Elektra in March-April 2015 in Wien…


    • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

      That would be spectacular! But we so rarely get “A List” guest conductors these days. It’ll probably be Peter Schneider or some kid from Rumania.

      • ML

        The “A List” is dying off and needs to be reinvented. Nominations:

        Petrenko, Carydis, Hanus, Bolton, Minkowski, Altinoglu, Antonini, Dudamel, Jurowski, Gullberg Jensen.


        Heras Casado, Ticciati, Currentzis!

        • Chanterelle

          Not too many up-and-comers in current Met roster. Doubt that Petrenko is going anywhere, why would he want to leave Munich? Minkowski is specialized and seems happily freelance, I would think. H-C, Ticciati, Currentzis are the young and the restless so we’ll be seeing them everywhere…

          • ML

            I was talking about a conductor “A List” to replace Mehta Maazel Abbado Barenboim Blomstedt Haitink Ozawa Levine, not about any specific job.

            • Chanterelle

              Well, not everyone considers Gergiev, Muti, Thielemann, Bychkov, and other of their (approximate) generation to be chopped liver, as we say in NY. But there seems to be a change in conductorial style. Far fewer autocratic figureheads who stay in the same job for 15-20 years and shape the identity and sound of an orchestra. The jet set chef may have more visibility but less musical influence. Just a thought.

            • ML

              I agree about the change in style, now decades entrenched, and didn’t mention those four because they don’t seem to be in need of replacement.

  • arepo

    Oh Puleeze! Do not tell me that that little bird found his way into Garanca’s “meadow” again! I’ll kill myself!

    • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

      If I am catching your metaphor, Garanca has said that two kids is enough!

  • k0000

    Stolzing isn’t “known as” Walther von der Vogelweide.” He claims the latter (the historical Minnesinger) as his “Meister” (in “Am stillen Herd”)

    • Lohengrin

      WvdV = Thannhäuser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ilka Saro

        Elina Garanca will sing Tannhauser! It all makes sense to me now.

  • k0000

    Whatever the cast change, the opera is MEISTERSINGER. “Blind meaning” = “Auf ‘blinde Meinung’ klag’ ich allein” (Beckmesser on Walther’s performance, Act 1)

    • Pisa Hearn

      Yes, it has to be this. A few lines before “Auf blinde Meinung,” Beckmesser says to Walther, “Singt, wo Ihr wollt! Hier habt Ihr vertan!” (“Sing where you like! You’re finished here!”) This points to Botha.

      • ML

        I guess we won’t know the answer until the news is made public by the Met, which could be far in the future if the answer affects Meistersinger and not Nozze.

  • Krunoslav

    Could the Eva be THIS Amanda, coincidentally a client of guess which agency?

    • ML

      But the Amanda in the song is leaving, and is significant.

  • -Ed.

    We used to have a canary named Mimi. Whenever she sang, the dog would snort and leave the room. Therefore, Gheorghiu is out of La Boheme. Geez, this was an easy one..

  • Giasone

    I know it’s in January 2015, but could it be that Amanda Echalaz will not sing Butterfly, who keeps asking when birds return to rebuild their nest?

    • Hippolyte

      Actually the Echalaz Butterfly was in January 2014 and therefore already happened (and she did sing).

  • pasavant

    L’ amour est un oiseau rebelle. Carmen?

  • pasavant

    The hinted cast change is in one of the Met’s 2014 productions, not one of the old productions being revived this season. Judith in Bluebeard’s Castle sees meadows when she opens the fifth door. Is this the answer? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Lady Abbado

    Happy birthday Angela Gheorghiu!

  • Rowna

    #1 on my list of things to see at the Met that I can’t bring Mr.Opera to, is Meistersinger. He loves Wagner and stayed awake through Dutchman, Rheingold, Walkyrie and Siegfiied! However, the cast for Mesitersinger is not to my liking so it is up in the air. I hope one or 2 of the leads will be replaced.

    • “Some guys sing a song. The winner gets to marry the girl. 6 hours later that’s what happens.”

      • Rowna

        Dear Ivy -- in keeping with our tradition of a three sentence summary, I submit one slightly different: Shoemaker/poet with an eye for a younger lady, puts aside his lusty thought and helps her get the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, as the entire opera is about winning a prize for writing a song, a young lad foolishly believes he can conquer tradition and just do what he likes. At the end no one dies.

        • “There’s three guys. The old wise guy, the young singer, and the old annoying guy. There’s a singing competition. The young singer wins and marries the girl and much smugness ensues.”

      • DeepSouthSenior

        Big-hearted, garrulous, kind-of-dirty-old man dispenses wisdom for love of lass and land. Foolish townspeople nearly tear up their town, yet a good time is had by all. Guy gets girl and all wounds are healed, through the power of song. Ain’t Germany grand!