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Come aboard, we’re expecting you

“The Metropolitan Opera Guild invites you to join Deborah Voigt on a musical journey to the islands and shores of Croatia and Montenegro.”

  • Dawn Fatale

    I’ve stuffed the dailies in my shoes
    Sang songs to biddies on a cruise

    • Hippolyte

      Brava, Dawn!

    • rysanekfreak

      “I’ve had my share of cuts and bruises.
      Now I’m hosting culture cruises.”

  • grimoaldo

    “les trébuchements de deborah voigt”


  • Patrick Mack

    Pardon me but I sell luxury cruises all day long for the past decade and I’ve never heard of that tub. Even Patti LuPone and Audra perform on Regent Seven Seas.

    • williams

      From Bernard Hollands review of the Wilson Lohengrin March 1998… Both Deborah Voigt (Elsa) and Ben Heppner (Lohengrin) are, on the other hand, very big people, and as such seemed to take unkindly to Mr. Wilson’s graceful gait and gesture. Unwhippet-like, both crossed and recrossed the stage, more like battleships easing awkwardly into dry dock…

    • ML

      Smaller tubs are better.

    • A. Poggia Turra

      Patrick -- it’s a 100 passenger all-suite vessel that is ice-strengthened as it does polar/Antarctic sailings part of the year (Mediterranean the rest of the year).

      We get mailings from the Columbia University Alumni office offering university-sponsored educational sailings, and I think this is one of the ships that CU uses for their journeys.

      • Patrick Mack

        I looked it up and the public rooms look like Vegas got punched in the face.

    • Operngasse

      Oh dear. Opera on a cruise ship.

      I’m glad Ms. Voigt is still a soprano, otherwise the passengers possibly would get to experience her Princess Ecoli singing “O wan fatal.”

  • javier

    interesting. who would be interested in this. it seems terrifying to me.

    • williams

      Although if it was a cruise to Naxos…

      • LogeLizard

        I don’t know about a cruise, but the zooming, panning and cross-fading of those Debbie headshots on the “Es gibt ein Reich” vid are definitely making seasick.

      • messa di voce

        Interesting to listen to this, DVi n her prime or close to it. That curdled, shrewish sound in the middle that was so problematic in her Ring performances is already there, but the top is so good that it’s easier to ignore.

    • Phoenicia Pomegranate

      Maybe they pay people to go to the concerts.

  • tannengrin

  • -Ed.

    God save me from cruises. Amen.

    Unwhippet-like is my new favorite adjectival phrase, thanks williams & Hollands.

    • williams

      Another Bernie, Mr. Holland (my apostrophe key is broken), was the opera reviewer for the Grey Lady back then. Cruising the docks was already a thing of the past. The meat packing district has changed a bit as well.

  • Croatia just had a really rotten anti-gay marriage referendum of the sort that Karl Rove used to run ten years ago. It passed by something like 2-1. Perhaps not widely reported here, but then again Croatia is a US ally and an EU member state unlike, say, Russia.

    • Batty Masetto

      Croatia is also a tiny fraction of the size of Russia, with a tiny fraction of Russia’s influence, and as an EU member it is subject to EU human rights laws. Meaning that though the law may survive for a while, it’s already doomed.

      Apples and oranges I’d say.

      • Indeed. LGBT marriage rights may not be secure in Croatia, but many other LGBT rights are.


        • Shall we keep adding videos, just for the sake of completeness?


          I agree, apples and oranges. One country is in a complicated, multi-faceted confrontation with the US government, and the other is not. The size of each country is not the only factor in why one situation gets more public and media attention than the other.

    • javier

      and this is relevant how?

      do you always check which laws have been passed in a country before you plan your nightmare cruise?

  • The first Split pride parade was marked by violence that caught politicians off guard. The 2012 and 2013 Split parades had government ministers marching along, adequate police protection, and, to everybody’s satisfaction, passed off peacefully.

  • pobrediablo

    Singing on a cruise ship is rock bottom.

    • steveac10

      In general, yes. On a cruise marketed to opera fans by the fund raising arm of one of the world’s most prominent opera houses, probably quite a few rungs below bottom. Given she has almost no future bookings, I’m surprised a teaching gig at a major music school hasn’t been announced yet.

    • ianw2

      I have a friend who’s been a ‘featured speaker’ on cruises. It’s a pretty sweet deal- you basically get an all expenses paid vacation for the price of a few easy listening recitals in a lounge (she’s hardly going to be busting out challenging repertoire for the boutique cruising set).

      So for rock bottom, it ain’t bad.

    • -Ed.

      I don’t think that at all. Joyce DiDonato sang on a cruise ship to Alaska a few years ago. My problem is with the cruise ship vacation concept, not that famous opera singers are out there making a buck entertaining people on those ghastly tubs.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    I hear she tried to get booked on this one

    But she might be doing this one

  • And now to offer some fresh naval perspective or is that perspective of their navels…SCATTERBRAIN!