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It’s today!

La Cieca’s spy informs her that the Met will make its 2014-2015 season announcement at 6:00 PM today.   “Wednesday evening.”

  • zinka

    WAIT till I give my totally unbiased and very boring reactions to the news. CH

  • Announcement teaser in running in the banner on the wrb page with a compliation photo of new production brochure stills.

  • sycorax

    If the Future Met Wiki is right, there’ll be nine HDs: Le Nozze di Figaro, Iolanta/Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, The Merry Widow, La Donna del Lago, Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Carmen, Les Contes d’Hoffmann, and Don Carlos…

    • zinka

      BUT who sings them???Frittoli,Tanovitski,Michael,…I hope they can cast well enough so I can go at least more than 5 times…Oh yes..I can make 20..but this season i will have made 35 (on paper….subtracting for snow days i missed perf.).I do expect to go basically FOR TENORS..That is a shame….what about other fachs??

    • redbear

      The season before there was 12, this season, 10 and next season 9. I thought they were money-makers?

      • oedipe

        Peau de chagrin…

  • operalover9001

    Good news: no Kovalevska. Bad news: Poplavskaya…

    • sterlingkay

      I’m actually thrilled it’s not Kovalevska who was a horror show when she sang the Countess a couple of seasons ago. It’s actually the type of role Popsy SHOULD be singing instead of the heavy Verdi stuff she thinks she can do. The question is whether the voice is now damaged goods. I thought she was wonderful in the ONEGIN this season, though she was definitely pushing her lyric voice through that heavy orchestration.

      Unfortunately Isabel Leonard is Cherubino instead of Kate Lindsey who absolutely owns the role.

      • la vociaccia

        Consider it good news. Kate Lindsey is a much more interesting singer than Leonard and she (Kate) will have more to do as Zerlina anyway.

      • PetertheModest

        Popsy does Mozart. She hasn’t done Mozart for some time. Is she Suzanna or the Countess ? (Petersen does the other, I presume). Might be a good idea, more Mozart, less Verdi.

        • MontyNostry

          Marcellina, perhaps.

    • sterlingkay

      No complaints about the men, though…..

    • zinka

      Poplavskaya told me it is her in Figaro..I did like her in Onegin…but remember I did see Steber, Della Casa, De los Angeles…….

    • alejandro

      Actually I’m excited about this now. I was going to go just because I’ve never seen Nozze, but with Popsy doing the honors, I’ll be very interested to see what she does. She sounded like a dying cat in Onegin, but it was a dying cat on fire. I want to see what she does with the Countess.

      It’s boring as all hell Isobel Leonard that strikes me as the weak link here.

    • Grane

      I believe Richard Eyre directed the Hamlet in which Daniel Day Lewis walked off the stage, to be replaced by his understudy, Jeremy Northam. It will be interesting to see what he does with Nozze.

      • Grane

        Sorry, italics fail.

      • It will be interesting to see what he does with Nozze.

        It almost certainly will not.

  • La Valkyrietta

    Why not a Wagner opening night? Meistersinger will be long enough to see how those ladies gowns hold on until the end :). I’m sure that won’t be it. Popsy’s Countess is more like it. Not something I’m yearning to witness, oh cruel destiny, but it must be faced.

    • la vociaccia

      La Val, the last time there was a Wagner opening night, it,um…machine…

  • pavel

    The illustration for this post is brilliant! It took me a few minutes to figure out what “GHOFFER” signified, though.

    • Jamie01

      Death of Klinghoffer’s belated arrival on the Met stage should be an occasion for some Grade A moronic political grandstanding.

      • If Klinghoffer does show up, I’d like an HD. I suppose that’s a pipe dream, though.

        • So pleased I was wrong about this!

  • zinka

    BUT we have Piotr, Netrebko,Opolais, Hymel, GIORDANI,and a few others……

  • alejandro

    Sad there’s no Oropesa next season :(

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      But great for Oropesa that she’s doing decent leading roles in LA, Houston, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

      • alejandro

        Yeah, but I can’t see her in them :(

        • la vociaccia

          I’ve waited almost nine years for the return of Ana Maria Martinez after her Micaelas in 2005.

          • Don_Dano

            How were her Micaelas? I never saw a review, and then, right, she hasn’t been back.

            • la vociaccia

              They were lovely! I waited year after year for the announcement of her Mimi, Liu etc. In vano. A few years later I saw both of those roles performed at the Met by Kovalevska, wondering if I had imagined it all. Then I went to YouTube and realized no, I was correct, Ana Maria Martinez is a gorgeous singer and the Met doesn’t seem interested (or vice versa)

    • grimoaldo

      “Sad there’s no Oropesa next season”

      If that turns out to be the case, it is not just sad, it’s outrageous.

      • alejandro

        She was supposed to sing Rake’s Progress and I was excited and then … nada. I see she’s singing Haydn’s Creation near here in March. I may see if I can swing that.

      • la vociaccia

        Why it outrageous? It’s only one season and she deserves to broaden her audience and resume beyond New York. Plus she sang two plum roles this season at the Met; it’s not like she’s underused.

        • messa di voce

          She’s a Levine baby; she’ll be back.

      • Oh, get over yourself. It’s not like they’ve closed the iron door on her. It may be that there is a season that doesn’t have a good role for her, or she may have booked ahead in other theaters, or any number of other reasons. For all we know, she has some performances somewhere in the schedule but she just doesn’t happen to be listed in the fragmentary casts assembled on the Wiki.

        Why not save “outrageous” for genocide or something?

        • Either genocide or a really hideous dress.

    • bachrocksmysocks

      Interesting… people actually *like* Oropesa? I have heard her sing in several houses, and can’t say I really enjoyed her instrument or her terrible acting. When she sings melismatic phrases, she absolutely pinches through runs in the top of her register, and there’s not a lot of depth to her voice. And her acting? I know opera is literally melodrama, but the girl needs to #chillthefuckout with the overacting.

      • la vociaccia

        inb4 shitstorm involving masnadieri, daggers, and e flats

      • alejandro

        I’ve seen her in a few things, but I LOVED her in Falstaff (and I didn’t find her acting terrible . . . I come from the theater world, so I usually look at acting first). I thought her bit in the last act was amazingly beautiful. I went online and saw some YouTube stuff and listened to her Caro Nome, a Tori Amos cover, and an impromptu Sempre Libera which I adored. I am interested in following her!

  • Satisfied

    Interesting that very few conductors have been listed in the wiki page. Most interested in seeing who who be conducting Lady Macbeth, The Rake’s Progress, and the lavishly cast Boheme.

  • Will

    I’ve really loved and admired Barbara Frittoli in the past but her recent performances have shown a rather worn voice (she did get through Vitellia in Clemenza rather well, however). She’s cast again in Don Carlos and Nedda isn’t a cinch of a role either. I also wonder seriously about Nadja M. in Bluebeard; that top C at door #5 doesn’t sound like a good idea for her no matter how vivid the rest of her work might be dramatically.

    • alejandro

      I really liked her in Clemenza. She was super fun and arch and camp in a great way and I loved the fiery temperament she brought to the singing. But the only other thing I’ve seen her in was the HD of Carmen with Garanca and she didn’t make much of an impression there (she was fine, but I just don’t tend to care about Micaela).

    • Batty Masetto

      Nadja will negotiate that top C with aplomb by her usual technique — singing something vaguely in the neighborhood of an A-flat.

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      For all her shortcomings, Michael had a huge and thrilling top last time I heard her. An out of the blue top c, such as the one at door 5, is just the kind of thing she could actually do well. It’s when they’re part of a phrase that you have to brace yourself for something hideous, in my experience of her.

      • Based on what I’ve heard of her, I think you’re right. Everyone is fretting about the high C. I’m sure she can belt out a single high note. It’s how she’ll sing the rest of the role that’s the issue.

        • MontyNostry

          As I said before, the sooner she’s stashed away behind the final door, the better.

      • Yeah, the C is one that any singer who can manage a C isn’t going to miss, I would think. There’s time to take a big breath and give yourself a pep talk before it.

        • Stewball

          Still, not all are worthy of being turned into a ringtone.

  • peter

    I think it’s bizarre that people are debating whether Nadja is up to singing a one act 20th Century opera, while Poplavskaya is going to sing Mozart’s Countess on opening night: a role that demands a stellar technique, not something you think of with Poplavskaya. I hope I’m wrong, but I shudder at the thought of her Porgi Amor.

    • Batty Masetto

      Peter, we’ve had much longer to let the dread build up about Bluebeard.

      And unfortunately, La Michael doesn’t usually cancel.

    • Lady Abbado

      Here’s the Countess I’d want; I think she thinks low of poor Mozart, just like La Divina…

      • messa di voce

        She and Battle went shopping together: Kathy got it in red, and Angie the blue.

      • It’s a shame that Angela didn’t make Mozart a focus of her career. She has a limited repertoire and some of those roles (like Mimi, which she sings beautifully) are better suited to young singers. But a Countess would’ve been wonderful (still could be). I also wouldn’t have minded her taking a crack at Donna Elivra.

        • Lady Abbado

          A couple of years ago she said in some interviews about future projects that she’s tempted to do a Mozart arias CD; but I have never heard her saying that she’s considering doing a major Mozart role on stage.
          The only Mozart on stage she ever tried was her ROH debut in 1992 as Zerlina (unfortunately zero Youtube videos of it…).

        • MontyNostry

          I’ve always thought she would be near ideal as Elvira. I think she’s had a Mozart voice all along.

      • laddie

        I wouldn’t mind getting this one:

    • Camille

      Mebbe it’ll help her to get a ‘line’ on singing.

      She’s supposedly coaching or studying something with Christa Ludwig these days and I would *imagine* that la grande dame Ludwig has zero to 2% tolerance for vocal BS. She did learn to negotiate some damn hard soprano roles, if not altogether felicitously all of the time at least awfully damn good most of the time, and must know something. Didn’t she also study with the one, the only, the goddess of pedagogery, Mme. Zinka Milanov, during a period of vocal tribulations?

      Anyway, I had utterly no intention whatsoever of attending that Marriage but the thought of what La PoppyFleur will do for that old stiff, La Contessa, has got my curiousity piqued.

    • Rowna

      Miss Poplavskaya ascent and stability in the rarified field of opera stars is a total puzzlement to me. There are many singers out there whose careers I just don’t get. Then you hear others and wonder, why aren’t they singing at the Met? Why can’t I be in charge of casting there?

      • PetertheModest

        Poplavskaya’s career might represent the ascent of acting over singing in modern opera productions, so that the equation is tilted in the direction of acting; whereas in the past, it may have been more in the direction of singing. If so, she would be the embodiment of a trend.

        • Rowna

          Peter -- I sadly agree with your assessment.

  • Buster
    • Buster

      Well, you cannot win an opera award every year:

      • Cicciabella

        Last red carpet look before entering completely other style and ideas , such as MANON LESCAUTs world between love and power of glitter and money . Nadja , of course , loves fashion and beauty in each sense , but will be sucked away from this part of life. living only her art for almost three following months.

        Nadja Michael on Facebook needs to hire someone who can write and punctuate in English.

  • Signor Bruschino

    Are we still getting the french ‘Don Carlos’? After reading the article about Jonas this weekend, I guess he won’t be in it, but that is the one thing that I am genuinely excited about hearing

    • operaghost7

      No. It’s Italian.

  • Camille

    Of ALL of La Cieca’s manifold ‘dos, the hands down favorite of mine is this one, the blonde beehive upsweep. It is absolutely brilliant looking, classy, chic, timeless, and further reminds everyone whom it is that we call Queen Bee.

    What are youse guys worried about? No matter if MARIA CALLAS is cast in every single last role—someone will find something to kvetch and beat the breast about. Just relax and let it all roll over you.

    • Just relax??? Are you new here some sumptin’?

      • Camille

        Tee hee— in fact, I am about to celebrate my fifth anniversary here on parterre, BION!

        Soon I will start the onslaught of Monsieur Camille about the Devereux @ Toronto. Don’t know if it will jell but it’s worth a shot.

        In the meantime, my prince, keep that parka handy!


    • luvtennis

      Don’t you recognize the ‘do? It’s the Patsy pile. Remember Patsy of ABFAB fame. In fact, you might say that La Cieca stole that wig right off of Patsy’s head. :-) The question remains -- who is the Edina of Parterre. Saffy is easy -- it’s Kashania!!!

      • Camille

        Kashania is SO not Saffy! She’s a little frumpelsteltskin! My kashania has all the allure of the mysterious East wrapped around him, like a holy mantle descended from and handed down by Darius the Great!!!!!

        Edwina is ME!

        • Thank you, darling! If anyone’s Saffy (a character I like a lot, incidentally), it’s Luvt!!

          • luvtennis

            I think you are just a bit younger than me Kashie. I am soon to no longer be in my early 40s while I have it on good authority that you are only just graduated to long pants!

            Camille, like Edina, is eternally 39! As was my blessed mother who was younger than me when she passed away at 63 or as she like to say thirty-nine-ish!

            She often introduced as her “friend” after I reached 30. I don’t blame her. She could pass for 40 on a good day until she became ill! I never got to watch AbFAB with her, but she loved the show -- and often laughed at the little bits of herself she saw in the anti-heroines. She was full-blown heroine herself!

            • Of COURSE I am Edina

            • luvtennis

              I remember when I first watched the “Birthday” episode in like ’99? And I just laughed and laughed at Edina’s desperation at turning 40. Having passed 40 4+ years back, I have a very different perspective on her meltdown.

              Of course, 40 is now the new 17 so there is that! ;-)

            • Rory Williams

              I think my favorite was Eddie’s Mom. “Oh, look who’s here. It’s poor old Pats. Still blonde then, dear? Still managing to keep that up?”

    • skoc211

      It certainly would be a coup for Gelb to get a revived Callas to sing next season. Perhaps Elisabetta in Don Carlo or her role debut in Manon? I can’t imagine she’d care for the current productions of Lucia or Traviata. Maybe she could even stick around for next season’s Roberto Devereux!

  • Will

    The MET Future Wiki page does state that it will be Don Carlos “In the original French, conducted by Yannick N-S.”
    Jonas’s name appears with a strike through, followed by Yonghoon Lee. Others: Simon Keenlyside, Furlanetto, Morris (Inquisitor), Frittoli/Lianna Haroutunian and Ekaterina Gubanova.

    • Flora Amici

      The Don Carlos was supposed to be in the original French, but we will get Don Carlo in Italian instead.

  • tannengrin

    How exciting. I wonder if there shall appear a hologram of Pete.r.Gelb or if they’ll play with a magic wall, John King-style, to light up all the productions for the season!

  • sycorax

    The Future Met Wiki has been updated. Two things:
    -- The Death of Klinghoffer will be the tenth HD
    -- Don Carlo lost it’s “s”

  • zinka

    Because of the negative things said about Gelb, when you get the announcemtns later, you will see an addition…The cast of Parterre will be doing the nuns in the Carmelites next season..with REAL BLADES…”Tis a far far better thing they do….(quoting Ronald Coleman). Look..we have to be thankful they let us last this long.

    However, the vil CODARDO La Cieca, having heard abiut this..will be absconding to Hoboken to avoid the castigo…..shows a lot we did not know about him/her/it.

    • RamiroNYC

      IMHO, next season at the Met looks like a colossal snooze-fest. They couldn’t come up with anything more interesting than Nozze for opening night? Yawn!
      I will definitely go the the Donna del Lago, as it is one of my favorite Rossini operas, but I wish they hadn’t cast Elena with a mezzo (it is a soprano role).
      I will also see the Macbeth, mainly to see how AN fares, and it is always a treat to hear Pape.
      ‘Will also go to Iolanta/Bluebeard, because of their relative rarity here.
      I might see a couple of Aidas too. I hope to see Latonia Moore, as well as Monastyrska , who I really liked last time. And is Borodina really going to attempt Amneris at this point? She had a lot of trouble with years ago.
      Will also see the Ballo for SRAD, and Ernani with Meade.
      It will be interesting once the cancellations start to come in….


  • Will

    I just went to the Wiki and the “s” is still there in Don Carlos, except it isn’t in bold face any more the way it was earlier when I made my print-out. Strange — maybe it will be in Frentalian?

    • oedipe

      Probably the usual Javanese…

  • sycorax
    • MontyNostry

      Who does the copywriting? It veers within a few lines from clunky hype to dreary lists.

      • MontyNostry

        Why is Hanna Glawari a ‘femme fatale’? Did she murder her husband or something?

    • MontyNostry

      Hibla Gerzmava as the three heroines in Hoffmann? Last time saw her she was nice, but sounded tight and uncomfortable singing anything above about an A.