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Pan labyrinth

Welcome to Parterre Puzzle Corner #2. But first, the solution to last week’s challenge.

If you remember, the puzzle was: what one, very unusual thing do Chausson’s Le Roi Arthus, Mozart’s Così fan tutte, and Krenek’s Jonny Spielt Auf have in common? A number of clever Parterrians solved the riddle by suggesting further additions to the list: Blow’s Venus & Adonis, Birtwistle’s The Minotaur, William Grant Still’s Troubled Island, and Shin-ichiro’s Mishima opera Rokumeikan. They also nominated conductor Julia Jones and tenor Jay Hunter Morris as performers.

What all those names have in common is that they are species of panvowel – titles or names using each English vowel exactly once (with optional “y”). There are many more singer names to be found under this category, Parterrians might have fun finding more. I myself will pose a few bonus follow-up questions:

1(a): Which composer has written two operas whose titles, when taken together, form a single panvowel?
1(b): Which composer’s last name, paired with one of his operas together make a panvowel?
1(c): For fans of Chinese opera: are there any famous dramas that, transliterated into standard pinyin, have titles that are panvowels?

Speaking of dual operas, here is this week’s puzzler:

2. Fans of this composer’s works want erudite films of two of his opera stories.

If you think you know the answer, post a video of this composer’s music.

  • Ooops, that ought to read “Shin-ichiro IKEBE’s Mishimi-opera Rokumeikan. Croche Enterprises regrets the error.

  • armerjacquino

    Congratultinse to all those who got it right.

    • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

      “2 much time on yr hands” is another way of looking at it.

    • Regina delle fate

      lol Armerj!

  • pavel

    Puccini La Bohème works for 1(b)

    • There are two “i”s in Puccini…

    • pavel

      oops, I misunderstood the concept :)

  • Orlando Furioso

    Being sure of the U seems helpful to finding panvocalic names. Ruggiero Leoncavallo and Umberto Giordani came quickly to mind. And for a singer, Ruggero Raimondi.

    • Again, each vowel must appear exactly once…

      • Orlando Furioso

        Oh right. Apologies. And I’m usually good with word games too. Over and out.

  • pavel

    Verdi, Nabucco?

  • Deroule sa magnificence

    For last week, I also offer Hugo Weisgall’s 1989 opera Will You Marry Me?

    For this week, here’s a first & last name and his first opera, also from 1989: Tan Dun, Nine Songs

    • You’re on a roll, with an extra point for “Hugo Weisgall”.

  • Buster

    Annie Woud, the Clairon on the Hilversum Capriccio with Lisa della Casa:

  • Deroule sa magnificence

    Massenet’s Chérubin/Manon (or Roma, or Sapho) and Menotti’s The Consul/Labyrinth would work for 1(a).

  • La Valkyrietta

    The original puzzle could be made more puzzling if the question is, which of the three mentioned operas does not belong in the group. The answer would be Jonny Spielt Auf because it is the only panbowely. :)

    • La Valkyrietta

      Sorry, panvowely.

  • Might it be time for a hint regarding this week’s puzzler? I don’t believe we’ve had any guesses yet.

    • Right you are, Kashania -- I shall post an extensive hint soon….

  • rysanekfreak

    I don’t remember how to embed a video, but if I could, I would pick something from Alban Berg’s Lulu, and the two movies would be Louise Brooks in Pandora’s Box and something from a Wozzeck movie.

  • I have revised and extended the original puzzler, in the form of a Parterre crossword.

    • phoenix

      How about a crossword about & attendees?

      • Ha! I’ll leave that for heads wiser than mine.

    • One small error in the previous crossword, so I have replaced it with a revised version.

  • grimoaldo

    I knew it had to be something to do with the titles but couldn’t figure out what.
    Thank god that’s over…….