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The girl on the moon

“In Kristine Opolais, who gave her first Met performance in the title role on Friday night, the company has a Butterfly with the soaring voice and penetrating theatrical presence to meet Minghella’s elegant dramaturgy head on. In fact, she is the most compelling Met Cio-Cio-San since Diana Soviero last sang the role here nearly 20 years ago.” [New York Observer] (Photo: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera)


  • alejandro says:

    I think Valenti sucked the life out of everything in Act One, but boy did Opolais bring the goods in Act Two. The drama was immense. That death scene was amazing. I was in tears and then muttered “bow down bitches” before I began my “bravas!”

  • Poison Ivy says:

    Guys, while we’re on Ms. O, I found the HD of “O soave fanciulla”:

    And here, for comparison’s sake, is Anita Hartig:

    • Rudolf says:

      Ivy, Thank you much for these interesting sound samples. I am glad now that I did not attend the HD in the movie theatre. Mr. Grigolo’s voice has no appeal for me. I think his voice blends better with Ms. Hartig’s. As for Ms. Opolais, I have not yet heard her live but various samples tell me that I cannot warm to her voice. :-)

      • alejandro says:

        From the clips of that HD online, I think she sounds a little tired . . . which is understandable. But it’s still a formidable achievement to sound like that given she sang Butterfly the previous evening … and she’s in a production she’s never rehearsed.

      • alejandro says:

        I’m a total newb but I find Grigolo pleasant sounding. He’s also very charismatic. From what I read here, I was expecting to hear something really awful, but … sue me …. I like it.

        • oedipe says:

          From what I read here, I was expecting to hear something really awful

          Hmm, I wonder what might have given you that idea…

          • oedipe says:

            Why were you “expecting” something awful, what has led you in this biased direction?

            Hey, there’s no such thing as a prevailing view capable of biasing your opinion (or at least, so I’ve been repeatedly told).

            • alejandro says:

              I am not understanding your question. I read a lot of griping about his singing in Boheme on this site. I was expecting him to be out of his league vocally, but he sounds just fine to my ears.

            • armerjacquino says:

              Oedipe, there’s certainly no prevailing opinion here about Grigolo. If you look at any thread about him, there’s a more or less even spread of admirers and detractors.

              Once again you’ve picked an example which proves the opposite of your point.

            • oedipe says:

              I know, I’ve seen all those negative comments too.

            • oedipe says:

              …but some people might say you just “imagined” you saw griping, rather than praise, or whatever, Alejandro.

            • armerjacquino says:

              Oedipe- there’s plenty of griping, and there’s plenty of praise too.

              I mean, people can read, you know. When I say there’s plenty of praise on here for Grigolo I’m stating a fact, not offering an opinion. A verifiable fact: read the threads.

            • alejandro says:

              Yikes, oedipe, I am referring to reviews about his Rodolfo that I casually read on here last week. I read the review of his recital which was actually positive.

            • Poison Ivy says:

              Yes Oedipe my review of his recital and Boheme were total slams. Do you even read?

        • Rackon says:

          I’m not a newb, and I don’t get the hate for Grigolo either. Don’t worry -- just enjoy.

  • Milady DeWinter says:

    I had thought so too Rudolf, but last night made a believer out of me. She knocked it out of the park. Magnificent.

    • williams says:

      Hadn’t intended going until reading JJ’s review. My sincere thanks to LaCieca for posting Mr. Jorden’s piece. This was a performance I won’t soon forget. Her Magda last year was delightful but this is a part that really suits her vocally & dramatically. It has been a long long time since Cio Cio San has brought me to tears.
      Apropos of the earlier thread on opera fashion I saw some gorgeous ladies kimonos last night. Most of them were worn by women.

  • antikitschychick says:

    Hola queridos!

    great review and lovely photo of Ms. Opolais! Does anyone perhaps have a recording of last night’s performance they’d be gracious enough to share? I really wanted to listen to the broadcast but, alas, ma bum aint gonna tone itself :-P .

    • alejandro says:

      Ooh . . . I was actually thinking about what you would think about it!

      It’s too bad she wasn’t paired with Hymel and this wasn’t taped.

      • alejandro says:

        For video that is.

        • antikitschychick says:

          yeah its a shame indeed (though I’m hopeful a recording will surface on YT or something in the coming days). I’m happy for her success as she seems to be a hard-working, serious artist…I’m really curious to hear her rendition of Butterfly though so I can get an idea of what she’s capable of offering. You’re lucky you got to see it live!

      • Bill says:

        Alejandro -- at this time Hymel is singing Pinketon in Vienna with Hui He and Markus Eiche -- all but the conductor (Jonathan Darlington) had good reviews though there were some quibbles about Hymel’s lack of sweetness in the voice mentioning the metallic sound -- it was Hymel’s Vienna debut but he is not listed for anything there next season.

        • alejandro says:

          I meant that he sang it with Echelaz here earlier and I heard she wasn’t that great, so it’s a shame they couldn’t get a good tenor and a good soprano together. I was so torn about which cast to see. Same thing with Boheme next season. Usually I like the Rodolfo but not the Mimi. Ack!

    • Yes, that would be wonderful to have (hint).

      • antikitschychick says:

        Hey there Lurker. Thanks for the hint! Lol how might I go about hitting up the hinter? (Nice Tumblr you’ve got btw).

        Happy Friday to the Cher public as well :-)

        • Hi AKC -- Hope you didn’t interpret my post as having something to share -- I was hoping someone else had something to share!

          But you can contact me at roselovr @ (without the spaces) and I just added a message link to my tumblr.

          Thanks for the props!


  • Satisfied says:

    I believe someone inquired about her Sempre Libera…here’s a nice clip with some fierce signing. gets a little out of control at the end, but otherwise very impressive.