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No Posa ability

Not perhaps as enthusiastic a response as La Cieca might have liked to the recent Posa quiz, and no official winner. But we do have a runner-up, to be revealed after the jump.

Best of the lot was Baritony, with 10 or 11 correct answers: no prize this time, but well-listened, Baritony!

The 16 Posas, as heard on the quiz were:

1. Ettore Bastianini – Salzburg 1960
2. Matteo Manuguerra – French Radio 1967
3. Tito Gobbi – Covent Garden 1958
4. Piero Cappuccilli – La Scala 1970
5. Yuri Mazurok – Covent Garden 1979
6. Bernd Weikl – MET 1989
7. Paolo Coni – Turin 1990
8. Mariusz Kwiecien – Covent Garden 2013
9. Robert Merrill – MET 1950
10. Gabriel Bacquier – Buenos Aires 1967
11. Louis Quilico – Philadelphia 1966
12. Dmitri Hvorostovsky – London 1997
13. Thomas Allen – Paris 1987
14. Renato Bruson – Covent Garden 1979
15. Kostas Paskalis – Vienna 1967
16. Simon Keenlyside – Cleveland 2003

Since this quiz was apparently not your cup of tea, cher public, La Cieca will throw the floor open to suggestions for future competitions. Anyone?


  • 21
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Clear video of the Ponnelle production of Cardillac!

  • 22
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

  • 23
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    The don’t move choruses like this anymore!

  • 24
    The_Kid says:

    well, the following quizzes would be great:

    1. di tanti palpiti (can include mezzos, contraltos, as well as countertenors!)
    2. the cat duet has only a few versions, but it might still be fun to try and identify the divas a la gatti.
    3. has ‘weiche, wotan, weiche’ been done? this could include tons of singers, and would be a challenging one.
    4. the finale of Salome (Ach, Ich habe deine Mund gekusst…)
    5. Judgment scene from Aida, or the Aida/Amneris duet. Again, tons of choices here.
    6. La Calumnia.
    7. The Champagne aria (fin ch’han dal vino) from Don Giovanni.
    8. The Bell Song from Lakme.
    9. ‘Teco io sto’ for simultaneous tenor/soprano identification.
    10. Siegfried’s forging aria (can include Mime’s bits, too!).

    the ‘IMHO’ applies, as always.

    • 24.1
      Archaeopteryx says:

      I’d love a Palpiti quizz. There are tons of recordings, from contraltos to sopranos (even Caballé sang it), and it would be a real treat to identify them all. I’d love to have a “Figlia impura di Bolena”-Quiz as well ;))

      • 24.1.1
        Cocky Kurwenal says:

        Kowalski has recorded it too, and I think Daniels did it in concert. The Rossini, that is (I’d love to hear HIS ‘Figlia impura di Bolena’ moment though).

          Archaeopteryx says:

          Re Tancredi: Yes, Kowalski sang the whole role in Berlin in the nineties, Daniels sang the aria it in concerts, Max Emanuel Cencic recorded it as part of his Rossini album, and there is a complete recording with Matthias Rexroth. None of these lads can do full justice to this piece, imho. From the “rare” outings of that role (i.e. of singers who aren’t normally perceived as Rossinians) the two most compelling and satisfying readings are those of Anne Sofie von Otter and Bernarda Fink (Oh God, how I love her and her chest voice).
          Re the Bolena, I think Cencic will soon come up with a all-male cast version of this opera, portraying Maria in the mezzo version whereas Philippe Jaroussky sings Elisabetta (let’s not forget Dominique Visse as Anna Kennedy). The thought is, at least, horrifying.

          • Regina delle fate says:

            Archeopteryx -- I think you are getting your Bolenas and Stuardas in a twist!

            • Archaeopteryx says:

              Regina -- you are right, I of course mean the opera Maria Stuarda, but we spoke about the “Figlia impura di bolena”-quizz possibility, so I wrote Bolena instead of Stuarda. Che vergogna, scusate, amici!

          • pobrediablo says:

            Is the last paragraph for real? I hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • 25
    • 25.1
      turings says:

      Thanks, Laddie! Where is it from? I can only find a 2008 Oslo production – the Hytner one again, with Harteros, Kim, Pape. But he is another singer with no website, though he does have a Facebook page.

      • 25.1.1
        laddie says:

        Stockholm. Not the ideal Verdi voice by some, but so idiomatic with beautiful phrasing and a delicate touch with a decent trill.

          turings says:

          Thanks. Well maybe not, but the basic sound is so gorgeous, and I’d like to see if he could make a character out of Posa, rather than just do a series of heroic stances.

  • 26
    Cocky Kurwenal says:

    Since feedback was requested, I’ll chime in to say that I agree with bits of what ArmerJ, Kashania and others have said.

    I dislike the format when it’s one excerpt over and over. I didn’t even listen to half of the ‘Non mi dir’ quiz before I just lost interest, so I didn’t listen to this one at all.

    I have also got quite used to the quizzes being full of names I’ve never even heard of. I don’t believe this was the case when they first started getting posted. But obviously we’ve all got differing levels of experience and it’s not for me to say that the quizzes should be aimed at people like me.

    As for future quizzes: I’d like to hear 12 unnecessary imports singing Barbarina’s arioso.