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  • zinka: Jerky me….and I thought that photo was La Cieca’s Bar Mitzvah photo….. 1:39 PM
  • zinka: NO ONE,,,even with high F….is exempt from obeying the law……S poken by a true tape... 1:37 PM
  • danpatter: I love this performance and this production. The sooner the Met buries its current abomination,... 1:24 PM
  • Lindoro Almaviva: If you are an Atheist: God bless and merry Christmas If you are a Muslim: Happy Hanukkah... 12:58 PM
  • Krunoslav: Yes, come to think of it the Catalan woman *did* play a bit in that whizzing Veasey/Vickers... 12:57 PM
  • manou: Caballé is not pleased at the outcome of the trial: http://tinyurl.com /nflspbb 12:38 PM
  • The Conte: Trying again: httpv://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=nrzv BFfqzxc 12:24 PM
  • The Conte: Not the first time Caballe has been in Orange: httpvs://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=nrz vBFfqzxc 12:21 PM
  • The Conte: Merry Christmas all! The Queen’s given her speech and the Pope his message, wouldn’t... 12:06 PM
  • WindyCityOperaman: Merry Christmas Parterrians! Thankfully the Christmas Day 1982 telecast is preserved on... 12:03 PM

Desk set

“Two Boys demonstrates that Mr. Muhly is capable of very great things indeed, offering extended glimpses of the kind of masterpiece he just missed writing here, and, more happily, of the kind of masterpiece I feel confident he will write in the future.” [New York Observer] (Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera)


  • Tory Adore says:

    Yes tl;dr when looking at Camille’s Mary garden- but damned if I didn’t read the whole post as somehow I was transported to the Unicorn tapestries at the Cloisters. So much sharing here, so many wonderful links….you lift me out of my provincial little hamlet and propel me to the stars.

  • Gualtier M says:

    Question: did Muhly compose “Dark Sisters” after “Two Boys”? Because all around that is a better opera.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    The new DOB/La Scala virtual cyber effects in the new Tsar’s Bride production make Two Boys look like a green cathode ray tube and primitive BBS system. Try to find it on the internet -- it’s out there.

  • stignanispawn says:

    I saw “Two Boys” last night. I thought Paul Appleby and Alice Coote were great, and that some of the choral music was terrific, but I didn’t feel that there was a whole lot of opera there. It reminded me of the old Broadway adage about coming out of a musical “humming the scenery” or, in this case, the technology. Two Boys is another of those succes d’estime operas. I don’t think that we’ll be seeing it in future Met seasons.