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I’ve something to say that’s less than urgent

Speaking of vicious-minded small town gossips, Rupert Christiansen (not pictured) is at his exercise again this morning, trying to tempt Dame Felicity Palmer into saying unpleasant things about David Alden and Richard Jones. Though the lady wisely refuses to dish her colleagues, she does, however, venture a negative opinion about “disgusting dressing rooms.”

  • grimoaldo

    Article says the Dame” is sceptical of the run of directors. “We singers tend to do the work for them. All they give us is paraphernalia: the whole thing has gone mad, and it really has got to stop.”
    “Paraphernalia” is an interesting choice of words. A lot of modern productions do indeed have a lot of paraphernalia.
    She also complains that “What does rankle is the attitude of Covent Garden. “I don’t feel I have had a fair crack of the whip there, and I’m not the only English singer who feels this.” She admits to being “pretty hurt” that nobody even checked her availability for one of her greatest roles, Madame de Croissy in Poulenc’s Dialogues des Carmélites, which she could have been singing in a new production there in June.”
    That part is being sung by an American, Deborah Polaski, which seems rather ironic considering how often one reads complaints on this website about Brits (or “Commonwealth artists”) being cast by US opera companies.

    • oedipe

      Well, for the recent TCE Carmélites Palmer was up against another Brit (so it wasn’t a question of national preference). Unfortunately, whoever was doing the casting chose the wrong Brit.

    • Regina delle fate

      Plenty of Americans are singing with British companies. One day I when I can be bothered I will do an analysis of the top six US and UK companies and she how the Brit-to-American ratio compares.

      • Krunoslav

        They are not, however, as a rule singing Marcellina, Masetto, Mozart’s Basilio, Schaunard, Le Baillli (!!!!!!!!) , Annina and the Erste Dame.

        • Regina delle fate

          I’m afraid you are Iill-informed. The Royal Opera recently flew over a Fifth Maid in Elektra while ENO’s revival of Peter Grimes has an American Carter Hobson.

          • Krunoslav

            “*not, however, as a rule*”

  • Porgy Amor

    Her Countess in the Glyndebourne Pikovaya Dama remains one of the two or three greatest I’ve ever seen or heard, both for singing and acting. I love that entire production by Graham Vick, so I speak up for it occasionally. If you have never seen it, order the DVD. (You will love or hate Yuri Marusin’s Herman, but you will not forget him.)

    • Krunoslav

      Palmet is fantastic in that shpw.

  • Ilka Saro

    That Mrs Sedley “fancies herself as Miss Marple” makes perfect sense, even if she is just the opposite. From the audience, she looks like a whining, meddlesome bitter old bigot. But in her mind, she is wholesome, subtle, and oh so helpful. It’s always interesting to learn how actors understand their characters. Thanks to La Lott for illuminating from within!

    • armerjacquino

      Your handy guide to Felicities:

      Lott: lyric soprano, now semi-retired.

      Palmer: character mezzo, subject of this article.

      • Krunoslav

        Absent thee from Felicities awhile!

        • Ilka Saro

          Yeah, the lady with the polysyllabic name. The one who sings. Never mind details like accuracy…