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Montag mit Marianne

Our Very Own Marianne Leitmetzerin (pictured) has graciously shared a jewel from her vast coffer of recorded performances, a boon La Cieca hopes will become a regular Monday event here at parterre.

Benjamin Britten: Billy Budd

Oper der Stadt Köln
Thomas Fulton, conductor
December 1992

Billy Budd – Boje Skovhus
Captain Edward Fairfax Vere – Philip Langridge
John Claggart – Monte Pederson
Mr. Redburn – Robert Bork
Mr. Flint – Ulrich Heilscher
Mr. Ratcliffe – Dieter Schweikart
Donald – Wilhelm Hartmann
Squeak – Martin Finke
Dansker – Carlos Feller
Novice – John LaPierre
Novice’s Friend – Klaus Bruch
Red Whiskers – Jean van Ree
Arthur Jones – Werner Sindemann
Bosun – István Rácz
First Mate – Karl-Heinz Vormschlag
Second Mate – Udo Kabot
Maintop – Eberhard Katz
Cabin Boy – Timo D’Arrigo
Midshipmen – Wolf Borchers, Stefan Laufenberg, Stephan Nordhoff, Johannes Schmitz

Celebrating the centennial of Benjamin Britten’s birth on 22 November 1913


  • 1
    kashania says:

    Fabulous. Marianne has a lot of great recordings!

    • 1.1
      Regina delle fate says:

      Oh all those lesser sailors bring back wonderful memories -- I saw Ulrich Hielscher -- who still occasionally sings with the company -- Martin Finke, Carlos Feller, Klaus Bruch, Jean van Ree, Werner Sindemann and Eberhard Katz in loads of supporting roles in the 1970s. Katz was a heldentenor and he tended to be in operas I wasn’t then interested in such as D’Albert’s Tiefland, which I have still never seen, but he also too smaller roles such as the First Armed Man in Zauberflöte, and the High Priest in Idomeneo. I’m sorry that Erlingur Vigfusson is missing from the Budd cast list, as I always loved that name! He was Don Curzio in the Price/Popp/Ewing/Dean Figaro conducted by Johnnie Pritchard I saw there many moons ago.

      • 1.1.1
        Krunoslav says:

        Jean van Ree showed up at the Met as Nicias opposite (left-it-late) Sills when poor Raymond Gibbs crashed and burned.

    • 1.2
      Flora del Rio Grande says:

      Remarkable the resemblance she bears to
      Mme. Thelma Votipka!!!

      • 1.2.1
        Camille says:

        Is THAT who it was? I had seen the face before but could not place it.

        The beloved “Tippy”.

  • 2
    damekenneth says:

    Viva Diva Marianne!

    • 2.1
      Ilka Saro says:

      Did Mlle Leitmetzerin ever perform the role of Billy Budd? She certainly has that beautiful sailor look.

  • 3
    Camille says:

    Hooray! No more blue lunedì!!

    Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome in casa delle melomane!!!!!!!

    Big küß!

    • 3.1
      marshiemarkII says:

      CammiB!!!!!!! you are back, I was getting worried that you had amazzato la comare diablita, by the Brooklyn docks, and was just calling a limo service to go and inspect! but you are back, the party begins again!!!!!
      (your Alfredo Kraus brought me to tears last night, so gorgeous! and what a trip into memory lane……)

      • 3.1.1
        Camille says:

        oh, it pleases me so much you love him too. He has always been an inspiration to me. Just last year I happened across that video when I was looking for an example of that great old song. It was stunning, to me, to see and hear the great maestro lose control on that occasion….it was apparently at the time of the death of his mother and she had loved that song……

        oh no — pobrediablo is too funny. Sie muß leben und scherzen und spielen mit uns!

        I have to go listen to another lousy Traviata right now. Monsieur Camille still has me in the dungeon for my badgurl behavior, though, so I have to try to act ‘ladylike’.


      • 3.1.2
        marshiemarkII says:

        Oh CammiB, I have adored him since long before I saw him as Werther (with no less than La Regine!!!!)and imagine, those performances after I had had to endure Coca di Cola because he was singing them with La Yelena! Of course Alfredito was balm to the ears, and sweet ambrosia to wash away the impurities left inside the eardrum. He was glorious beyond any measure, and then I saw him in Don Pasquale (with whom please don’t ask!) and the last time for the Lucia with Dame Joan, so I only saw him in his specialties, French and bel canto, he was a divinely touched creature.

        And that theater! what memories, where I saw Siegfried and one of the most memorable Wagner/Strauss Concerts, of many of those I saw I saw around the world…… glorious theater, like a mini Palais Garnier, very beautiful!

        You know I will be helping prepare one of my chakadees to sing El Dia Que Me Quieras with a youth string quartet, in February in Washington, so I have it very much in mind these days……

        Glad to hear our diablita is safe and sound, though even conjuring the hallowed name does not make him appear yet……wo ist sie :P

          Camille says:

          What theatre do you speak of, mmiitm?

          Hoping your chickadee sings that wonderful song with great care and listens to the original of Carlos Gardel as a reference. It is nice to know the song lives on for it is such a classic.

          marshiemarkII says:

          That theater was the Teatro Municipal in Santiago, it’s a jewel of a theater, and I saw HER do Siegfried there with Stig Andersson (he sounded tiny) and then the day before we left, she sang a Wagner/Strauss that was astounding, the reviews said: “whoever was in the theater will be telling their grandchildren about it……” (and I said to myself “what about the Qs? who will they be telling….?” and I guess the answer is parterre box!!!! :-))

          Yes it will fun working with the string quartet of Latin kids, and a chickadee from New York to sing with Lunfardo accent….. le tout Washington will be there! so I need to start preparing my black silks and the pearls again, in storage since the Netrebko Bolena Met Opening! :P

          • marshiemarkII says:

            Wagner/Strauss CONCERT uggggh

          • Camille says:

            Understood. Yes, it is a nice theatre; I have heard tales about it.

            Make sure you have no runs in those black silk stockings. There is always
   if you have a problem and need to refresh your supply.

            How will you manage to get the chickadee to sing in Lunfardo? Isn’t that something one has to be born into?

            • Camille says:

              P.S. — they also have fabulosa Cuban heel stockings — hard to find and to-die-for!!!

              fun, fun, fun!!

          • marshiemarkII says:

            Well, La MMII will have a tall order drilling that Lunfardo into a non native speaker but we must do our very best! It will be a most exalted audience of Latin American grandees and Merrikun officials also….. very diplomatic corp type. So MMII will have to meet you at Barneys for help to get the BEST black stockings that money can buy, no runs for MMII that night. Maybe I can give you your Medea that day! or else I can send it to La Cieca, if she would so kindly oblige us. Where can I find those Cubiche Stockings!!!! sound like something I should know about!

            • Camille says:

              Cuban heels at the address posted above — stockingirl-dot-com. They are really hard to come by these days, as no one appreciates the mystery and allure they possess.

              Well, MMII, I am about to depart for my canklectomy in Switzerland, and will be back here in late February, for the Vienna Phil residency, so I fear it will have to wait until then. Don’t worry, I will take you up on your offer, because it is too simply divine to turn down.

              Alas, Gerbé silk stockings are just nowhere to be found anymore. If they are around town, I know not where.

              Anyway, Cuban heels. I’ve known some on two feet, come to think of it, but while the Mojitos lasted, it was a trip to the luna!! Ay de mi!


            • marshiemarkII says:

              Yes I have known a Cuban heel or two myself, and talk about a trip to La Luna!!!!!! Lateen Love! El Mejor!

  • 4
    reedroom says:

    I remember Tom Fulton. He conducted Don Carlos in Seattle my first season in the orchestra. The orchestra really liked him. (And he was a cutie). I think he was dead less than a year later. sad.

    • 4.1
      Quanto Painy Fakor says:

      Fulton was a beauty, that’s for sure. Died much to young.

      • 4.1.1
        Krunoslav says:

        When I was 20 and rather sightlier than i am now, I was at a Met ENTFUEHRUNG in standing room; Thomas Fulton walked by wearing a light bomber jacket identical to mine, and he flashed me a gorgeous “come hither” smile. I felt I had *arrived*.

        For better and worse (I’m still here), I had not.

    • 4.2
      marshiemarkII says:

      Did you ever see him at the Mine Shaft, in a blue checked lumberjack flannel shirt and de rigueur jeans? unforgettable! he was gorgeous!

      • 4.2.1
        Rory Williams says:

        Wow, you guys are making me very sad tonite, with your roll of the beautiful dead. Stop it! Herr Doktor Rory commands!

      • 4.2.2
        marshiemarkII says:

        Oh Rory, he was definitely “too pretty” for the Mine Shaft, you wondered where did he stray from? much too wholesome and innocent looking, although later on you’d see him in action and…….

      • 4.2.3
        Quanto Painy Fakor says:

        I don’t recall jeans ever being permitted at the Mineshaft beyond the entrance!

          marshiemarkII says:

          I think you are confusing the LURE with the Mine Shaft caro Quanto. It was at the LURE that they did not allow jeans, only leather, , uniforms, latex, and whatever the other elements that make up the name acronym. By the time of the LURE, La Marshie was old enough that she went once, recoiled in horror, and left never to return. It was all so fake……she had found also far better places to get what she wanted :P

          At the MineShaft, the rule was no khakhis, which was considered too preppy. So since khakhis and a white button-down shirt was La Marshie’s uniform since college, she had to purchase a pair of Levi’s that would suit the occasion :P and it was more than acceptable, it was kind of Western/Chaps that was very much the style. Not every Q was in black leather and studs, and certainly not this Q, who was soooooooo young as to not quite grasp the magnitude of what she was getting herself into :P Jeans and a black sleeveless T-shirt was pretty much routine there, and the Tommy Fulton lumberjack look was also very much in style. It had been pioneered by Joe MacDonald at the Anvil a few years before (or concurrently is more like it)

          • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

            Perhaps you remember David Hicks! Whatever, thank heavens you’re still here to talk about it.

          • marshiemarkII says:

            No, who was David Hicks? I don’t think I even know who he was.
            Yes I was saved by Joe MacDonald, he was the first celebrity to go, in 1981, and we were good friends, and I accompanied him at the end, mostly by phone, as he didn’t want anyone to see him as he had become. He had been the world’s most beautiful man! but as a result I became painfully aware very early on, at the very outset actually, and made some drastic lifestyle changes that worked out OK. God bless his soul.

      • 4.2.4
        Flora del Rio Grande says:

        I doubt you’d see Fulton in the Mine Shaft, The Eagle or any of
        those meat district bars -- he was far too elegant. Now, maybe
        he’d be rubbing elbows with Vladimir Horowitz at the
        Regent East. That would be no surprise. Ah, them wuz
        the days!

          marshiemarkII says:

          he was far too elegant

          That has to be the most ridiculous statement I’ve seen on parterre this whole year. I see, “elegant” people don’t do trashy things, ever, oh no of course not! so you will tell me that I did not see with my own eyes Nureyev in the orgy room at the St Marks Baths, going from dick to dick in a circle, working each and every single one. No of course not! he was so “elegant” also. Whatever, hahahahaha
          You may try stand up comedy!

          • Feldmarschallin says:

            Exactly some of the most elegant people I have known could be dressed in Brioni, Kiton and Hermes one hour and be in a sling the next at the baths.

          • marshiemarkII says:

            Yes Carisssima Feldy, can you believe the things you read sometimes? this talk of he is so “elegant” or he is “Ivy League educated”, or the worst one, he is so “religious” that he couldn’t have been seen/caught doing this or that peccadillo should be so discredited by now that people should be embarrassed to use it in public.

            It reminds me of the story of the closing of the Adonis Cinema on 8th Avenue. For those not familiar with Sucksee, 8th Ave (now dotted with very expensive high-rises) was once upon a time a very trashy, dirty and very downtrodden place, until a developer decided to build a pretty huge complex that would include a very tall high-rise. But to make it viable they needed a high profile tenant, and succeeded in getting Cravath, Swaine and Moore, the most white shoe of the white shoe law firms. As soon as they moved in, one of the partners, the most “elegant” of course, and driven by the highest of the high moral principles, decided to start a campaign to close the Adonis Cinema, right next door, because it was a much too unsightly look to have the marquee advertising gay movies right next, when you had the elegant clients pull up in their limos. With the immense clout of CSM in political circles in City Hall, he succeeded, and there was wild celebration among the “elegant” people, the beginning of the cleaning of 8th Ave for the benefit of mankind, and the bottom line of a few real state developers, naturally.

            Several months later, a barbaric murder is reported in the news. A middle-aged white male, was found stabbed to death on a pool of blood on the floor of the trashiest motel in the Bronx, condoms strewn on the floor, and remnants of alcohol and drug use…….much commotion and chest beating, until the identity of the victim was revealed, but of course! the senior partner at Cravath Swaine and Moore that had been in charge of closing the Adonis Cinema, had been consorting with a Bronx-hustler and obviously came up short with the cash, and boom, gone. The wife at the funeral had the requisite bromides of “I just had no idea….” So I have been too long at the rodeo to tolerate hearing this kind of bullshit of “he was too elegant to do this or that”

          marshiemarkII says:

          Oh and of course Horowitz was straight, right? as was Bernstein, didn’t you know, they were both married!

  • 5
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    I wish there could be a download link for his files so one would not have to record them in real time.

    • 5.1

      I don’t know if it’s permitted to share the information here, but some browsers are shall we say “more conducive” to downloading streaming content than Safari, for example.

  • 6
    Uninvolved Bystander says:

    Thank you Marianne for giving us this. And not only a celebration of the Britten centenary but also an early birthday tribute to my beloved Philip Langridge who would have been 73 on December 16.

  • 7
    Bianca Castafiore says:

    Cammyushka!!!!! Are you going to hear your secret boyfriend singing songs by Mahler at CH????????

    • 7.1
      Camille says:

      No, dear.

      I am leaving for Switzerland, where I am undergoing treatments for cankles.

      What can be said other than it happens to the best of us!

      He is my new secret husband, not boyfriend, anyway. louannd and Uninvolved Bystander are Sister Wives numero uno and due, and I come in somewhere down the line, after all the others. Mostly, I just do their laundry.

  • 8
    Camille says:

    Geliebtes Jungfer Marianne,

    Please forgive me if I offended you by saying that Leonie did not sound “keusch” in that recording of Tannhäuser you posted on your Cloud. It was actually my husband who said it, en passant, and I just picked up on it, as I am used to hearing her in her earlier manifestations.

    I do not want you to be hurt by that and I am sorry, too, I have not been able to frequent your Cloud all that much===I just have too many streams of music going on all the time and I forget.

    big kuess
    bad Camille

    • 8.1
      Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin says:

      No offense taken, my dear! We all have our favorites and, god knows, our opinions! What would Parterre Box be if we all agreed on… anything?

      I am hoping that La Cieca and I will continue to collaborate on a regular Monday feature, so perhaps we can lure you away from your other streams from time to time.

    • 8.2
      marshiemarkII says:

      So CammiB! you wanted to have a “Keusch Diva” with Leonie?!?!??!?! ;-)

      Jungfita, your Mixcloud is becoming a sensation, and rightly so, so have so many treasures!!!
      I had asked you and Carisssima Feldy, in an earlier thread, about a performance of Elektra with the one and only, and Studer and Sawallisch from 1988 or 89, Munich of course, that is supposed to be dementedly sensational, would you happen to have it? it would make my year my decade my century!!!! :-)
      And thank you again for thinking of me for the Salzburg 1996 with Leonie (farewell), I was actually in the theater, and have had on CD since around the time, someone sent it to me, and it’s a treasure beyond all treasures of course!

      • 8.2.1
        Camille says:

        No, mío marito did!!

        He got to hear one of those last Elisabeths, in the 80’s and still remembers it!

      • 8.2.2
        marshiemarkII says:

        I was trying to make a silly joke Carisssima CammiB, Keusch Diva as in Casta Diva :-) :-) :-)

        Can you imagine La Leonie, with her perfectly controlled vocal line, going through the rigors of Casta Diva?!?!??!??!?

          Camille says:

          OMG…the thought had never crossed my mind--but now that it has, it is *gob smacking*.

          Imagine what she would have done to all that delicate filigree fioriture? HAHAHA! No one like her, ever.

          For years, mio marito told me he had heard her sing the Venus in Tannhäuser, then one day he found the old program and it said Elisabeth, of course. I asked him how come he could have mistaken the two and he gave some lame excuse about it being so powerful that he thought she was the Venus. Hmmm, kind of interesting now I reflect upon it.

          marshiemarkII says:

          Well Venus would have been a lot more like her, :-) come to think of it! It is actually truly remarkable that she could bring herself to heel, and deliver such a multi-splendored Elizabeth, that was kind of out of character for her, right?
          she was much more the Ortrud, Kundry type, and would probably have been a sensational Isolde, can you imagine that Curse?!?!??!?! but well we know the why, and all that…..

          • Camille says:


            I thought she was just sticking to the story that she, e.g., told to George Jellinek that she “always die Jungendlicher”. HAHAHA! Yes, well, when she started out.

            Well, is it Birgit that threatened her with her arm wrestling one two and OUT? Or what?


          • marshiemarkII says:

            CammiB, no, I don’t have any particular “inside” information, just what is known, that Leonie was terrified of doing “Birgit’s roles” because she always felt no one else could measure up. And she felt immense loyalty to Birgit because they were lifelong friends. Which makes Birgit’s actions in the whole Elektra film/Met Frau affair a bit less than wonderful, as she accused Leonie of betrayal so unjustly, since Leonie had had absolutely nothing to do with taking the Elektra role for herself, in the coveted film Dr Karlest was planning. And thereby robbed us of having Leonie for the Kaiserin during the Frau series in 1981! It’s too long a story to tell in full at this late hour….. forse domani….

            • Camille says:

              what’s the story, Mme. MM?
              She arm wrestled her out of the Kaiserin in favor of the then junge Eva? I forgot the story.

              I remember her speaking about giving up Turandot, because of the review of Albert Goldberg in the L.A. Times, I think, saying that such a beautiful voice should not be ruined by the role. That, and fear of Birgit. I wish Birgit had sung the prima of Macbeth rather than Leonie, much as I love her. oh now I am in trouble.

      • 8.2.3
        Feldmarschallin says:

        Marshie the Elektras I attended in the 80’s:
        Bjoner, Hass, Varnay. Rootering, Uhl; Mund9.5.84
        Bjoner, Hass, Varnay, Sotin, Uhl; Mund 21.9.84
        Bjoner, Hass, Varnay, Rootering, Uhl; Kuhn 11.5.85
        Bjoner, Reppel, Varnay, Adam, Uhl; Fricke 9.11.85
        Bjoner, Reppel, Varnay, Adam, Uhl; Kuhn 3.12.85
        Martin, Reppel, Varnay, Adam, Uhl; Kuhn 10.12.85
        Bjoner, Hass, Varnay, Adam, Hiestermann; Kuhn 17.4.86
        Jones, Polaski, Dernesch, Muff, Winkler; Layer 9.11.86 Genf
        Bjoner, Reppel, Varnay, Brinkmann, Uhl; Hollreiser 9.1.87
        Jones, Reppel, Varnay, Nimsgern, Uhl; Layer 12.11.87
        Behrens, Napier, Varnay, Rootering, King; Leitner 5.4.88
        Jones, Hass, Fassbaender, Nimsgern, King; Hollreiser 19.6.88
        Marton, Studer, Fassbaender, Grundheber, King; Abbado 10.6.89 Wien
        Behrens, Hass, Ludwig, Nöcker, Uhl; Leitner 19.10.89

        If nothing is mentioned at the end then Bayerische Staatsoper

          Krunoslav says:

          That’s a whole lotta Ingrid Bjoner!

          • Feldmarschallin says:

            Well Elektra is one of my favorite operas and she was the Elektra du jour back then at the Staatsoper. It was slightly after Nilsson stopped singing the role and slightly before Jones and Behrens started singing her. Jones remains my best Elektra to this day and I will never forget travelling to Genf for one of her first assumptions of the role. She did not disappoint to say the least. And Bjoner was a lot better than lets say Linda Watson today.

            • Krunoslav says:

              Well, you seem to have been spared Danica Mastilovic, Janice Yoes and Ingrid Steger… unless you heard them before or after the 80s.

              I heard Mastilovic twice, once in her own right and once subbing for Nilsson ( w/ludwig and BOTh Rysanek sisters!) Also Janis Martin (very good), Jones a few times, one of them marvelous, Behrens (ditto) , Polaski (ditto), Penelope Daner twice, Bullock twice-- though at he Met “seen’ was the relevant verb, not ‘heard”--, Eva Johannsoon (better than I expected) and Goerke (terrific).

            • Feldmarschallin says:

              Those I didn’t hear but heard Polaski and Schnaut later in the 90’s and after that. I liked the later quite a bit not so much the former. I hope to hear Herlitzius soon as Elektra. Stemme might be interesting but she isn’t demented enough and a bit proper. My dream Elektra is Grob-Prandl. Rose Pauly is very, very good as well as is Inge Borkh.

          marshiemarkII says:

          Wow Feldy, that’s quite a collection of Elektras, but I don’t see the one I was talking about, and interesting that none of the ones you saw were with Sawallisch, when did he become MD at the BSO? I thought he already was by the time the Lehnhoff Ring was started, which was in 1986, right?
          Oh all this talk of Munich makes me so nostalgic, Ludwig Becks, the wonderful Italian fruits at the market and of course the opera! were you there for the Re-Opening of the Prinzregenten? what a divine weekend that was!

          Kruno, I did see Mastilovic, with Eva Marton as Chrysothemis! who was really wonderful, so young and healthy. Now Danica’s dance was something to behold :D, and the voice so shrill that it was a thrill (silly line but true).

          • Feldmarschallin says:

            Sawallisch hardly conducted Elektra, Salome and Rosenkavalier. He did almost all of the other Strauss but not those and he was in München already before my time from the 70’s on when the Feldmarschallin was still in short dresses. The Reopening with the Tristan. Yes I was there. Becks is still there and so are the fruits and tomorrow I will make a veal tongue from the Viktalienmarkt which I picked up there yesterday after having bought tickets for the new Titus which opens in Feb.

  • 9
    Bill says:

    Krunoslav _ did see Mastilovic as Elektra in Frankfurt and she was actually quite effective -- but this was in the later 1960s. Se must have been the co ver for Nilsson int h 1965 Elektra premiere in Vienna with Boehm conducting (one of the greatest performances of any opera I have ever seen -- Nilsson, Rysanek, Resnik, Waechter, Windgassen, Janowitz as 4th Maid) as Mastilovic sang the Aufseherin at that perrformance

  • 10
    Bianca Castafiore says:

    Fraulein Marianne,

    You asked about Linda Watson in the other thread — I have never seen her but well, there are much worse Brunnis out there. Here’s one I found by accident while looking for Kerl clips:

    My goodness, she sounds like another Granny Brunni!!!!!!

    • 10.1
      Bianca Castafiore says:

      Ok, she improves a lot later on, but in the beginning, she sounds ancient!

    • 10.2
      Camille says:

      I have never seen her…” Lucky You!

      • 10.2.1
        Bianca Castafiore says:

        Cammyushka!!!! I cannot believe you’ll be missing your secret boyfriend’s Mahler récital!!!!! All those crazy women will be all over him and nothing will be left but a pile of bones!!!!!

          laddie says:

          HEY HEY HEY -- Hands off MY secret boyfriend! (to say nothing about poor uninvolved boyfriend who will definitely fight all of us tooth and nail!

          • laddie says:

            Uninvolved Bystander I mean.

          • Bianca Castafiore says:

            Don’t worry about me, laddie, I’m taken! I have eyes only for my Captain!!!!! But Cammillisssima, I don’t know…

            • Camille says:

              Bianca — wouldn’t want to deal with those ladies…..they mean business, so good thing you only have eyes for your Captain.

              Tell Irma I’m going Christmas shopping tomorrow at Rocky Center and Saks, so ask her what she wants! Next, I’ll hit “The Blonde Triangle”, Bloomies, Barneys, and Bergdorfs.

              Mille ed uno baci a te!

          Camille says:

          I know, I know. I gave him up.

          Just returned from my *first ever* Bondy(age?) Tosca and have to say that the Radvan did a very good job of acting, which surprised me a little but I was only to happy to see, and looked splendida in her costumes! Mr. Giordani has apparently rested and recharged himself after that unfortunate experience last December and gave a good performance. The “Vittoria, vittooooooooooREEEEEA” was particularly good, as was his ascent to the ever-dreaded “La vita mi cosTAAAAAAASe”, which they mostly muck up.

          It was, of course for me, absolutely ridiculous to see these drab sets sitting in for my beloved Sant’Andrea della Valle, a truly gorgeous church, my beloved Palazzo Farnese--in front of which I sat on many a summer night but never got into as you had to petition the French Consulate which was resident there and it was too much hassle--and the ramparts of Castel Sant’Angelo, where once I spent an entire afternoon looking for places that it was likely Tosca would jump from. I mean, RIDIC. There were many things I liked about the direction but now I have to go to beddie bye and I need to think about it all.

          I hope you get to see Elisabete Matos Annual Return to the Met on the 20th and report in on how she does — I truly regret missing her performance and wish the best for her.

          Poor Linda Watson. I remember reading great things about her Kundry in the early eighties, but by the time I saw it in L.A. a few years ago, and that Isolde I saw at the Met. Oh dear. Traumatic Soprano. Sorry I never saw her when she was good as her Kundry was supposed to be quite something, back when and then.

          Salve a la Diva divina di Milano!!! Sempre la più bella!!!!! Ah, je ris!!!

          xxxooobaci a te!

      • 10.2.2
        marshiemarkII says:

        CammiB is mine! we are lesbian lovers, no?
        Firmado, SUCKubus :P

          marshiemarkII says:

          CammiB did you get my beautiful present last night, did you see it today?

          • Camille says:

            Oh yes, I certainly did and just how did you know that “Non ti scordar di me” is my absolutely favorite song of that particular genre. I love it so dearly, and maybe next to Beniamino Gigli, Il Pavaroni sings it the best.

            I will go back and listen to the Chopin again as it was listened to for a brief second in-between acts of Parsifal this afternoon.

            Today I listened to all of I Vespri Siciliani, two thirds of Parsifal, and all of Tosca, the shabby little shocker I never tire of, even after fifty years of listening to it and still love

            Radvan looked wonderful and continues with her great improvement in her acting—a mare di differenza fra quest;opera ed Il Trovatore!
            The diction for verismo is not good enough, because of how she produces the voice, but it is what it is.

            So, for a melomane, a happy day. Music is the food of the soul and the stuff of dreams and hope and eternal life. I never can listen enough. The only reason I am sorry to die one day is because of all the music I will miss out on.

            Thanks to Clitters for the Parsifal! It was a bit hairy in the second act and I do understand why poor Mme. manou may have wanted to forget this one!!! Pape is always Pape as Gurnemanz, though.

            Buenas noches y duermete bien , muchos sueños felices

          • marshiemarkII says:

            Music is the food of the soul and the stuff of dreams and hope and eternal life. I never can listen enough. The only reason I am sorry to die one day is because of all the music I will miss out on.

            Oh how I agree with that, but you already knew that! The Chopin op.posth is so SUBLIME, I cried….and then Non ti Scordar is also my most favoritest Italian song ever, I saw the big Luci do it a couple of times. So generous G that I am, in a perfect La Tisbe mood,like a retaggio di dolore, I dedicated it to you and la diabli because you are such good gurls, that’s all :eek:

          • Bianca Castafiore says:

            What Chopin do you speak of, marshieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????

            • marshiemarkII says:

              This Bianchisssima Cara, you will be my new gurlfriend from hereonwidth, all the presents just for you, no more with those awful Verräter

          Camille says:

          no sireeeeeee! I love DICK JOHNSON, sorry!!!!!!