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Single lady

Anna Netrebko21C Media Group confirms: “Soprano Anna Netrebko and bass-baritone Erwin Schrott have amicably ended their relationship after six years because of their ‘demanding schedules and the resulting constant time apart,’ Anna Netrebko said in a statement. She added, ‘We treasure the time we spent together and of course remain devoted parents to our son, Tiago. We are also committed to honoring our scheduled joint professional appearances and to continuing the charitable work of our foundation. I am now happily focusing on my life as a mother and my career as a singer.’ There will not be any further statements, and Ms. Netrebko respectfully asks for privacy at this time.”


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    Bianca Castafiore says:

    You people are too much. If you travel in Germany, you might be surprised as to how many immigrants there are there now. The proportion is prob. higher than in the US.

    Now what I really want to know is, why does Netrebko look Mexican?????

    • 21.1
      pobrediablo says:

      And that’s why no one should have a problem discussing anyone’s ethnic background.

    • 21.2
      Clita del Toro says:

      Trebs looks Mexican because her mother was Lupe Vélez.

    • 21.3
      marshiemarkII says:

      Is she La Lupe cara Clitissssima?

    • 21.4
      marshiemarkII says:

      :P :P :P

    • 21.5
      marshiemarkII says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to all the Qs! (Big Qs and little Qs) and our honorary Qs like CammiB, manoucita, Blue, Liz, and forgive the ones I forget!

      • 21.5.1
        marshiemarkII says:

        Oh my God, Chica you too of course! sorry

          antikitschychick says:

          Gracias Marshie! :-D and igual para ti. Thanks for the thorough explanation about the Roman Empire as well on the previous page. Thats precisely what I wanted to know!! Now I’ll just tell my cousin (who is German) to fill in the blanks! :-P.

      • 21.5.2
        Camille says:

        mmii[™]—Don’t get stuck with a turkey leg in your craw.

        muchos besos y felicidades

          marshiemarkII says:

          CammiB so MMII survived intact, with no turkey leg stuck in no craw :-)
          CammiB, I have a question for you as a lady. I thought fur coats were totally passe, if for no other reason that the gorgons that wear them were petrified of being struck with cans of paint. :P
          Well, today I took MetroNorth up to CT, and it looked like a Siberian Zoo, almost all the ladies wrapped in ever more exotic skins… was very weird. I’d say I had seen ONE fur coat in the fast few years, and it was at the parterre at the Met, e basta, and just one total (and someone I actually knew because she is affiliated with the Salzburg Festival), but today, mein Gott!!!! are they back in style?!?!?!?

    • 21.6
      marshiemarkII says:

      Now what I really want to know is, why does Netrebko look Mexican?????
      Bianchissssima you were onto something over there!!!!!!!!
      She likes to eat only Mexican food, and she cooks “Viva Mexico Cabrones!” :-)
      The gurl is GRAND, how can one not love her!!!!!

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    armerjacquino says:

    Bianca, surely the fact that Germany is a country to which many people of different backgrounds have migrated makes it even MORE problematic to talk about a ‘typical’ German?

    And I say again, nobody has any problem with ‘discussing ethnic background’. It’s stereotyping that people are objecting to. My flatmate’s boyfriend is Anglo-Asian and will happily discuss his background, family in Bangladesh, etc with anyone. But he gets rightfully angry when he says he’s from London and people ask ‘yes, but where are you REALLY from?’ Or ‘Where are your parents from?’ (Also London).

    It’s absurd to suggest that anyone is trying to shut down discussion on ethnicity. But how it’s done is important. I suggest that- and, as before, I paraphrase, but in a way anyone should be able to recognise as such- ‘he doesn’t look German, they’re typically blond’ is at the very least an insensitive remark to make about a multicultural society.

    • 22.1
    • 22.2
      pobrediablo says:

      I should have said “Most Germans don’t look like Kaufmann”. Which is a fact because why else would he discuss his looks.
      Everything here should be accompanied with a disclaimer for the political correctness police. Which jump in only to make themselves feel holier than thou.

      • 22.2.1
        armerjacquino says:

        Oh, I get it. You have opinions, other people like to feel holier than thou. Thanks for the free analysis, Dr.

          pobrediablo says:

          Exactly. Just like you classified my comment as “crass”.

          • armerjacquino says:

            Not the same thing, though, is it? I gave an opinion on a comment that was there for everyone to see. You however have a direct line into people’s brains to read their motivations. Cool trick.

          • Krunoslav says:

            Speaking of “crass’, pobrediablo, what does your Goebbels-honed eye tell you about Franz Crass?


            Does He look “German”?

      • 22.2.2
        oedipe says:

        I have another theory, Pobrediablo: many Kaufmann fans like to believe he is the best current interpreter of most Italian and French roles, and that it’s of absolutely no interest to have idiomatic Italian/French singers in these roles. Asserting that he looks Italian/French is just an additional claim in support of this point of view.

        Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    • 22.3
      Bianca Castafiore says:

      Not sure why you addressed your comment to me, aj, isn’t that what I was saying? That people should expand their notions of what a German looks like these days, because it’s a very multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society these days. Have you seen their national sports teams?????

      As for the notion that most Germans are blond, well, that’s incorrect. Most Germans are not blond.

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    manou says:

    Intermezzo has posted a very intimate interview with Netrebko -- it is quite long but interesting and very frank.

    • 23.1
      oedipe says:

      I see that Intermezzo is also hopping on the bandwagon of discussing the difference between the Germans and the Italians, though from another angle…

      • 23.1.1
        grimoaldo says:

        It’s quoting Barenboim who is basically saying “Italians like pretty music, Germans think pretty music is superficial.”

        Umm, thank you for that insight maestro.

    • 23.2
      DonCarloFanatic says:

      Very interesting interview and worth the time if one cares to understand what drives AN.

      Silly that most of the music played in it is not opera, but that dreadful duet with what’s-his-name.

      • 23.2.1
        manou says:

        Well -- what about the cheesy presenter? He was discourteous and indiscreet, but it sort of worked because Netrebko let him get away with it and answered him in her usual down to earth and unaffected manner.

  • 24
    Constantine A. Papas says:

    Netrebko has said, and it shows-black hair, darker skin, big black eyes- that she has Gipsy blood from her mother’s side.