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Happy April 1!

American soprano Aprile Millo rehearses for her role debut as Clara in Porgy and Bess with Opera Orchestra of New York.

  • Will

    And a happy Poisson d’avril to you, too!

  • armerjacquino

    Can’t wait! The word is that Domingo and Michael make something really special of ‘Bess, You Is My Woman Now’.

    • RosinaLeckermaul

      LOL!!! And Giordani’s Sportin’ Life will be brilliant. “It Ain’t Necessarily So.”

  • Not Porgy and Bass?

    • messa di voce

      Reminds me of the greatest Parterre headline ever:

      Bass, You Is My Woman Now”

      • manou


    • mjmacmtenor

      Actually, I once previewed a Music Appreciation textbook for our college that clearly referred to one of its selections as being from the opera “Porky and Bess”. I kid you not! It actually went to press with this error! Since then, this has become my favorite opera title -- featuring of course the great duet “B..b…b..b..Bess, You Is My Woman N..n..n..n..Now” (Perhaps this was a sequel to the Wagner classic “What’s Opera Doc?”

  • DeepSouthSenior

    With Gelb and the union reps onstage for the biggest crapshoot in theater history.

  • PushedUpMezzo

    I thought she was doing Mrs Noah in Noyes Fludde!

    Impeccable rehearsal wear and accessories though.

  • Krunoslav

    Rosie O’Donnell’s Crown should assure asses in the seats.

  • semira mide

    The month should not begin without this.

    You may want to close your eyes. I picked it for the sound, not the visuals.

    • quibbleglib

      Ah, how right you are! Thank you for the thought!

    • Camille

      I love this song, so thank you.

      I miss the Pav. Never saw him very much, and the last time was sad, sitting at that deak in Andrea Chénier, all hunched over like a sick old man.

      • lorenzo.venezia

        camille, the finest time I saw Pav was a recital at Medinah Temple in Chicago in 78 or 79, a very Shrine Auditorium place also built by the Shriners. Fortunately I was close. Just Pav and a piano. It was exceptional. Two female hockey-fan types sat behind us. “Don’t you just loooove that wop music,” one screeched to the other. Chicago loved him.

        • Camille

          Bless his soul, he was one of a kind.

          He once kissed me, SMACK, on the forehead, when a friend and I crashed a reception for him in San Francisco, after one of those touring shows with Magiera or someone and Griminelli, the flautist. I was STUNNED! My friend told me OMGOD! It’s a SIGN!

          Well, it apparently WAS, for a few months later and due to great and unexpected good fortune, I departed to la terra beata, which we both know and love. I’ve always felt his bacione sulla fronte was the good luck that, against great odds, got me there.

          Damn Berlusconi and the Euro!!!!!!!!!!!! Hanno rovinato tutto!!!!!! Disgrazia! Infamia!

    • antikitschychick

      that was gorgeous; thanks for posting it semira mide :-).

  • La Valkyrietta

    Jonas Kaufmann will do Sportin’ Life. It has not been confirmed if Damrau or Trebs will sing Bess. Eve is excited! They say this will attract more attention than Boito’s ‘Nerone’!

    • People, people, Kaufmann can’t be the answer to every tenor casting question. Marcelo Alvarez will sing Sportin’ Life!

      • Camille

        Hey kashie!

        Is Filianoti going to go through with Roberto Devereux after his last cancellation in Hoffmann in Palm Beach?

        I am terribly upset to hear he is not well and fear he has relapsed!

        And you are right, where elsewhere you mentioned the sky high tariff between hour fair city and NYC! I was bowled over by the ridiculous fare prices. Dammit! I suppose I could go to Chicago and hear the Bolena, and visit my Uncle Clita del Toro instead. I really wanted to hear a Roberto Devereux once, before I croak. Dammit!

        • Camille

          Your fair city.

          Better put on my glasses. Sorry.

          • Camille

            Just now returning from my research and it appears the best thing to do is to fly JetBlue to Buffalo. At that point I would either bus it or rent a car, so that leads me to the next question: how necessary is a car in downtown Toronto? I am going to assume it is not concentratedly urban like NYC?

            Anyway, this is far more doable than flying to Toronto from NYC.

            Just get back to me when you can, that’s all, and thanks!

            • Camille: If you are staying in downtown Toronto, there’s absolutely no need for a car. There’s a Hilton across the street from the opera house and they offer special rate for COC patrons (I can get you the details). The public transit system is quite good, especially downtown. And you can walk to a lot of places. I live downtown and I walk almost everywhere.

              While you’re here, you should catch Don Quichotte with Furlanetto/Gubanova/Kelsey. Unless you’re coming to one of the first Devereux performances, in which case you should catch the Peter Sellars Hercules with Owens/Coote/Croft/Daniels. There are a lot of great singers in Toronto right now!

            • stevey

              Hi Camille! I hope that you don’t mind me butting in here on your conversation with Kashie, but I wanted to add in my two cents worth on things, as I’m actually quite well versed on this particular matter! In fact, I think only once have I ever left Toronto, FROM Toronto… Buffalo really IS a much better option, financially of course, but also in terms of convenience- I usually find passing through both processing/check-in and security SO much easier than doing so from Pearson Airport in Toronto. BUT… flying from New York is an entirely different matter, as there are several really good options for you!

              True, as you mentioned, Jet Blue from JFK to Buffalo will run you $100.00 (one way)… but did you know that Delta flies out of LaGuardia DIRECT TO TORONTO (Pearson Airport in Mississauga) for only $4.00 more? Another option would be to fly Porter Airlines, which leaves out of Newark but has the advantage of landing at the Toronto Island airort (Billy Bishop, it is called), which has the advantage of being pretty much right downtown (a flight landing at Pearson will require a shuttle or a cab (about 40-50 bucks for a taxi, I think) to downtown Toronto). Prices on Porter (I just checked) are $113.00 (again, one way).

              So, basically, you’ve got three good options:

              JFK (New York) to BUF (Buffalo) on Jet Blue for $100.00, then a Greyhound Bus downtown (1 hour, but expect to take at LEAST an hour and a half to two hours crossing the border, for (I think, about 30 bucks), then a taxi to wherever you need to go from the Bus Terminal (near Bay & Dundas st). Personally, this is not recommended in my opinion considering your other options)

              LGA (La Guardia) to YYZ (Pearson) on Delta for $104.00, then a taxi or shuttle from Mississauga to downtown Toronto. (Recommended option)

              EWR (Newark) to YTZ (Billy Bishop Island Airport) on Porter for $113.00 (Another good, recommended option, depending on how easy it is for you to get to Newark from where you are. This would be the easiest when it comes to actually GETTING to Toronto downtown, considering it pretty much lands you there).

              I hope that this helps. Either way, would you please keep me posted as to your travel plans? I ask this of you because I, too, am planning on coming up and am hoping to catch this Devereux!

              Unfortunately, I don’t plan on coming up towards later on in the run- my birthday is May 3rd, and I plan on spending it here in Nicaragua, and then flying back up to Canada towards the middle of the month. Anyways, not sure when you were thinking of coming up, but I do hope that both you AND Kashania (and any other Torontonians here on Parterre) will keep me in mind.


              My best wishes to all, as ever… :-)

            • papopera

              Nonsense ! There is a daily Amtrak train from New York to downtown Toronto and vice versa. One does NOT need no automobile in TO, it has subway, bus and tramway systems. Some people just don’t know how to travel in comfort.

            • Camille

              Giuso cielo stevey! How much do I owe you for a travel agent commission?

              Why, all this information may make it all feasible and for that I thank you so gratefully and will consider all the options and let you know later on what I ‘ve worked out. Yes, I have a birthday to celebrate at that time, as well, for someone else—so I know positively the tenth would be the first possible date, but probably it will later as I would be delighted to catch the Don Quichotte, as well!

              So then, I will get back to you both, kashania, thank you so much for letting me know it is a walkable downtown, for that is what I prefer to do. That way one gets to know one’s environs and orientate oneself.

              Thank you both so much and so kindly!!!!!!!! Take care of Pino for me, kashania, i nearly married a ragazzo by that same name from Calabria, so I suppose that is a part of my fondness for him, really un simpaticone !

              I am excited about this and will try to make it happen!

            • papopera

              Yes, there is a Greyhound motor coach service especially designed for the poor.

            • Camille

              Oops, I forgot this schedule, and yes, cher papopera, there is the Amtrak, too, but it takes about ten hours and that is a bit much, perhaps, and Amtrak is a little expensive but I shall go to Penn Station and find out everything.


              The dates for the respective operas, Roberto Devereux and Don Quichotte.

              Why don’t you hop on the train, papopera, and come to hear something, too?

            • Camille

              Bon! We’ll look for you on the Greyhound, cher papopera!

              Ge out of Montréal for a change and come have some fun. It will be good for your ancient gonads!

            • Batty Masetto

              Camille, as you’re thinking scheduling -- I dearly hope you’ll be in NYC at the very beginning of May because a visit from Batty is becoming a real possibility.

            • Camille

              Yeay! Happy Day today!
              Yes Batty, I get back on the 30th of April. So we will be in touch. We will take you to EATALY and buy those truffles—should they have any!

              Hoping it is a good trip and not one of those forced necessary business or family things.

              Love U

            • MacduffNYC

              I am going to Toronto next month to see the Roberto Devereux (May 18th). I am taking Amtrak from NYC. It is about a 12 hour trip.
              I love taking Amtrak. It is so relaxing, and much less stressful than flying.Also, the train station is right in downtown Toronto.
              I am so excited about this trip. It will be my first time seeing Devereux, and SRad will no doubt be sensational.
              I simply have to see it!


            • Camille

              Thanks for your input, MacDuff! After checking with Amtrak I see that it is indeed 12 1/2 hours, not the 10, which is the approximate driving time. It would actually be a rather nice ride coming back to NYC, leaving all that airport security hassle behind one, as it were, and would hope to get a glimpse of some of the countryside. So thank you for recommending the ride as I may very well do just that! Yes, it does promise to be an exciting event and I look forward with great anticipation.

        • Camille chere, I haven’t heard of any casting changes. Filianoti is here, rehearsing.

          As for airfare, I would’ve thought that flying from NYC to Toronto would be more affordable. It’s flights leaving out of Canada that are ridiculously overpriced. Some Torontonians will drive to Buffalo and take flights from there just for the savings.

          Anyway, I hope you can make it. We have a wonderful opera house here, with superb acoustics.

          • Camille

            Is he there? Well, that’s good to hear. Maybe he just didn’t find Hoffmann a good fit. I hope he is not sick again!!!!!!!!!!!

            Yes, the airfares from NYC are also ridiculous and I may just board a Greyhound bus and do the trip that way. Amtrak is also outrageous.

            Here’s hoping Filianoti is not relapsing for I just love that man and think he is a real. “Signore”, and wish him well with all my heart.

            Hoping the Radvan can keep her Normamomentum going, too.

            Will see how much the bus costs. There is always hitchhiking! That would be interesting!!!

            Thanks for the info, kashie, pdp.

            • Funnily enough, I just ran into him by the coffee machine. What a handsome and friendly chap.

              If you do decide to come, please do be in touch (we can trade email via La Cieca or whatever the proper channels are).

            • Camille

              Oh swoooon!!!

              Next time, plant a big kiss on him and tell him it’s from me. I love him so!

              Funny, as I don’t usually have tenor crushes but he really impresses me a lot.

              Thanks kashie. I will see if I can limp, crawl, or hike over the border.

            • Camille, I certainly will. And if he looks at me strangely, I’ll just blame you.

            • Camille

              Yes, just blame Camille! I don’t care.

              Keep close tabs on him and make sure he is happy as I want him to succeed!

              Thanks a lot, mio principe.

          • manou

            Toronto does indeed have a great opera house -- I saw Nozze there a few years ago (with Robert Gleadow).

            • Oh yes, with Russell Braun as the Count. I remember Sandra Piques-Eddy singing a wonderful Cherubino.

            • manou

              Yes -- that’s the one. Gleadow was a Vilar Young Artist here, so I remembered him particularly.

              And a Filianoti question -- was he wearing a lavishly printed shirt with a matching printed belt? Last time I saw him (in recital at the Wigmore Hall) that was his outfit.

            • Nope, he was wearing a stylish black-and-white sweater.

            • MontyNostry

              That belt was outrageous, wasn’t it, manou. Though I do think the poor chapped looked frighteningly pallido.

            • manou

              Ah Monty -- you were at the recital as well. Yes, he did not look very healthy and had a few problems, but it is true he comes across as a very likeable nice chap -- not always the case with some tenorini.

            • MontyNostry

              Filianoti was very likeable, even if he looks a bit like David Cameron. The voice sounded a bit perilous, but he managed to pull everything off with some style, and there was much to be said for his italianità -- and interesting repertoire choices. I was rather worried about him, though. You could see that he has been through a bad time in recent years.

          • lorenzo.venezia

            yes you do!

            • lorenzo.venezia

              (have a good house with great acoustics)

          • papopera

            Yes MACDUFF
            The train offers a relaxing ride with food and drinks on board and from NY runs all along the spectacular Rhine River (aka the Hudson). Downtown to downtown Toronto directly into the lobby of the Royal York Hotel via a tunnel.

      • oedipe

        Kaufmann IS the answer to all casting questions. He is God, after all.

        • Camille

          No, G-d is CARUSO!

          Always has been and always shall be. Period.

          • papopera

            How would you know?
            We can’t judge by his scratched cylinders and 78rpms. Nothing compared to Bjoerling, Tucker, Domingo, Kauffman, Pavarotti, di Stefano etc. Caruso died in 1921, if you have heard him live you must be in your demented 90s as I suspect.

            • Camille

              Papopera chéri,
              I am just reiterating what all the old-timers INSIST upon saying, and being slightly cheeky, and that’s all. I don’t actually believe that at all but many people have repeated it, over and over again. Surely, you heard this a lot in your youth.

              Now tell me this: does one pass anywhere near Niagara Falls when one takes the train? I know it passes through the town by the same name but am wondering if it possible to see the Falls even un petit peu. Since I have never been there it would be very, very nice to be able to have this experience.

              Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse, papî.

            • Camille

              Camille was born ca. 1820.

        • Oh.My.God. Sorry, just had to do that.

          • papopera

            @@ CAMILLA

            No, the train does not pass near the Falls. Truthfully though, I would travel on the overnight train -- pre-Amtrak, Canadian Pacific/ New York Central Toronto-New York pool -- in a sleeping car so that I never saw anything en route.

            • Camille

              Merci bien, papopera, pour votre réponse.

              Je m’appelle CamillE, et pas CamillA, car je ne suis pas la reine future de l’Angleterre.

            • papopera

              Elle ne sera pas reine mais la maîtresse du roi ou encore la putain royale.

      • La Valkyrietta


        You are right…on the other hand Jonas singing that boat for Gotha song would make me turn in my seat into Aprile and scream a triunphal march :).

    • -Ed.

      Jackie Evancho will be Bess. Placido Domingo will sing all the other roles, and will conduct.

      • perfidia

        And play Catfish Row.

        • Camille

          Hee hee hee.

          I went to see Catfish Row, or somewhere around there anyway, last summer. What a lovely, lovely city Charleston is! And we were so lucky, so they told us, that there was no humidity that day. I would love to go to Spoleto again but mot this year.

          • bluecabochon

            No humidity? Awesome. When I was there it was like wearing a hot washcloth over one’s face all day.

            • Camille

              Right, blue. All the oldtimers were shaking their heads in disbelief. We were just lucky. It was the first week in June, too.

              Really beautiful city and I look forward to returning again someday.

  • zinka’s Albert Herring and i am the BASS

  • Camille

    Does anyone want to blurb about Aprile’s apparent successful tournée in Genova, I think, as Giorgetta in Il Tabarro, come to think of it?

    She blabs about it on her blog

    Good to see her at it once more.

    Now, THERE was a Maddalena di Coigny, and that was no joke!!!!!!
    Go Girl!

    • Camille

      Millo mammamorta:

      There’s a half dozen of these on youtube. I chose this one as it is early so hope it is good.

      • antikitschychick

        Fabulous interpretation. She sang with such depth and sensitivity…I just love her to bits and am also glad she is having some current success with Il Tabarro :-).

        • Camille

          Let’s all wish Aprile well for, whatever her problems or sins and omissions may have been, her soul LIVES for music, and so may it be hers.

          The last performance I ever saw her in was this opera and I remember she and Domingo being quite wonderful in the “Ora soave” duet. He kind of ruined that performance by limping out of the last act and poor Antonio Barasorda had to come on and get guillotined for him. Didn’t really throw Aprile off but it did turn the evening into a bit of a damp squib. Or squid. Not sure.

          • kennedet

            I’ve been hearing rave reviews of Ms. Millo lately. I was told by a friend who has heard her sing in the Nagara Falls,Ny area for the past 2 years….. where she has been giving master Classes and very wisely preparing for a “comeback”. Also, I understand she has lost weight and sounds terrific!

            • la vociaccia
            • la vociaccia

            • PushedUpMezzo

              What a glorious Aprile surprise. Passionate, full-toned, little or no wobble and masterful shading of the text. The tenor sounds great too.

            • kennedet

              Thank you vociaccia for a very pleasant surprise. She makes it spiritual.

              Her Ballo with Pavarotti years ago was one of my favorite nights at the Met.

            • Thank you indeed, vociaccia! She sounds wonderful. Last time I heard her was an in-house recording of her Maddalena from the Met (from 7 years ago). She definitely had her moments in that and of course, had the right temperament. But she also had pitch issue that I don’t hear in this clip. If she indeed able to maintain this level of singing these days, I hope she does manage a comeback!

              Someone, cast her as Gioconda, Maddalena and Adriana NOW!

    • Camille: A YouTube clip of her Giorgetta appeared shortly after (and someone posted it here). I bookmarked it to listen later but by the time I got to it, it had been removed. :(

  • zinka


    In an effort to bolster sales, the Met has added some material to next season’s schedule..These will be Sunday Night performances, and tickets will be available only on April hurry up and get yours:

    1. Salome with Placido as all the Jews (well,he is versatile)

    2. Das Rheingold with Justin Bieber as Alberich, and the Rhine Maidens are Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, and Elton John

    3. New opera written by Dorotea Bishopskaya:
    “I Parterriani” with a cast of former Met standees who were not normal like Charlie Handelman, and who actually watched the opera.

    4. Another new work written by Arodo Rodriguez:
    “Il Stereodo nello Tushy” starring Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and maybe about 350 others (TBA)

    Get your tickets online at:


  • Camille

    I must compliment La Doyenne on her amazing handiwork, creative imagination and plain old churzpah on this particular thread illustration.

    It explains why La Cieca IS La Divina.

    • Camille

      ChuTzpah, dammit!!

  • rysanekfreak

    I’ve always loved it when someone announced (on a day like today) that the complete orchestral score for Verdi’s Re Lear had been discovered in some attic…or barn.

    I want the Met to revive the Menotti Peter Pan with Justin Bieber as little Peter, Kristin Chenoweth as Tinker Bell and Kevin Spacey as Captain Hook.