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Anna engaged? No.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Anna Netrebko says that she and tenor Yusif Eyvazov are not engaged. The soprano further “asks that people please respect her wish to keep her private life private.”  

PREVIOUSLY: According to the Facebook page of  (Des Grieux to Anna Netrebko’s Manon in the Rome Opera Manon Lescaut), the two are “engaged.” La Cieca is following up with the proper authorities for an official confirmation of this surprising news.


  • Cicciabella says:

    Yusif Eyvazov announces his engagement on Facebook and gets effusive polyglot congratulations from a string of FB friends, including Stefan Kocan. An FB photo shows him embracing Anna Netrebko. Netrebko officially denies being engaged to Eyvazov. We can only conclude that either Eyvazov got engaged to a dead ringer for Netrebko, or that he got engaged to someone else entirely and he uploaded the Netrebko photo to get more Likes.

    • antikitschychick says:

      or it was a really, REALLY short engagement :-P .

    • antikitschychick says:

      no but seriously, your suggestion that he is engaged to someone else is probably correct. I think what threw everyone off was the picture with AN but he actually made that his FB profile picture before he posted about the engagement…and since its his profile picture, it appears next to the post about the engagement (which is what made everyone think he was engaged to her).

      In conclusion: we have all been PUNK’D by La Cieca :-P .

      • manou says:

        Not all of us.

        • antikitschychick says:

          lol ok *some* of us have been punk’d on this particular occasion, but at some point or another I’m sure all of us have been or will be :-P .

      • Camille says:

        Chica! What does <<<<<<<<3333333, etc. mean?

        I wish you would publish a guia para abuelas as no intiendo nada!
        Muchas gras.

        • manou says:

          If <3 is "love", then <<<<<<<

        • antikitschychick says:

          yes manou is correct. <3 is supposed to be a heart (only its sideways lol).

        • ML says:

          We need a guía para lectores for Sra. Camille’s mid-sentence, conjunction-isolating, Olympian language acrobatics.

          Wie war der Scriabin?

          • Camille says:

            ACH! Weh mir’s! Es tut mir SO leid, aber ich habe ihn verloren!!!

            About two nights ago, my mild annoyance of a cold blossomed suddenly into a full scale last Act of Traviata, und so, impossible to entertain the idea of going, especially as some of the only seats left were on the stage and. $US175!
            So, so sorry as I started really getting interested in m. croche’s octatonic lectures. There is another Kissin Konzert im wunderschönen Monat Mai, which features the Waldstein and a clump of Rachmaninov preludes, so I will try to make that one, as it is more suited to my taste, usw…..

            Tomorrow night is “Lil’ N.A.T.”—Deux C 2U! I will TRY to go to, especially for Auntie Kitschy—Cutsci-Coo Chica.

            There is also Leif-Ove Andsnes coming up next week, with whom I will conslle myself, as he is also quite fine.

            Bestest of all—ZUBIE BABY [Zubin Mehta 2 U!] will be back with a grand Vienna Table of bonbons this coming Sunday!! I shall NEVER forgive that star of Z grade cinema, Nancy Kovack,for stealin’ MY Man from me!

            All of this, only provided that when the time comes I am ambulatory once more.
            Now, back to my beloved friend, the Kleenex tissue box.

            • ML says:

              Quite understandable. A full-scale last act of Traviata would fell anyone.

              Leif Ove is always good too!

            • antikitschychick says:

              how wonderful Camille, thanks and I hope you enjoy it! Sorry to hear you are sick…Ive been suffering from allergies for the past month and half myself ugh…its that time of the year I guess.

            • armerjacquino says:

              Hush your mouth! JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS is NOT Z-grade!

            • Camille says:

              Child—how do you even KNOW about that mess?? You weren’t even BORN yet!!!!!!!

              I’ll confess to a fondness for Jason and his Argonauts, but not to that witch Medea and those peas of her’n! As Grade Z cinema goes, this was a rather engaging effort, admittedly.

            • Krunoslav says:

              JASON is ( or was in the 70s and 80s) a staple of cheap channel late night re-runs!

              In re Todd Armstrong ( sic):

              “Briefly a leading man in the 1960′s, formerly trained in drama at the Pasadena Playhouse. ‘Discovered’ by actress Gloria Henry, while working for her as a landscape gardener. Signed by Columbia and cast in the titular role of Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Thereafter, subsided back into supporting roles.”

            • Camille says:

              ‘Discovered’ in a bed, neither of petunias nor roses!

              Krunoslavsky, were you at Kissin night before last?

    • Bianca Castafiore says:

      Many folks were congratulating him and Anna, presumably folks that know him personally. So it seems he jumped the gun and didn’t coordinate the announcement with Trebs…

      Oh well, if it doesn’t work out, he can always go out with Olga… I heard she’s single…

      • Cicciabella says:

        I thought only the over forty crowd couldn’t use Facebook, but Eyvazov doesn’t look older than thirty-eight.

        • armerjacquino says:

          You’re kidding, right? Facebook is wall-to-wall 40+

          • Cicciabella says:

            It is, and I’m not kidding. Forty-plussers making faux pas and uploading embarrassing photos on FB is a recurring feature in my social circle. The women usually commit “mutton-dressed-as-lamb” sins, while the men try to use street slang, like their teenage sons, with ridiculous results. And many have no clue what goes public or stays within the FB friends circle. Many are surprised when someone copy-pastes a “for friends only” announcement or picture onto a public space. In short, social blunder jungle.

            • armerjacquino says:

              Oh. Your friends sound like idiots. I’m 40 and the people I know are pretty au fait with this whole new-fangled ‘Internet’ thing.

            • fletcher says:

              Almost makes me miss the Facebook of 2005.

            • Cicciabella says:

              @armerj and other astounded posters: To clarify, I don’t do Facebook. Still, I regularly hear about ill-advised FB comments, photos, status updates, FB friends uninvited to parties feeling left out, etc., involving acquaintances, old schoolmates and extended family members. Thankfully, not my friends (so far). The beauty of, and problem with, FB is that people now get the lowdown on everyone, including those they would never have kept in touch with before. If all your FB friends and their friends never commit a FB faux pas, then you are very lucky indeed. Unlike Anna Netrebko.

  • williams says:

    Re.: Whaaaat? Ms. Netrebko is disposed to displays of underwear self portraits in the snow, parading about premieres on vertiginous heels garbed in opulent furs and abbreviated skirts. The night before her Met Lucia debut after watching Dessay we sat at the next table at Fiorello’s while she & I.S. cuddled & fed each other playfully in full view of the dining room. Love her but when i read that an eyebrow arched.

  • williams says:

    Oops! Puritanni. Dessay was the Lucia.

    • williams says:

      Oh cripes! I think it was actually Juliette! Oh well I left all my brain cells behind in the 80′s

  • operaassport says:

    Privacy. Okay. Reminds me of Diana who was always complaining of press intrusion into her life but never missed an opportunity to greet her kids outside her home rather than inside it and regularly called reporters privately to dish dirt on Charles. My celebs certainly do like to have it both ways.

  • La Valkyrietta says:

    Modern life is confusing. I loved Jeritza’s Rosalinde 1934 farewell gowns at the Met’s Dress Circle, but what on heavens is that Throne sculpture in the Grad Tier? From far it looks like a urinal. The artist is no Marcel Duchamp, but I believe an English chap. I think the British royal family accepted long ago there is no privacy for them, at least since the time of the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII. I understand the wishes of opera singers, but is it realistic to aspire to get more privacy than the Windsors?

  • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

    This has everything to do with the fact that Opera singers are unique amongst their celebrity peers (whether they be major or minor celebrities). They allow them to be “friends” on Facebook. It is something they all seem to cultivate, perhaps as an answer to the fact that their skills no longer merit the love and adoration amongst the broader public that earlier generations of opera singers enjoyed. And the relationship between opera singer and audience is, well was, particularly visceral. Maybe Facebook and the accumulation of “likes” and heart emoticons function as a way of recreating what’s been lost.

    Unfortunately, this also increases the likelihood of one’s business being dragged out in the street. If Facebook is anything it is *not* private, it is a vast public sphere where people shove pictures of themselves in your face on a regular basis. How can that be private? I feel for Anna, but this kind of stuff is inevitable.

    • armerjacquino says:

      Interesting stuff- I just posted something on the first page which fits in with this, which is the idea that ‘private’ means different things to different people. It’s perfectly possible to have a presence on FB and keep to oneself the stuff one sees as private, no? “I will put on FB the things I am prepared to share, anything else is mine”.

      A friend of mine was papped kissing someone in the street a few years ago. He appears on TV a lot, gives interviews, does chat shows and publicity stuff, but I still maintain that photo was a gross invasion of his privacy. I know it upset him, the woman he was kissing, and their friends. I’ve had a different view of the whole ‘play the fame game= sacrifice privacy’ thing ever since.

      • -Ed. says:

        No, sadly it’s not perfectly possible to have a presence on FB and keep one’s private things private. FB has been caught red-handed, successfully stealing private things from their chumps. Er, sorry, I mean users. Here’s one news article, there are many others.

  • Benedetta Funghi-Trifolati says:

    “Fetch me the hydra’s teeth. Quickly!

    Against the children of the hydra’s teeth there is no protection.”

    Jason and the Argonauts also featured Honor Blackman as the goddess Hera, although she was better known as Pussy Galore in the following year’s Goldfinger.

  • Guestoria Unpopularenka says:

    Seems like someone will be doing a singing tour of Siberia very soon :D

  • DonCarloFanatic says:

    Either this guy is engaged, or he is not engaged. Has anybody determined yet which it is?

    Or is this FB using Google Translate and mangling what he wrote as his status?