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Talor dal mio forziere

A summer performance of a wintry treat is this week’s bonbon from the Mike Richter collection, this time from his “Opera from Munich” CD-ROM, AE204. It’s a live, in-house performance of La bohème under the magical baton of Carlos Kleiber, with a couple of guest artists named Freni and Pavarotti.

Puccini: La bohème
Nationaltheater, 16 July 1983

Mimi – Mirella Freni
Rodolfo – Luciano Pavarotti
Marcello – Wolfgang Brendel
Musetta – Margherita Guglielmi
Schaunard – John Janssen
Colline – Jan-Hendrik Rootering
Benoit – Claudio Giombi
Alcindoro – Gerhard Auer
Parpignol – Georg Paskuda

Carlos Kleiber, conductor

  • Feldmarschallin

    Well the Feldmarschallin was there for this. Will never forget how full the Galerie was and I thought that at ovations at the end it might break down due to the extra amount of people it held that evening. We had 2 tickets and we got a total of 6 people in with those. Thank God one of the tickets was mine :)

  • Orlando Furioso

    Carlos Kleiber… just magic. Pretty much always.

  • Krunoslav

    “Not a patch on Norman del Mar!”

  • aulus agerius

    I’m a solid mass of goose bumps for that ‘che gelida manina’.

    • Ilka Saro

      Excellent title for this post!

      (I saw the Kleiber/Freni/Pavarotti Boheme at the met in 88. I have to say, under Kleiber it was like listening to a new orchestration of the score. It was amazing.)

      • Clita del Toro

        Ilka, I just saw your post--you are totally right. How did he do it?

        • I don’t know how he did it. But I know that virtually every Kleiber performance I’ve heard has contained at least one moment that was a revelation. Just a small detail but I’ve never heard the ascending scale in the orchestra just before the reprise of Musetta’s Waltz sound like an impressionistic flourish before.

    • CwbyLA

      I am with you! That was excellent.

  • Clita del Toro

    I saw the Kleiber, Pav, Freni Boheme at the Met in the late 80’s. The score sounded fresh and new to me under Kleiber’s baton. I was never a big Freni or Pav fan, but they sang beautifully.

    • Fidelia

      I agree. Whoever is singing, I have never really liked La Bohème, but it’s got to me this time. The orchestra is like a caress. Kleiber really works magic.

  • Agnese di Cervia

    Great performance. Love the SHHH at 34:14

    • They don’t shush like that anymore! ;)

  • opus

    I’ve never before heard a Boheme where there is no break for applause after the Act I arias. Was this edited out of the recording, or was Kleiber really able to sustain the magic through into Act Two so flawlessly? I’m spellbound.
    Does anyone know of any other Bohemes where this occurs?

  • Feldmarschallin

    I made a mistake. The Maskenball will not be next season but the season after that.
    Damrau is singing a concert Puritani this summer in July at the Gasteig with Terzier and Arturo Cruz or something like that. Two performances of the Puritani on the 17.7 and 29.7.

    • A. Poggia Turra

      Damrau seems to have a relationship with Sonostream, so hopefully the Puritani will be live-streamed.

    • A. Poggia Turra

      Chacon Cruz was the Duke in last summer’s Aix Rigoletto

    • FragendeFrau82

      FM is that the Maskenball that was going to be (Kaufmann)Beczala and Harteros? If it’s moving to 15/16 does that mean it might be Kaufmann/Harteros again?

      • Feldmarschallin

        I think it was less of them moving it but more me putting it in the wrong season. The newest rumor for the tenor is Calleja since Beczala seems to fallen out with the Indendanz. Mehta unfortunately will conduct. Last nights Requiem, the first of three, was quite angry and loud vis a vis Maazel. She was erkältet but sang anyway. Off to Titus GP now which starts at 11.00.

        • FragendeFrau82

          FM I saw an interesting photo from Tito, looks very nice. They are using the loge seats stage right again. You’ll have to find another place to sit for the performance… ;-)

        • spiderman

          Was it you giving her the flower bouquet during the bows?

          Tito is seriously underwhelming -- the production is boring and none of the singers REALLY excellent. Petrenko though is REALLY excellent.