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No one will be seated during the controversial “Rolling on Molly” sequence

First video snippets of the new Prince Igor are now live on the Met’s website.

  • La Valkyrietta

    Hollywood Borodin.

    “Not since Nineveh,
    not since that village near Gomorrah got
    too hot
    for Lot…”

    • messa di voce

      A Jack Cole masterpiece. Thank you!

      Now if someone could post Resnick’s “Ninevah.”

    • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

      Since you cut the eternally fabulous Dolores Gray from this number, I really must post this:

      Too bad she made so few films.

      • Camille

        I was just about to protest to La Valky, and of ALL people, too!, about the lack thereof of La Dolores!!! Good timing Jungferissima!!

  • almavivante

    When it comes to pop culture recyclings of Igor (and you lads have really done your homework with this multitude of clips), I still think all of them are eclipsed, and quite outdone, by The Fire Maidens from Outer Space. Who could have guessed that they knew this music on the thirteenth moon of Jupiter?

    • perfidia

      I love. It’s like a dance recital in a finishing school for (admittedly very hot)girls.

  • perfidia

    • messa di voce

      Thank you. No one is as butch as Regina in this number.

  • Camille

    And how could this little *gem* be overlooked?

  • Did anyone see this?

  • La Valkyrietta

    The eternal Dolores…

    • Camille

      That’s more like it, LaV! I was beginning to think you’d quaffed one too many a vodka gimlet! No Dolores = no good.

      I happen to have that movie and can say she is indeed very good in her part and more than makes up for that litte turtledove, Miss Blyth, whom I always enjoy the most as Veda the BitchChild.

      • La Valkyrietta

        Dolores was fabulous. It was a trick of destiny, fate, kismet, that she did not become a superstar, but she did win a Tony award. Anyway, there is still a movie in which she appears that I have not seen, ‘Lady for a Night’, 1942, with John Wayne and Joan Blondell. I am sure her part in it is just as small as the part she had in ‘Mr. Skeffington’, but I must see that movie…

  • phoenix

    article translated from Russian, poor English syntax, but still understandable:

  • papopera

    Are we to understand that the Polovtsy Tribes lived naked?

  • Perhaps it’s time for another round of Mugam Opera!

    Esli v Kerem, from the found of Mugam opera, Uzeir Hajibeyov:

    Ashiq Kerib, from Zulfuqar Hajibeyov, Uzeir’s brother

    Fikret Amirov’s Hispano-operatic film-fantasy “Sevil”, is, strictly speaking, more Azerbaijani opera and not Mugam Opera.

    Fabulous diva Zeynab Khanralova IS Leyla in the opera which started it all, Uzeir Hajibeyov’s “Leyla i Majnun”

    • Oh, and look, a new video of the delightful Azar- operetta “Arshin mal Alan” -- “If Not One, Then The Other”.

  • Ilka Saro

    I just caught the final dress rehearsal of Billy Budd in the touring Glyndebourne production at Brooklyn Academy of Music. Holy cow what a cast! Mark Padmore as Vere, Brindley Sherratt as Claggart, both outstanding. Billy Budd was the understudy Duncan Rock, filling in for an ailing Jaques Imbrailo. Terrific! Sang beautifully, and was definitely a passable Handsome Sailor. Supporting roles all well-sung.

    It was also really good to hear the opera in a house smaller than the Met (where I’ve seen every revival since the early 80s). Maybe it’s because I can’t afford seats closer than the balcony at the Met, but in the mezzanine of BAM I was much closer than I am used to. The words come across more clearly! The orchestra was excellent, and I liked Mark Elder’s approach. The men of the Glyndebourne chorus were terrific as well.

    It was a final rehearsal, but I wonder if everyone, Elder included, would have liked some more rehearsal time. It wasn’t that things were falling apart, but there were moments where the musical performance seemed utilitarian. Who knows? Maybe the just needed to settle in the house Touring can be a real obstacle course.

    The staging was so so. Really conventional, which isn’t a crime when the piece itself is so strong. But during the climactic “This is the moment” seen, the whole thing devolved into a kind of parade pageantry that one expects in Hello Dolly, but not in Billy Budd.

    One nice touch was a sort of homoerotic Pieta, with the beaten, half naked Novice (Peter Gijsbertsen) lying in his friend’s arms. Good singing there too.

    • Krunoslav

      Mister Rock:

      San Francisco Opera had the “homoerotic Pieta” in 1985 with the very cute pair of James Schwisow and Erich Parce ( whatever became of Schwisow? Parce turned to directing a few years back, I think.)

    • Henry Holland

      Looking at the BAM website, it looks like they’re doing the 2 Act version. That’s too bad, I think the original is better. The only real difference is that Britten cut the scene at the end of the original Act I, where Vere addresses the crew. I’ve seen the original twice and that cut scene is really powerful.

      the whole thing devolved into a kind of parade pageantry that one expects in Hello Dolly, but not in Billy Budd

      Uh oh! :-)

  • Satisfied

    Completely pumped for tonight’s prima of Prince Igor!!

    I’ve been streaming the Kirov recording (Gergiev) this past week on Spotify (who would have guessed they had it?) and loving the music!

    I hope Tcherniakov’s first New York outing rivals his many splendid accomplishments in Europe!

  • Ilka Saro

    Even without the sexy bodies, the Novice’s “I’m done for” scene really stands out musically in an opera with many great musical moments. That was true for this perf too.