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  • Loge: By the way, Cold Mountain is a real place in North Carolina. Near Brevard. 10:50 AM
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Don’t bother with a rewrite

La Cieca’s operative deep in the bowels of the Josie Robertson Plaza has just informed her that the announcement of the Met’s 2014-2015 season is now less than two weeks away. That’s barely enough time for you, the cher public (pictured), to put your investigatory and journalistic skills to the test!

Your mission, cher hivemind, is to cast your eye over the most recently updated predictions of next season and then to determine which how the rumored repertoire and/or casting choices strike you: what looks interesting, what seems likely to happen, what seems unlikely, and best of all, what seems inevitable but ghastly. It’s up to you, my darlings, to scoop the Met’s press department. La Cieca is confident you can do it!


  • La Valkyrietta says:

    The NYT review of the debut of Renata as Desdemona started, I think, with the phrase, “Last night history was made at the Metropolitan Opera House…”

    Shakespeare wrote the story, Verdi the music, and Renata brought to us the spirit. Happy birthday, La Sublima.

  • alejandro says:

    What happened to Oropesa in Rake’s Progress? I have been fast becoming a big Oropesa fanboy and I am sad to see she’s not rumored to be in anything next year. She and Blythe were my favorite performers in Falstaff . . . I do hope she shows up in something next season.