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In what seems to be turning into an informal salute to Kathleen Battle (not pictured), our gem from the Mike Richter collection this week is a performance of Un ballo in maschera, featuring Jose Carreras and Katia Ricciarelli (pictured).

Verdi: Un ballo in maschera
November 25, 1977

Riccardo: Jose Carreras
Amelia: Katia Ricciarelli
Renato: Yuri Mazurok
Oscar: Kathleen Battle
Ulrica: Patricia Payne

Conductor: Kurt Herbert Adler

  • A. Poggia Turra
    • Feldmarschallin

      Will be there on the 31th. Anyone else going?

      • Feldmarschallin

        This Elektra has Buster and Tornado written all over it :).

        • Buster

          Alas, no, that is a major trip. Looking forward to a review here, though, splendid pictures.

  • LittleMasterMiles

    OT: “New York City Opera Orchestra and Stars Celebrate 70 Years of the People’s Opera”

  • peter

    Ricciarelli is in absolutely stunning voice here.

    • MontyNostry

      …and she looks very beautiful in that photo.

    • armerjacquino

      She was always very special in BALLO act 2, even though some of it is arguably a size too big for her.

      • Clita del Toro

        I saw her in Ballo at the Met. Gorgeous!

        • danpatter

          So did I, with Big P. Memorable performance indeed. That was the Beach Blanket Ballo production.

  • guy pacifica

    Thanks for posting this — it’s a great performance! Does anyone know where this was recorded?

    • guy pacifica

      Thanks — I figured it out. Covent Garden.

      • MontyNostry

        I presumed San Francisco -- Adler conducting. Ricciarelli sang Amelia in 1975 at Covent Garden with Domingo, I think.

        • MontyNostry

          The ROH database suggest that the combo for Ballo in 1977 was Gedda/Molnar Talajic and in 1978 Carreras/Sass -- with Patricia Payne, as it happens.

      • SF Guy

        San Francisco is correct:

        This was my first Ballo, and still my all-time favorite.

        • Clita del Toro

          SF Fabulous cast. I saw Ricciarelli with Pavarotti (I think). Would have preferred Carreras (or Bergonzi or Jussi lol).

          • Yes, there’s a video of that. Louis Quilico is the Renato and Judith Blegen the Oscar. The Moshinsky production.

  • aulus agerius

    I attended several of these performances. They were wonderful visually too. My first Ballo too, SF Guy. O les beaux jours…

  • Tristan_und

    Great performance; very poignant ending.