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The diva wears Prada

“Oubliez le XVIIIè siècle. A l’Opéra Comique, Platée s’installe sur les podiums d’une fashion week parisienne!” Unfortunately, the video of this performance is not available in the US: La Cieca will keep you updated. Meanwhile, take a look at DeCaffarrelli’s review of last night’s concert performance.

  • Satisfied

    What a wonderful night of music last night! So many high points and rather few (but some…) low. Very much looking forward to watching the Carsen staging! As amazing as Simone Kermes was last night in a concert performance, I’m sure she was a phenomenon in a fully staged production!

    Thank you LC (and Chanterelle) for bringing this to our attention!

  • Volte-Face

    I was there last night as well. Quite a good time, though I was surprised by how muted the audience seemed. One way or another, Kermes is always entertaining, though last night her vocal estate seemed not as healthy as I remember. She’s a fabulous, hot mess when it comes to dancing, though.

  • dallasuapace

    This video is inaccessible from my territory for some reasons of rights of diffusion conceded to France Televisions.

    • Satisfied

      …well that sucks.