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The shade of it all

Join La Cieca (not pictured) and the parterre gang today at noon for a live chat during the Bayerische Staatsoper’s webcast of Die Frau ohne Schatten.


  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Die Frau ohne Schatten is such a complicated opera. I found the Hofmansthal novella online in google books, and was hunting for the other sources (Goethe, Hauff, etc) whne I saw this in Wiki, which explains the Indian references in the iconography at the end of the Munich staging. I guess Marylin Monroe also qualifed as an iconic troubled woman.

    “Keikobad is a variant spelling of the name of a sultan in the Mamluk Dynasty that ruled Delhi in the 1200s, one of the succession of unrelated dynasties that composed the “Delhi Sultanate.”
    Keikobad’s grandfather, Ghiyasuddin Balban, was a cultured man who ruled for 21 years up to his death in battle in 1286 defending the kingdom from the Mughals who were attempting to expand from their base in the area of Afghanistan. He had settled the succession on his grandson Keikobad as one son, Keikobad’s father, had died and a second son preferred to remain Governor of Bengal.
    Keikobad was known as Kei Khusrao until he inherited the throne at age 18 and adopted the royal name Muiz ul-Din Qaiqabad. Dissolute and reduced by his vices to near paralysis, he was assassinated after three years on the throne by rebels who subsequently founded the Khilji Dynasty.”

    La Cieca’s comment about the significance of the Keikobad/Frau relationship was quite brilliant.

  • FragendeFrau82 says:

    Disappointed to hear Bachler reiterate his no DVDs policy. Yes it is a wonderful gift to the world to have the live streams (thank you The Linde Group) but it doesn’t detract from the live experience to have it preserved on DVD. Does he think there should be no CDs recorded? They could make a bundle and pay the artists a royalty. If millions tune in for the livestreams, surely even 10% of those would buy the DVDs…

    • Feldmarschallin says:

      There will be a CD of the FroSch according to Bachler in a special edition just like 50 years ago. He mentioned that in the Pressekonferenz last year when discussing the plans. Of course it would be nice if we could also have a CD or DVD of the upcoming Macht des Schicksals but I think we can lucky to get that on livestream. I will be at 6 of the seven performances :) plus the 3 in July.

      • bang_bang_bang says:

        Great news. This FroSch is worth recording even if for Petrenko alone. Fabulous production! But what is Bachler’s no DVD’s policy?

        • Feldmarschallin says:

          Perhaps if enough people were to write or email Bachler we could change the policy. I have certainly asked him personally a few times and said he could make a lot of money with putting out DVDs of his stars both who are at their zenith. Now add Petrenko into that equasion and you have an even more successful roster.

  • blanchette says:

    I watched most of Frau and was dying to follow the chat but my computer is taxed to its limit just getting the webcast. which was not bad in quality by the way. I was really going with the induced-hallucination thing for a while but was more and more put off by the concept as it went along; there were some just brilliant images- the bird-head children, and those 2 miniature secretaries were a genius use of children, but the sentimentality at the end yuchhhhhhh- to me it trivialized the opera. Pieczonka lacked the subtlety of Schwan. and seemed mildly pained throughout but made some wonderful sounds; loved Pankratova’s voice but is it all just about being slutty ? and please gorgeous male dancer/actors miming hotness do not equal sexiness- such a cliche. I felt the hometown prod. was on a much higher level as a vision of what Strauss and Hoff. were saying. And is it just me getting sooo cranky or are Goerke’s tweets not anything I want to know about when watching a singer sing great music . Mystique is dead I guess and I don’t have to read them….

  • classicaldude says:

    I still can’t believe how lucky we all are to have so much Frau

  • Lurker_del_Cairo says:

    Hear hear! An embarrassment of riches.