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È questo l’antico fascino che m’accieca!

Anna Netrebko‘s publicist has confirmed that the soprano and “Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov (age 37)” are engaged. To be married. To each other. No date is set for the wedding, and Netrebko’s public Facebook page asks that the couple’s privacy be respected.

  • Sir Ferris

    Something like this happens in Barrie’s “What Every Woman Knows” — at the end, the leading man leaves the beauty he thought he was in love with, and comes back to his wife Maggie, who is supposed to be plain. I’ve never seen it, and wonder if, in performance, Maggie would really be as plain as all that. (Not a novel, I realize.)

    • Well, Maggie has been played by Maude Adams, Helen Hayes, Maggie Smith and Dorothy Tutin, so the answer is “no, not really as plain as all that.”

      • armerjacquino

        The actor Timothy West once directed a production of UNCLE VANYA with a repertory theatre in Australia. He was working in the UK while casting was taking place, but sent strict instructions that Sonya was *not* to be played by ‘the prettiest actress in the company, wearing glasses and with her hair swept back’.

        • “When a woman is plain people tell her: you have such lovely hair. You have such lovely eyes.”

          The utterly wonderful Vanya on 42nd Street gets it right, casting the interesting but truly fairly plain Brooke Smith against Julianne Moore, who has never been lovelier or given a more detailed performance.

        • Curiously, though, when LIllian Gish was preparing to play Yelena in Uncle Vanya her mentor (and possibly lover) George Jean Nathan warned her away from the role, saying that no actress could compete with Sonya’s final monologue. (She didn’t listen to his advice and had a big success in the part.)

  • HA! didn’t he announce it like the day it happen and didn’t she issue a press release saying it was not true? Didn’t we have a conversation in these very pages about that?

    • diva2themax

      Yes & everyone thought he must have been talking about someone else. Why would she deny it only to confirm it a couple of months later?

      • Cicciabella

        Maybe because it’s Ms Netrebko’s prerogative when/if she announces her engagement? Just because she’s a public figure doesn’t mean that she has to live her life publicly all the time.

  • DeepSouthSenior

    It’s been fun reading this thread. A (mostly) gentle Battle of the Parterrians, the “hardened cynics” vs. the “romantic softies.”

    Speaking of writers’ wish fulfillment, remember NYPD Blue? Det. Andy Sipowicz not only got the babe at the end, he finished as the boss. And it took only twelve years.

  • Kudos to the tenor. I hear that Eyvazov is Azeri for “haters gonna hate.”

  • manou
    • Cicciabella

      Of which the most important words for the parterriat are: “La cabalette -doublée!” Disheartening to read that Massi’s turning out to be just another pretty tenor.

      • Archaeopteryx

        Yeah! Anna is getting the double-cabaletta-queen! :D

        • Archaeopteryx

          I mean “is becoming”….oh I can’t deny my origins…

          • manou