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Dear Penthouse Forum

BRUCE ZINGER PHOTO“When Canadian soprano Meghan Lindsay agreed to appear in the title role of Handel’s opera Alcina for Opera Atelier’s 2014-15 season, she never thought her job description would include standing on a stepladder for three hours, naked, except for 20,000 leaves hot-glue-gunned onto a piece of fabric. Oh yes, and there were seven naked men on the ground around her.” [The Star]


  • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

    Six naked men : one naked women, They seem to have planned this marketing campaign to precisely appeal to parterre’s demographics.

  • Ilka Saro says:

    Many times I have attempted a very similar staging, but I eschew fabric with leaves glued on. I eschew fabric period, except for the occasional gold lame halter top, perhaps, or a bit of leather. I try to up the number of naked men, but I count myself lucky to get 6 all at the same performance.

  • Cicciabella says:

    The only thing missing in this tableau is a two-stroke leaf blower.

  • antikitschychick says:

    like I said, if ya got it, flaunt it. All hail the cuties :-D .

  • grimoaldo says:

    Well, you know, this opera is about a sorceress, Alcina, who lures Christian knights away from their mission of doing Really Important Stuff like trying to throw the Muslims out of Jerusalem, seduces them, enjoys sex with them for a while, but then gets bored, waves her magic wand and turns them into a rock or a bush or a lion or whatever and moves on to the next dalliance with a dreamboat hunk, so a stage picture of a near naked lady surrounded by naked men makes sense if you ask me.
    I didn’t think anyone would be interested in the opera La Calisto as opposed to discussing the implications of DDN in a leotard, but I was proved wrong, so here is a link to a rather spiffing performance of Alcina with Catherine Naglestad and Alice Coote:

    Warning, or tip, whichever way you want to look at it -from about 1:10 Naglestad appears for a long time in a kind of topless dress and you can, gasp, see her boobs.

    • MontyNostry says:

      Don’t you think Alcina could work rather well set in the time of the Vietnam War, on an island somewhere off South-East Asia? Alcina could keep the men captive with hallucinogenic drugs and it could all be designed to look like an Antonioni movie.

    • Lohenfal says:

      Grim, I think you’re confusing Alcina with Armida. They’re both sorceresses, but Armida is a character by Tasso, and the action takes place at the time of the First Crusade. She’s concerned with the Christian attack on Jerusalem. Alcina was created by Ariosto and lives centuries earlier, at the time the Saracens were attacking Charlemagne’s empire. Tasso probably modeled his Armida on Ariosto’s Alcina. After writing this, even I’m starting to become confused by all this Italian Renaissance literature.

      • grimoaldo says:

        You are quite right Lohenfal, Armida ensnares Crusaders on their way to “liberate” Jerusalem, Alcina knights of Charlemagne fighting Saracens.
        I don’t think Armida gets through lovers at quite the rate of knots Alcina does, though, nor does she have the habit of turning them into stones or trees or lions unless I missed something.

    • Cocky Kurwenal says:

      I think I have seen this production. At any rate, I have definitely seen an Alcina with Catherine Nagelstad in the buff, there can’t have been THAT many different productions. It was in Edinburgh as part of the festival, roughly 10 years ago, perhaps a bit longer. I remember being very impressed with her, just as I was several years later when I saw her as Tosca at the ROH.

  • Spen says:

    This is a beautiful picture! Looks really arty and they all look pretty good. Bartoli is going to sing ALcina next week and I can only hope her being in a production like this, but a naked Bartoli will probably never happen.