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  • DeepSouthSenior: That’s Gellb “overlooking the fact,” of course., not Dabrowski. Posts... 8:05 PM
  • DeepSouthSenior: Conveniently overlooking the fact, of course, that the protestors have already been... 8:01 PM
  • Dabrowski: He should urge everyone not just to read the libretto, but go to the HD performance. Oh... 8:00 PM
  • DeepSouthSenior: In the pre-performance interview with Debbie Voigt, Gelb pretty much dismissed the criticism... 7:55 PM
  • kashania: A year or so ago, I was watching the Met Ariadne with Jessye/Battle/King /Troyanos and was... 7:54 PM
  • kashania: Bill: In 2006, Bonney announced that she was taking a sabbatical because she was going through a... 7:52 PM
  • Talk of the Town: I downloaded Chrome to the iPad but it did not fix the problem. 7:49 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Does anyone know if there was much of a fuss from the anti-“Klinghoff... 7:47 PM
  • rofrano: No serious guys, it’s ok – just use FIREFOX instead of Safari. Worked for me. 7:39 PM
  • Talk of the Town: It cuts off after 4 seconds on both my Blackberry and my iPad; however, it works fine on my... 7:37 PM

Two out of three falls

Veteran diva Maria Guleghina “long married to the baritone Mark Guleghin, has found new happiness with Russia’s Olympic state coach of Greco-Roman wrestling…” [via Slipped Disc]