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Before you ask, cher public, there is no Issue #41 of parterre box, the queer opera zine, or, rather, this issue, #42 is the 41st of the series. La Cieca hasn’t a clue why the numbering system went to hell, but at least she didn’t let you down on content: Gossip about Madame Vera Galupe-Borszkh and Cecilia Bartoli! An interview with Catherine Malfitano! Reviews by Indiana Loiterer III, Fleur Jetée, and Fils de Brahma! “The Ballad of Billy Budd!” Plus the first installment in the serial “All About Steve” by the ineffable Manuela Haltertop!  [Download Issue #42]

  • I don’t know when this disaster Fiordiligi of Bartoli was, but the one I have on DVD is amazing! The slow tempo of per piete works really well I think.

    • And I love how she sings Come scoglio.

  • His [Crutchfield’] cadenza for “Se pieta” went on so long and changed key so many times, La Cieca thought she had stumbled into a performance of the Rachmaninoff “Vocalise” by mistake.

    This is why one reads parterre!

  • pavel

    I am as essential to opera as leather trenchcoats are to Harry Kupfer.” :lol:

  • tatiana

    RIP Sid Caesar--he who lampooned “Gallipacci/Pagliacci” and so many other things: