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  • DeepSouthSenior: I’d rather see the Habsburg Jaw than the celebrity “trout pout.”... 11:35 AM

Sunday in the dark

La Cieca (pictured, left) is putting the final touches on Sunday afternoon’s meet-greet-and-Vêpres event. Those parterrians who reserved places in advance (also pictured) are asked to arrive at Symphony Space no later than 2:30 PM to collect their tickets for the film directly from your doyenne (who will be sporting a parterre box t-shirt, not the dressier garb pictured above), and pre-and-post opera antics will transpire in the adjoining Symphony Space cafe.  

Stragglers (and you know who you are!) will be happy to know that La Cieca will have a few cancellation tickets available at the discount price, plus there are seats for the screening at regular price available online and at the Symphony Space box office on the day. So if you do find yourself on the Upper West Side Sunday afternoon, don’t be shy about dropping by and joining in the fun!