Cher Public

Save the date!

La Cieca asks all members of the cher public in the New York City area to pencil in 3:00 pm on Sunday, November 24 as combination meet-and-greet of the parterriani and viewing of the HD film of Les Vêpres siciliennes at Symphony Space.

Your doyenne will arrange (as possible) a discount rate for a parterre group for the video of the Stefan Herheim staging from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and for the moment she asks you all to consider whether you are interested in attending such an event. She’ll get a head count (not unlike dear Duchess Hélène) a little later this month as arrangements begin to gel.

  • Krunoslav

    How are we to trust that bassoprofundo won’t ring a bell and slaughter all of us?

  • revolarepo

    I am in

  • MontyNostry

    Hope that’s a marsala martini.

    • “Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.”

      • Batty Masetto

        Better: 2 parts Hendrick’s, 1 part vodka, 1 part regular Lillet. Try an orange twist instead. Bond’s version tastes rather … medicinal.

        • laddie

          I hope Kina Lillet means Lillet Blanc and that “regular” Lillet also means Lillet Blanc. :)

          • Batty Masetto

            Kina Lillet is no longer made, but is said to have been bitterer and more astringent. Closest modern equivalent is supposed to be “Cocchi Americano.” But yes, both are white. (Not red! Ecch. For the Rumpus Room only.)

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    after the theater entertainment will be:

  • Bianca Castafiore

    Who’s gonna be the Helene?

    • Camille
    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Haroutounian -- this is no longer in any doubt.

      • PetertheModest

        Haroutounian for sure, but the ROH still use the ad with Poplavskaya, maybe because there was not enough time to re-shoot it with Haroutounian.

  • alejandro

    I would love to attend . . . but alas I have a rehearsal! :(

  • redbear

    It’s on in a few hours at my local cinema in Vincennes.

  • Hopefully Symphony SPace won’t have technical difficulties this time. I seem to recall that’s why the telecast of Carmen was cancelled when we met previosuly.

  • manou

    Well I have just capped a momentous day (birth of seventh grandchild) by attending the live HD relay of Vêpres so that I could compare Haroutounian with the Floraphobe. She did OK (came a cropper in the fiendish section of the Bolero), but then she is restored to health so comparisons are invidious.

    Hymel did a brilliant (still neckless) job with excellent French -- but I still dislike the timbre. Schrott and Volle were pretty good, and it was interesting to see the production close up (Herheim explains the production wearing a very décolleté short-sleeved top. He looks like Burt Lancaster’s uglier brother).

    Have fun on the 24th!

    • antikitschychick
      • manou

        Thanks! I think the Dad needs the drink more than I do…

    • Camille

      Many, many happy returns of this day, Mme. manou and Mazel Tov!

      • manou

        Grazie mille cara Signora Camille.

    • tiger1dk

      “Hymel did a brilliant (still neckless) job with excellent French”. Manou, had you expected that Hymel’s neck would magically grow longer?

      • manou

        Yes, that was a reckless and feckless remark. I was just hoping that the costume department might have given him lower collars and somehow make him less “engoncé” in his unbecoming jackets.

  • MontyNostry

    Mazel tov, manou!

    Maybe Stefan’s very décolleté short-sleeved top was intended as an ironic commentary on Erwin’s very décolletée black evening dress.

    On the night I went Haroutounian did a very good job of the bolero (not another sartorial reference) in purely technical terms, but it had very little élan/slancio -- or maybe it was just that I had sort of given up the will to live by that point.

    Glad you approve of Hymel’s French, even if he doesn’t achieve a cou (sic) de théâtre.

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Congratulations Manou!

      When I saw it on Friday, Haroutounian’s Bolero seemed very tentative and careful, but it was all pretty much spot on, just terribly quiet!

  • mountmccabe

    I would love to see this.

  • bluecabochon

    Congratulations to Manou, grandmother of the year. Boy or girl?

    • manou

      9lbs7oz boy (unfairly described by Mr manou as a “porker”). My daughter had to had a C-section after 36 hours.

      • bluecabochon

        Well, Mama needs the drink, I think! What a big boy -- glad that mama and baby are doing well (I assume).


      • oedipe

        Ad mea ve esrim!

      • Felicitations, Manou!

    • marshiemarkII

      Felicitaciones Manoucita querida!!!!!!

      • manou

        Mil gracias señora marshie. Bevenuda de nuevo aqui!

        • marshiemarkII

          Only señora? what happened to la Duquesa????? :-)

          • manou

            ¡Ay qué vergüenza! Perdóname…

            • La Valkyrietta

              ¡Felicitaciones, doña manou!

  • grimoaldo

    Many congrats to treasurable manou!

    • manou

      Everyone is very kind and I am very touched, but I am afraid we should not take up any more room here with matters neonatal -- La Cieca will soon lose patience!

  • Satisfied

    I’m there LC!!

  • newlyaddicted

    Was anyone else at Symphony Space this passed Sunday for La Donna Del Lago?
    What the f*#k was wrong with the projection, I’ve seen better picture quality from YouTube on my phone.
    Granted the sound was great and the singer outstanding so it was a lovely afternoon. I can’t imagine going that far up town to see another broadcast that looks like it was filtered through instagram by a 12 year old.
    Of course I rushed home to look on Intermezzo for production photographs to find out what exactly was going on and why DiDonato started and ended the Opera in a glass case attended by Victorian Gentlemen. That’s when I realized I might have been better off with the completely solerized projection and no background detail at Symphony Space.

    • MontyNostry

      That Donna del lago was really a damp squib (an appropriate analogy for Guy Fawkes’ Day). Nobody had much of an idea what was going on (except the director and perhaps the members of the cast) and the ‘concept’, such as it was, sunk out of sight in the course of the opera and it morphed into a conventional production of the most banal kind. That being said, the image of Joyce floating in her glass case was rather beautiful.

  • newlyaddicted

    At Symphony space we could only see about 20% of the picture, the rest was black or blacker. Seems that was a good thing.
    If it really was a Damp Squid of a production maybe Geld will import it to the Met.
    He can’t just import his Squibs from ENO

  • Jamie01

    Any chance JJ will make an appearance?