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“It’s no surprise Kim Kardashian likes to dress as if she’s going to the opera each day.” [Daily Star]


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    oedipe says:

    What is creepy here is that the author of the articles segues from the Kardashian Kleavage and “I’d do her” wink of the bodyguard to maudlin pabulum regarding Robin Williams’ tragic death

    Seriously. And I love the apparently unironic segue from the final words, “asphyxiation [is] said to be the cause of death,” to the close-ups of Kim’s anatomy.

    Actually, this is very similar to Castorf’s artistic philosophy in his Bayreuth Ring: life is basically a succession of non-sequiturs. Life imitates art…

    • 21.1
      turings says:

      Just walked by Castorf’s Volksbühne – it has a huge banner with giant gothic lettering saying ‘Fuck Off’ over its main entrance at the moment. There are many ways of engaging with the public :)

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    Milady DeWinter says:

    Said liza: “or at least temporary relief, from questions of loneliness, loss, death and eternal life. Well on that note good night all. Be kind. You too will need kindness at the end of this temporal danc”,

    and DeepSouthSenior says:
    “Count me out on this one. I visit TMZ to keep abreast of pop culture”--

    Well said , liza, and yes, Deep South, I am also guilty of the occasional TMZ wallow -- just, ahem, to keep up with things.

    But really, re: all this hootermania. Depends on who’s doing it. Elizabeth Taylor displayed the exact same clevage in ‘Cleopatra’, and her couture (such as it was) in general from 1962 on. And she was also called a whore during the whole Burton/Cleopatra scandale. But La Liz had talent, was a good actress (and sometimes a very good one), a star of the first magnitude, and a great, giving human being who as we know espoused many good causes.
    Nothing wrong with Kardashian showing off her wares since she is, if not technically a whore, a woman whose initial claim to fame, besides a notorious father and a privileged lifestyle to start with, was a sex tape. But she is apparently an astute businesswoman, hence possibly the most successful whore on the planet (not counting politicians, of course). Unlike Elizabeth Taylor though, I don’t think she steps out of her front door without every minute of every move calculated to the nth degree to yield the most net publicity and profit. Why people continue to be fascinated with her is beyond me. I’m only a smidge envious of her immense wealth, but I wouldn’t want to trade places with her, or be ‘inside’ her head or persona for a nanosecond as I’m sure she has no idea who Callas or Rysanek, or Yma Sumac is-- so what’s the point of even living, even if it’s in crazy luxury and fame, if you can’t savor the simple yet deep gifts of music and art.
    And Taylor’s boobs weren’t even ‘enhanced’.

    • 22.1
      Milady DeWinter says:

      P.S. Sorry if the above rant is a mite pointless, but that’s what happens when things Kardashian are discussed.
      So, in sum, Elizabeth Taylor, great and accomplished a lot, Kim Kardashian, a big ado about nothing, and I venerate Callas the artist.

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    Cicciabella says:

    According to the Los Angeles Times, in April 2015, the reality TV star will be releasing a 352-page hardcover book of her selfies, titled “Selfish.”


    That’s all one needs to know about Kim Kardashian, and the fact that her child is named after a compass point. The distillation of the contentless self-absorption and the desire for distinction without hard work that has taken over our mass culture.

    • 23.1
      Milady DeWinter says:

      “contentless self-absorption and the desire for distinction without hard work that has taken over our mass culture.’
      --Ciccia -- brilliantly said. Sad, isn’t it? I suppose the world thinks that what it needs to get through the daily brusies of existence.

    • 23.2
      Clita del Toro says:

      Right, Ciccia. And that’s why I can’t stand that “woman.” She may be a good at business, but so is Rush Limbaugh. So what? The fact that young woman watch her show and emulate K’s every move is a sad commentary on our culture. I really think that the mother is the vilest of them all, and their “leader.”

      Even Chelsea Handler can’t stand that bunch and is leaving the E network in two weeks.

      PS “…without hard work..” and talent.

      • 23.2.1
        Cicciabella says:

        They even got up the President’s nose. He had to apologise for his remark, of course, but boy was I glad he took a swipe at that virulent brood.

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    Cicciabella says:

    What???!!! There’s a new opera called Draculette and Angela’s not in it? Will she at least be in the audience?

  • 25
    Milady DeWinter says:

    Only if the opera is performed after the sun goes down.

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    Jamie01 says:

    I can accept that exhibitionism pays, but what baffles me is Kanye West. Even if one accepts that Kim Kardashian’s grace and beauty maker her one in a million, that means there are 7,000 of her in the world. If you’re as successful, accomplished, and wealthy as Kanye, why would you choose for your bride the one of the 7,000 who has chosen to conduct her entire private life in public? Presumably the man has options.

    Or am I hopelessly old-fashioned even to consider that people might value such a concept as privacy?

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    Constantine A. Papas says:

    Mammary glands (anatomy nomenclature for breasts))are skin appendages, whose ducts converse to the nipples, that were meant to sustain the babes upon their arrival to this world. Instead, they have become sexualized and commercialized, and for some a good source of income. Whoring that is. It’s amazing, with so many societal problems, the American multitude has been chronically contaminated with Kardashian booboplexy. What would be left, God forbid, if double mastectomy was necessary to control genetically aggressive breast cancer? Flat chest and empty head?

    • 27.1
      Clita del Toro says:

      Constantine, she’d have them rebuilt the next week, and twice as big. ;)

      • 27.1.1
        Feldmarschallin says:

        But wait Constantine we are told not to call her a whore. The police will be out shortly. You know the same ones as usual.

          Clita del Toro says:

          Yes, The Misogynist Police are watching. Be very afraid! I am, so:
          Kim is really a lovely, interesting, intelligent, charming, chic young woman, a model for all young ladies. OY!

          • well, I do not see a reason to call her a whore, unless you do know that she is getting paid to have sex with anyone. There are ways to point out certain facts about these women (lack of talent, way too eager to be photographed, not very bright, overtly dependent on their fame, etc, etc, etc) without the misogyny.

            Where there is smoke, there is fire, and if you feel that there is a misogyny police calling you out on certain things, well, maybe there is a reason for that and you should look at your own writings rather than attempting to play the victim card.

            • Clita del Toro says:

              Lindoro: You are taking this much to literally. You need a sense of humor.One definition of”whore” is:
              “• debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money: he had never whored after money.”

              Get real. AAMOF, I have nothing against sex workers, or whatever you want to call them and I think that work should be legal.
              These days people use all sorts of “bad” words for many things. Just watch cable TV.

  • 28
    Constantine A. Papas says:

    Rebuilt breasts will never be the same. And for some young women, repeated operations for revisions, removal and replacement of prostheses will be frustrating. Autogenous tissues can be used, but cosmetic symmetry is difficult to achieve. In a breast-driven society some of our values are all screwed up. BTW, some women forgo reconstruction completely, opting for a prosthesis build into a bra; and they look fantastic.

  • 29
    La Valkyrietta says:

    To me Kim Kardashian
    Looks like a Martian.

    • 29.1
      ML says:

      She’s well paid, sanguine, views it as a job, just like the Queen. This way of living in view is understood on the west side of Los Angeles, and entirely Earthly.

    • 29.2
      manou says:

      There was a Kardashian called Kim
      Who wasn’t especially prim
      The nasty Parterrians
      Behaved like barbarians
      And called her amoral and dim.

  • 30
    La Valkyrietta says:

    To praise material girl Kim
    Should not be considered a sin
    Said in truth
    Eloquent manou
    And our approval she wins.

  • 31
    Constantine A. Papas says:

    Kim’s a winner. She, finally, got poetic justice!