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  • luvtennis1: On records? Crespin. A live recording from the 60s. Awesome. 1:38 AM
  • la vociaccia: I never said she should hang it up or anything like that; I’ve said frequently that she’s extremely effective... 11:39 PM
  • Krunoslav: Funny, I had written Gorr and then realized it’s been many, many years since I’ve heard that performance.... 11:18 PM
  • Poison Ivy: Ok to use a more contemporary example other than Birgit Nilsson, would you want to hear Anna Netrebko, Sondra Radvanovsky or... 10:01 PM
  • la vociaccia: Surely there lies a gulf between “singing it well” and “covering yourself in glory.” I agree this is... 9:52 PM
  • joggerboy: Was anyone able to listen to it yet? France Musique hasn’t put it On Demand yet. 9:44 PM
  • Poison Ivy: I think this argument is getting rather pointless. For instance I don;t think Birgit Nilsson covered herself in glory when she... 8:39 PM
  • laddie: I took him to mean that he was previewing the role debut at the MET. He has sung the role in Torino as well as London. 8:25 PM

Something beyond the normal

The celebrated “lost” issue of parterre box, the queer opera zine (now found, thanks to the avid cataloging of Indiana Loiterer III) features a blow-by-blow account of La Cieca and Dawn Fatale‘s Italian sojourn, including reviews from Firenze, Roma, Torino and Bologna; the debut of John Yohalem with the thought-provoking essay “Effeminato Amante;” the “Name That Diva!” quiz; a report from Enzo Bordello; and an analysis of the trouble status of La Scala by Mario Cavaradossi.  Plus: parterre’s first and only erratum slip! [Download Issue #37]


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    Spen says:

    I love the quotes, does anyone know who said this:

    ”I have no idea how singers can sing coloratura when they’re moving their mouth all the time… Cecilia Bartoli is a wonderfull singer… But I really don’t know how she does it.”

    I would like to know the others too :)

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    MontyNostry says:

    A rediscovered treasure. Can’t wait to peruse it in detail.

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    armerjacquino says:

    Urmana in Gluck. Blimey.

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    armerjacquino says:

    More points to la Cieca: “I would advise her not to take on such killing roles when the technique is not quite settled”

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    Krunoslav says:

    Opal Gardner *rules*.

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    phoenix says:

    Enjoyed reading the reviews, particularly the reviews ‘reviews from Firenze, Roma, Torino and Bologna’ -- and what a lovely cover foto on the magazine featuring Dawn Fatale in an ‘italianate’ mood!

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    Krunoslav says:

    Is that the last largely positive review of Nadja Michael in any PARTERRE issue?

    • 8.1
      phoenix says:

      There was a positive review of Nadja Michael’s Lady Macbeth in Chicago 2010 that appeared on this virtual unreality known as -- I don’t remember the author of the review, but it was definitely authored by a guest critic and not written by La Cieca nor her bodyguard Dawn Fatale. The writer was sincere -- albeit a bit defensive -- about his enthusiasm for La Michael.

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    Cicciabella says:

    “I would also love to sing the title role in Lucia di Lammermoor, but only on record.” (Angela Gheorghiu). Anyone knows about how many other roles she has expressed this fervent wish since then?

    • 9.1
      Lady Abbado says:

      Recorded would still be something…so far, she has attempted only Regnava nel silenzio & Verranno a te:

      I would look forward to hearing her mad scene…

      • 9.1.1
        pobrediablo says:

        Is this from Prospect Park, 2008? If yes, I was there :D

      • 9.1.2
        Cicciabella says:

        Thanks, Lady A. She sounds wonderful in these clips. As a big Gheorghiu fan, the limited number of live roles she takes on is a source of frustration for me. Last year she sang the Ave Maria from Otello live for the first time at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It was magnificent: true old school Verdian singing such as is rarely heard today. You can still listen to the whole concert here: (the Ave Maria is one of the encores). She would make a wonderful Desdemona.

          Lady Abbado says:

          If I were to bet on what’s the next new role she will do, I’d bet 45% on Manon Lescaut, 45% on Desdemona, and 10% on Elena/Margherita (Mefistofele). My own wish would be for La Wally though.

          I have the feeling that none of these will happen in the 2014-2015 season; my sense is that she will dedicate the season to “consolidating” her existing repertoire, especially her spinto roles (Tosca and Adriana).

          I would expect her next big new thing only in the Fall of 2015, but hope she will prove me wrong!

          • Cocky Kurwenal says:

            I’m not at all convinced she’ll do any new roles at all. I really hope she does, but she hasn’t added anything since Adriana and surely that one is well past the consolidation stage by now, whatever that means. She hasn’t even explored anything on record for ages. She just seems to keep doing random concerts with unknown youngish tenors.

            I’d be most excited about a Desdemona or Aida, but we’ll see.

          • MontyNostry says:

            Seriously, though, I don’t think she’d go near Manon Lescaut. Isn’t in one of Puccini’s biggest sings? I could never understand why Kiri was ever cast in the role, for instance.

            • Lady Abbado says:

              She will go near it at some point because Pappano has plans for a recording of the performance -- she’s willing to put in the extra-effort if she knows it will be recorded for posterity. But it won’t become a staple of her repertory.

              A good heuristic for estimating what she’s likely to do on stage is to compare it with Phaedra’s Monologue from Adriana: in an interview she said she found it truly exhausting and she almost fainted at the end. So basically that’s a sort of upper threshold of stage effort she would attempt. Speaking of which…

            • pobrediablo says:

              Now compare it to this:

            • oedipe says:

              So? Two very different personalities. But Adriana WAS a young and sexy actress of humble origins, not an imposing aristocratic character, you know.

            • armerjacquino says:

              Not as big as Tosca, surely?

            • pobrediablo says:

              Well, oedipe, the point is that she was an actress. I see one actress here.

            • pobrediablo says:

              Also, keep in mind that they are performing Phédre’s monologue -- a woman torn by guilt, remorse, and fear.

          • degan says:

            As a fan, I hope to hear Manon Lescaut live someday, and maybe Norma.
            As for recording I would love to hear her Lucia, Aida and Norma.
            I had a conversation with Alvarez who told me that he wants to do Manon Lescaut with her…
            And I hope she will keep her Violetta in her repertoire…

          • oedipe says:

            Lady Abbado,

            Gheorghiu will indeed be singing Adriana in the 2014-2015 season, at the Paris Opera, with Alvarez.

            • oedipe says:

              And I agree, she would be a fabulous Desdemona.

            • Lady Abbado says:

              Thanks Oedipe; Someone mentioned a while ago at Intermezzo that there might be a revival of Adriana with AG at Covent Garden for 2014-15 as well.