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Our own Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin goes all-American with a performance of The Ballad of Baby Doe starring Ruth Ann Swenson, James Morris and Judith Forst.

Douglas Moore/John Latouche: The Ballad of Baby Doe

San Francisco Opera
Stefan Lano, conductor
23 September 2000

In-house recording

Mrs. Elizabeth (Baby) Doe – Ruth Ann Swenson
Horace Tabor. Mayor of Leadville – James Morris
Augusta, wife of Horace Tabor – Judith Forst
Mama McCourt, Baby Doe’s mother – Josepha Gayer
Samantha, a maid – Sara Lamar MacBride
Silver Dollar, daughter of Horace and Baby Doe – Tina Osinski
William Jennings Bryan, Democratic presidential candidate – John Fanning
President Chester A. Arthur – Daniel Harper
Father Chapelle – Jim Croom