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  • Quanto Painy Fakor: “full bore” sounds like Botstein to me! 11:56 AM
  • La Cieca: Okay, you’re on permanent moderation. Do your hatemongering someplace else. 8:57 AM
  • All-knowing Earth Goddess: What do you think of all the white people that sang the praises of Muhammad Ali last month but in the... 8:33 AM
  • Angelo Saccosta: Very well said, Chris, as always. Thank you. Mascagni’s connection and friendship with Puccini become more and more... 6:42 AM
  • La Cieca: Surely the custom of little or no applause after the first act had at least some basis in the way the act ends, i.e., very... 6:03 AM
  • 98rsd: LT…i don’t know how old you are, but the Publicans have been drumming up fake Clinton scandals for decades, from... 5:38 AM
  • 98rsd: What a surprise…a Trump voter who, first, injects race into the topic–and then thinks slavery is no big deal! 5:28 AM
  • LT: This years’ Operalia final took place Sunday. It seems that it was a very inconspicuous edition since no one is talking about... 12:37 AM

“Senza rancor”

The winds of change sweep across the first post-9/11 issue of parterre box, the queer opera zine. Glimmerglass Opera is in a slump, Mark Adamo talks to Our Own JJ about his new opera Little Women, a passel of pundits predict the highlights of the 2001-2002 season, Hans Lick goes to Zagreb, La Cieca dresses up Renée Fleming… and Ira Siff closes shop on the legendary La Gran Scena Opera Co. di New York. Things indeed would never be the same. [Download Issue #47]


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    -Ed. says:

    #47 rocks!
    I hadn’t seen the Renee dress-up doll before, maybe someone could explain this gown to me. She found it on the clearance rack at the Duluth Aquarium gift shop?

    • 1.1
      Cicciabella says:

      It’s Rusalka, accidentally having dredged a starfish from the bottom of the sea. Ms Fleming usually looked fantabulous in her concert attire, so we’ll forgive her this marine mishap.

      • 1.1.1
        -Ed. says:

        Yes I think so too. I quite like her in brown, actually. I would love to try on this cozy number.

          manou says:

          Ed -- you could wear your emeralds with this austere gown.

          • -Ed. says:

            That gorgeous gown in all its rich pleaty goodness would conceal them! I would be walking around in a state of silent condescension and infallible disdain, but no one would know why. Not much fun in that.

            Not even my emeralds could save that first gown… It might not’ve looked quite so bad on her if they hadn’t hosed it down after she put it on.

            Cocky, why did Tiffany’s stop selling that lovely sterling silver zinnia brooch years ago? I bought several as gifts for lady friends over the years and was quite disappointed when it disappeared from their inventory.

            • Camille says:

              A sterling silver zinnia? With a sprinkling of diamonds or just plain?
              Sounds interesting.

              They have brought back a number of their much earlier engraved sterling bracelets which are just lovely.

              There is that nouvelle Ziegfeld collection which I can’t quite decide about either.

            • MontyNostry says:

              That starfish is better than some of the hideous stuff supplied by Renee’s friend Tamsen Z, who also happens to be a ganze macherin at the Met. Misshapen chunks of labradorite surrounded by diamonds (especially brown ones) do not haute joaillerie make.

            • Camille says:

              Monty, that is this Alexis Bittar stuff one sees a lot of these days, and at the Met nifty gifty store where it is now on sale, I believe. I was staring at a case of it yesterday wondering ????? Also David Yurman is huge in NYC and elsewhere here and it escapes me.

              All these clunky chunky stuff doesn’t look good except on a rather large woman, not a néenée, it’s a no-no. Basse joaillerie.

            • -Ed. says:

              Here’s a picture of one for you, dear Camille.


              It was quite sizable, perhaps the size of a newborn baby’s fist, and solid sterling silver. Rather too heavy for a blouse or sweater, better on a jacket or coat. No diamonds, just silver with each petal slightly sculpted, just the loveliest piece.

      • 1.1.2
        Cicciabella says:

        *looks, not “looked”

    • 1.2
      Cocky Kurwenal says:

      For whatever reason, invertebrates both marine and terrestrial are popular subjects with jewelers for broaches. I don’t really get it either, but the diamond-encrusted crab cocktail watch was a big seller when I worked at Tiffany & Co, along with all manner of octopus, starfish and insect broaches. I agree this isn’t Fleming’s best ever look, but her instincts were certainly correct -- the dress did need cheering up with an arresting piece of jewelry.

      • 1.2.1
        manou says:

        Of course I must broach the subject and ask whether there were any roach brooches on sale at Tiffany’s.

          Camille says:

          No roaches at Tiffany.

          Best purchased in the Haight-Asbury district of San Francisco.

      • 1.2.2
        Camille says:

        Cocky is absolutely, one-hundred per cent right! Invertebrates rule at Tiffany’s! Blame Jean Schlumberger.

        And I am just thrilled to note you have worked there, CK! One of my favourite haunts, even if I’d rather be down the street at Cartier’s instead.

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    Countervail says:

    I know that retro is all hip and stuff these days, but surely isn’t there a way to create your zine digitally? I mean, I can easily set you up with some templates and you probably already have software on your computer for easy desktop publishing. I wanted to read the Glimmerglass article and couldn’t simply search to find it. It’s 2014 with a handheld device in everyone’s pocket, not 1984 with a typewriter and some scissors.

    • 2.1
      armerjacquino says:

      Bit entitled, no?

      Click link, scroll down, find article, read article.

    • 2.2
      Talk of the Town says:

      If anyone is going to re-type the Parterre back catalogue, it should probably be you, at which point you will discover that scrolling down is no big deal.

      But may I offer this helpful hint: save the PDF to your hard drive and choose “View | Tools | Recognize Text”. Voila! Searchable PDF.

      • 2.2.1
        Countervail says:

        Oh this is my bad. I didn’t realize these were past editions. But still, you can use the recognize text feature so these were all searchable.

  • 3
    Camille says:

    I still have the original of this parterre so I don’t need any digital anything!

  • 4
    Talk of the Town says:

    La Cieca, may we please have a “dress Renee” colouring contest?

  • 5
    Krunoslav says:

    Interesting to see the general impression of Dancin’ Danielle’s vocalism hasn’t changed.

    • 5.1
      MontyNostry says:

      I was listening to a bit of her the other day (that cringeworthy video of her at Glyndebourne). She certainly gets round the notes, but the sound is unattractively. That being said, that seems to be the case with a number of lyric-coloraturas today — as if they’re always pushing to fill a big house.

  • 6
    MontyNostry says:

    Whoops -- a word went astray.
    What I meant was:
    I was listening to a bit of her the other day (that cringeworthy video of her at Glyndebourne). She certainly gets round the notes, but the sound is unattractively pressured. That being said, that seems to be the case with a number of lyric-coloraturas today — as if they’re always pushing to fill a big house.

  • 7
    tiger1dk says:

    From reading issue 47, I get the impression that Ms Voigt was to sing Dido in Les Troyens with CSO. Is that the correct understanding? And did she ever sing this part?