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Voce di donna o d’angelina

With all due respect to Meryl Streep, there is only one actress currently active in film qualified to play Maria Callas.

  • pasavant

    The only possible Callas was Angela Arden. Unfortunately doing time now for murder.

  • toitoitoi

    Penelope Cruz?

  • liza

    Anne Bancroft would have been perfect but as she is not available I think Cate Blanchett would be good choice because she can act. But Kate is a rather an inspired choice because she has an almost immediate poignancy that Callas had beneath her public persona. AJ seems to have an affliction, attributable to plastic surgery or a narcissistic disorder, which doesn’t allow her to move the bottom half of her face. Since that is where or our emotions of vulnerability are registered her Callas would be merely wooden and empty where Callas was both fierce and fragile. Streep will be fine but I’m sick of her. She’s become an institution and now it’s Streep playing Streep.