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Less than Zarah

In a slight detour from the usual all-opera-all-the-time format of parterre box, the queer opera zine, issue #44 centers on Ben Letzler‘s superb appreciation of film and cabaret diva Zarah Leander. This feature-rich installment also includes a gaggle of high-concept operas devised by Dawn Fatale, a reimagining of La gioconda as performed by the cast of TV’s Friends (courtesy of Hans Lick) and Our Own JJ‘s glowing review of Astrid Varnay‘s awesome autobiography. And don’t miss La Cieca‘s breathless accounts of Graham Vick‘s Trovatore at the Met and Renata Scotto‘s role debut as Klytämnestra in Elektra!  (“At times she reminded me of Vivien Leigh in Streetcar Named Desire or Ship of Fools in the way she seemed on the very brink of dissolving in hysterical tears, though never quite losing control.”) [Download Issue #44]

  • armerjacquino

    I think COSI works better with the cast of FRIENDS. Monica/Rachel as Fiordiligi/Dorabella, Phoebe: Despina, Joey/Ross as Ferrando/Guglielmo and Chandler as Alfonso…

    In other COSI news, parterre favourite David Butt Phillip is singin Ferrando in the ROH Young Artists concert this year.

    • Cosi works almost too well. What I want to know is whether Hans Lick ever got around to casting Rheingold with the cast of Frasier. And if not, can we do that now?

      • There NEEDS to be a Mad Men Lohengrin. Hell, the entire Don Draper practically screams Lohengrin — a mysterious man, inscrutable to everyone, and DON’T ASK HIM QUESTIONS ABOUT HIS PAST!!!

        Betty and Meghan are both Elsas, who thought (foolishly) that they could crack the mask of Don Draper.

        • Who would be Ortrud? Teleramund can be Duck Phillips.

          • alejandro

            See, I’d cast Betty as Ortrud and have Peggy play Elsa.

            • Meghan’s drunk mom would be an awesome Ortud.

          • Krunoslav

            I’d utilize Duck Phillips as Abimelech in a totally realistic production of SAMSON ET DALILA.

        • In a way, that is what Neuenfels does at Bayreuth.

      • Krunoslav

        How about Hans Lick taking a crack at David Butt Phillips? You know, as a journalist…

    • MontyNostry

      I heard David Butt Phillip in the dress rehearsal of FroSch on Tuesday (the Apparition) and was most impressed. Not your typical reedy English tenor at all.

  • alejandro

    We need an opera for Joan.

    • Roberto Devereux with Joan as Queen E. It needs to happen.

      Also … if I meet someone and they are abusive alcoholics, that’s a forgivable offense. If they say something bad about Joan …

      • Good one. I imagine Joan would make a great Norma too. Peggy could be her Adalgisa or Sara.

  • papopera

    Onkel Zarah what a great baritone she was

  • rysanekfreak

    Who was the physically challenged tenorino with the Decca contract?

    • armerjacquino

      Bocelli, I’d imagine.

    • papopera

      physically challenged ? whatever that means are you referring to Bocelli who is blind ? Check PBS they rerun his same concert at least once a week for the past ten years.

      • armerjacquino

        It’s a direct reference to the wording of the item in the zine.

  • Often admonished

    On the subject of informed writing what hasn’t Mrs John Claggart blogged anything since New Year’s Eve? Is she unwell? or just uninspired?