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A hymn to heme

That 60 Minutes piece everyone’s been talking about, with Peter Gelb describing opera as “blood sport,” after the jump.


  • redbear says:

    BTW oedipe, did you notice that ONP now has surtitles in both French and English? New this season?
    I remember checking the dialogue in French when Grimes or Billy B was sung. Also remember the chuckles during the chorus in Budd, “Don’t like the French.”

  • Jamie01 says:

    60 Minutes’ audience can’t be any less ancient than the Volpe era Met’s.

  • adina says:

    Well, a LOT of people watch 60 Minutes. I don’t watch it, but I found out about this segment from my in-laws, who are in their 80s. They’ve never been to an opera, and really have no interest in it, except they know that I love opera.

    When I watched the segment, I realized that nothing was presented that was news to us on Parterre. But, it’s good publicity for the Met. My in-laws reported to me that the head of the Met is doing a good job in making the opera more accessible. They may even want to attend one of the opera in cinemas this season. Maybe some of the other millions who watched 60 Minutes will want to go to the opera also.

    Sounds good to me!

    • antikitschychick says:

      that’s all well and good but part of his “mission” has been bringing in newer and younger audiences and tbh you’d be hard pressed to find anyone my age who even knows what 60 minutes is. He needs to do segments on E!, MTV, TMZ and Comedy Central if he wants to get the attention of ppl from my generation. The Vil Bastarda bit from Maria Stuarda was a missed opportunity in that respect…surely its the perfect rival for the soapy Kardashian fodder that dominates the tv airwaves these days :-P .

      • adina says:

        Agree. I think Colbert had a segment a couple years ago about “Sexy Opera Singer Nathan Gunn.” Jon Stewart should do an opera segment. Maybe we should give him some suggestions!

        • antikitschychick says:

          we def should! I want to see Opera singers parody themselves like the way pop singers do or even a la Renee’s segment on Letterman a few weeks back (regular actors just don’t get it the way singers do IMO!).

        • antikitschychick says:

          A Barihunks segment wouldn’t hurt either ;-)