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Das glückliche Ungeheuer

Leonie RysanekWhat better way to welcome Halloween than with that scariest of all operas, Salome, in a performance culled from one of Mike Richter‘s magnificent CD-ROMs?

Live performance, 1974.

Narraboth: William Neill
Page: Edna Garabedian
Salome: Leonie Rysanek
Jochanaan: Siegmund Nimsgern
Herodes: Hans Hopf
Herodias: Astrid Varnay
Conductor: Otmar Suitner

  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

    I just added a Nilsson/Resnik/Rysanek “Elektra” to my Mixcloud site. It’s from the Met, December 1966, with Thomas Schippers conducting, and can be accessed here:

    I plan to add a lot of Rysanek this month in celebration of her 87th birthday. Any requests? I have things like:

    Aida – San Francisco – Vickers, Dalis
    Aida – Wien – Hopf, London (auf Deutsch)
    Lohengrin – Bayreuth – Konya, Varnay
    Met 25th Anniversary Gala (“Walküre” Act I / “Parsifal” Act II) – Hoffmann; Levine
    Parsifal Act II – Met – Vickers; Levine
    Parsifal Act II – Bayreuth – Hoffmann; Levine
    Nabucco – Met – MacNeil
    Verdi Requiem – Salzburg – Ludwig, Zampieri, Siepi; von Karajan
    Elektra – Paris – Vinzing, Forrester
    Elektra – München – Schröder-Feinen, Varnay; Böhm
    Ballo – Met – Bergonzi
    Salome – Met – Dalis, Stolze; Böhm
    Salome – Met – Varnay, Ulfung; Leinsdorf
    Don Carlo – Met – Corelli
    Fidelio -- Met -- Vickers, Böhm
    FROSCH – too many to count

    And that’s just off the top of my head. Reply to this message using the red “1 Reply” link and I’ll get an e-mail notification.

    • Operngasse

      My humble request would be Fidelio with Rysanek and Vickers, conducted by Böhm. I remember getting tactual tunnel vision to the point where I couldn’t see anything else by Vickers in Fidelio at the Met with Behrens, conducted by Leinsdorf.

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

        Your wish is my command! It will be on my site by tomorrow (Sunday). I just had a look at my wall of CDs and realized that I have over 40 live Rysanek performances which I haven’t yet posted, plus some still on cassette which I haven’t yet transferred to digital. Shall I post them ALL…?

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

        OK -- it’s online. Enjoy!