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Two out of three falls

Veteran diva Maria Guleghina “long married to the baritone Mark Guleghin, has found new happiness with Russia’s Olympic state coach of Greco-Roman wrestling…” [via Slipped Disc]

  • pavel

    Quick! Say “Mkrtychev” five times fast!

    • Regina delle fate

      Greco-Roman wrestling? Sounds a bit gay to me!

      • Batty Masetto

        Whether because it’s too gay or too elitist, they’re getting rid of it in any case. Reheated news, with pretty pictures:

        (As this Greco-Roman fan reminds us, it’s only the “great unwashed” who go in for pro wrestling.)

  • MontyNostry

    I have a feeling that Norman hadn’t even heard of Maria Guleghina until the little titbit popped up. (Or not so little in Madame G’s case.)

  • pobrediablo

    They’ve been married for like 5 years now.

  • OpinionatedNeophyte

    Roll with me Lenski…

    • Krunoslav

      No, *I* am Rula Lenska.

  • reedroom

    and this is news because…?

    • pobrediablo

      Slow news day.

  • She only married him because he knew the answers to the three riddles:

    1) How the hell do you sing while wearing that stupid Zeffirelli Turandot costume?

    2) What did Princess Lou-Ling like to have for breakfast on Tuesday mornings?

    3) What is the name of Pu-Tin-Pao’s kitten?

  • rossifigaro

    why there isn’t a gossip format (a la tmz) for the operatic world, heaven knows. perhaps i just haven’t found it yet. anyway -- can anyone update me on the current status of the current prince igor (ildarA) & the wonderful borodina? i would have sworn they were married but in all the interviews with ildarA i never see/hear mention of olga. also…croft (the baritone) -- is he still married to that spanish soprano whose name escapes me (she did a lot of mussettas years ago)? i’ve always liked guleghina (i realize that is a very unpopular sentiment here) but know nothing of of this husband “mark” didn’t ildar & olga do a l’italiana at the met years ago?