Cher Public

“Ecco la luce…”

That day we all knew eventually would come did come, in the winter of 2001, when the final issue of parterre box, the queer opera zine was mailed out to the cher public, such as they were at the time. La Cieca is happy to recall that we went out in gala fashion, though, with an in-depth interview with James McCourt, parting rants from stalwarts Enzo Bordello and Dawn Fatale, an imaginary farewell concert and a mediocre Sondheim parody. As dear William Shakespeare once remarked, “Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it,” and so, your doyenne hopes, the late zine will leave you with a fond memory or two. [Download Issue #48]

  • pasavant

    Thank you for the James McCourt interview. . McCourt explains what has happened to the Met, and to Opera. So many memories, some of which are mine too.

  • Love the Parterre Box Farewell Gala. Hard to pick a favourite but Little Renata singing “Send in the Clowns” to a photo of Luci is inspired.

  • Funny how this article talked about how hard it was to cast La Boheme. Today La Boheme is the easiest opera to cast, as so many excellent lyric tenors and sopranos are on the scene.

  • The Conte

    Love the deconstructing Olivero and Co. passage.

  • Camille

    This cover……I haven’t seen this copy of pb in ages so perhaps this is one of those precious few I lent to a tenor, and which was never returned to me! As this is a spectacular issue and le dernier cri de parterre le ‘zine, I am overjoyed to once more have it to read, above all for the abfab Mr. McCourt.

    Reading about Enzo’s flight into the Tower Records brings back such sweet compulsive memories. Enzo Bordello was always such a pearl so I’m glad he is here, along with Dawn, who is still with us.

    Yes dear, you’re still queer, and you are still here, too. Have no fear.
    Parterre Box has more incarnations than the Buddha and shall keep on, keeping on.

  • Salome Where She Danced

    I have, by now, just a dim recollection of my quivering claws as I plucked the familiar envelope containing the “zine” (such a dead, dread word!) from my mailbox . . .

    So long ago, so long ago . . .

    • Camille

      ‘Twas,lo! In another millennium!

      I know just how you feel, SallyMae. It was a thrill.

      As much fun as this all can be here, I’ll always love the ‘zine way, way more and am sorry I lent those few copies to that crummy tenor who never gave them back after first having looked askance at me and them, asking (in a falsettone) “What are THOSE?”, haughtily……