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Someday my prince will come

Quoth the Met: “Javier Camarena will sing the role of Prince Ramiro in the season’s three initial performances of Rossini’s La Cenerentola on April 21, 25, and 28, replacing Juan Diego Flórez, who is ill. Flórez is scheduled to return for the three final performances of the opera, on May 2, May 6, and the May 10 matinee, which will be transmitted worldwide as part of the Met’s Live in HD series.”

  • Krunoslav

    Good! I’ll be happy to hear him in it, and Brownlee in PURITANI, which won raves from Seattle, despite what some nasty posteriors may think.

    • TenorPitcher

      Agreed. Very much looking forward to Brownlee, and also to now seeing Cenerentola with both casts. For all the time that is spent complaining about the lack of great voices and absurd casting choices, how lucky we are to have three amazing tenors who handle Bel Canto rep so beautifully all performing at the Met this season.

  • alejandro

    I’ll be at the April 21 performance! Yay!

  • messa di voce

    Florez knows almost 4 weeks in advance that he’s going to be sick? Could the Met have possibly bought him out to capitalize on the Camarena excitement?

    • il_guarany

      Would an opera house do such a thing? Flores is a big draw too.

    • bluecabochon

      This was my first thought, too. Flores must be able to predict the future!

      • Guestoria Unpopularenka

        Or he has another engagement to fulfill. And of course he won’t miss the HD.

        • messa di voce

          My guess is that he only agreed to do what is really mezzo-star-turn opera because of the HD, and he was very open to the Met’s suggestion of dropping the first half of the run and taking a little vacation. All speculation.

          • papopera

            Madame Flora told Florez (no kin) that he would be sick on April 21, 25 and 28.

          • Volte-Face

            Now that I think about it, I bet you’re exactly right. What must have been particularly enticing for Gelb was the prospect of letting Florez call in sick for the first three performances — and replacing him with an excellent up-and-coming singer — when JDF was also supposed to be an honoree at this year’s opera news awards. I’m guessing that he won’t be attending the event. What could be bad? Florez gets a paid vacation, Met audiences get a great new singer, Gelb gets to waste more Met money on fucking over opera news.

            • TenorPitcher

              Volte, what’s the beef between Gelb and Opera News? I’ve heard about this tension before, but have no clue as to what’s at the root of it.

    • armerjacquino

      Just for devil’s advocate: say he’s just had, or has scheduled, some minor surgery? He’d be out of action for a few weeks, including rehearsals, but able to step in for the end of the run?

      I know that opera houses don’t make it easy to believe this, but I still cling to the idea that in general professional performers don’t cancel without a good reason.

      • turings

        Yes. I also don’t think they’re obliged to tell us what those reasons are in any detail. He may be ill or it may be something more complicated that is none of our business.

        Probably better to stick with ‘ill’ anyway, given the response to Angela Gheorghiu’s attempt at explaining artistic reasons for backing out of Baden-Baden.

        • oedipe

          You are quite right, Turings. It is a very bad idea to try to explain oneself, given people’s predictable reactions. Gheorghiu should just shut up or tell a white lie, like everybody else who cancels; people would find less to criticize and be outraged about.

      • Regina delle fate

        Isn’t Mrs Florez expecting another baby very soon? Or has that happened already?

    • operaassport

      Lol. Florez is one of the biggest stars in the opera world. Gelb has told him repeatedly that the MET is willing to do any opera he wants. The ideas expressed here are laughable and show almost willful ignorance.

  • zinka

    Fooooey,.i love ticket is May 6..I would love to see Camarena but…..

  • Camille

    I am so happy he gets some more opportunities here, but also hope for the best for Juan Diego, of whom I am also very fond!

    Still and all, would have loved to have heard his Arturo but Brownlee has worked long and hard for this opportunity and is not chopped liver to be denied.

    Wonderful we don’t have to wait five years to hear Sr. Camarena again!

  • semira mide

    A few points:

    There is a really crappy virus that has been circulating since November -- it takes 6-8 weeks to recover from and it usually affects the voice -- badly. I had it and it is dreadful.

    DiDonato and Florez are perfect partners for Cenerentola -- I don’t see either “playing second fiddle” to the other.

    Finally, shouldn’t we be happy that there is a first-rate singer to replace another first-rate singer when necessary? I can’t speak for Rossini ( although I often do) but I’m sure he would have been thrilled with either of these tenors.

  • DeepSouthSenior

    I have a ticket for May 2nd. I would have preferred Camarena on that date, and Florez for the HD on the 10th back home with Mrs. DeepSouth. That way, I could compare and contrast without fear of contradiction.

    Are opera fans ever satisfied? (I may have drunk L’elisir de Parterre: One part thrill, two parts gripe.)

    • Regina delle fate

      Even “Satisfied” is rarely satisfied, it seems.

      • Satisfied

        Actually, I’m quite satisfied by this news Regina…I absolutely fell in love with Camarena in Sonnambula!

        I have tickets May 2 and was debating whether to buy tickets for a second performance…now I have a reason to do so!

  • operaassport

    That’s better news. I have tickets for all the performances so I’ll enjoy hearing Camarena but then be happy to have JDF back and hope he does do the HD so that is preserved forever.

    • semira mide

      All performances? Wow,lucky you!

    • Jack Jikes

      Finally -- someone who knows how to live. I’ll try to match you.

  • semira mide

    OK, we have three tenors in town who sing Rossini fabulously.

    The Met is missing an opportunity by not having them stand on the balcony facing the plaza and singing THIS!
    Best part starts at 17:00.

    There will never be another Bruce Ford, but having the current 3 singing this trio would help restore Armida to its rightful place.