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It’s over

“New York City Opera, created 70 years ago as the ‘people’s opera,’ expects to file for bankruptcy protection on Oct. 2 and either liquidate in court or be sold to another institution, its lawyer said.” [Bloomberg]


    • armerjacquino says:

      They haven’t even done that properly. There’s the new copy on top saying ‘sorry, we didn’t make funding’ but they’ve left the old copy- ‘IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!’ underneath.

      I don’t know enough about NYCO to speculate on why they’ve gone the way they have, but that kickstarter was a mess from the start.

      • 98rsd says:

        Now you’re criticizing them for not redoing the website as they clear out their desks? Really?

        Too bad sniping isn’t an actual skill, or Parterre posters would really be in demand.

        • armerjacquino says:

          They did redo it. That’s the whole point: they redid it wrong. I’m not ‘sniping’ at anyone or anybody, just saying that the way that particular fundraising campaign was managed didn’t fill me with a whole lot of confidence in the institution.

          Once again, I’m not talking about NYCO as a whole because I don’t know enough about the company. I’m just talking about the kickstarter, which was a mess. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it.

          • 98rsd says:

            They didn’t redo the website, they added something to an existing site, and that’s what you criticized.

            • armerjacquino says:

              I know what happened. ‘redo the website’ was your shorthand, not mine.

              I have no argument with you or NYCO. I just observed that the kickstarter was badly handled. This conversation has way outlasted my interest.

  • Over at Superconductor, we put up an obituary for City Opera.

  • whatever says:

    ” … or be sold to another institution.”

    my spidey-sense is tingling; I bet there’s an end-game already mapped out here.

    Of course, I have no idea what it is, but who says a conspiracy theory has to be fully-formed?!?

    • blansac says:

      Yes, a newly formed institution (headed by Susan Baker) buys NYCO, just keeps the name, and the new outfit (to be known as “New York City Opera”) appoints George Steel as GM.

      Parterre implodes.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    That “people’s opera” moniker sounds so much like a communist operetta company from the 1960′s! And the mass email this morning states:

    “It is with much regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2013-2014 Season. New York City Opera did not achieve the goal of its emergency appeal, and the board and management will begin the necessary financial and operational steps to wind down the Company, including initiating the Chapter 11 process.

    For seventy years, since Mayor Fiorello La Guardia established it as “The People’s Opera,” New York City Opera has introduced generation after generation of young singers who are stars in the making, brought the public exciting new works and compelling, fresh interpretations of classics, acted as a champion for American composers and performers, and ensured that every New Yorker can experience the live art of opera.

    We thank you for your continued support over the years and for making New York City Opera truly “The People’s Opera.”

    For questions regarding your subscription, please call 212.870.5600.

    For questions regarding contributions, please call 212.870.5626

    For questions about the City Opera Thrift Shop, please call 212.684.5344.

    For any other questions, please call 212.870.5620.”

  • Belfagor says:

    And now Scottish Opera’s new music director Emmanuel Joael-Hornak, has resigned after 58 days in the job -- that company is a stunted shadow of what it once was -- and the Minnesota orchestra’s MD, Osmo Vanska has resigned, after a year of lock outs and failed union negotiations -- truly malign stars in the heavens today -- these things happen in threes.

    • Camille says:

      Yes, I was just gnashing my teeth and groaning about the Minnesota affaire and Osmo Vanska’s resignation as there was to have been a series of Sibelius symphony concerts at Carnegie Hall which I was greatly looking forward to! A damn shame.

    • Regina delle fate says:

      Let’s hope Belfagor. The opening of the ENO season looks a bit worrying box-office-wise. Discounts for both Calixto’s Fidelio and Chris Alden’s Fledermouse.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    We have no goverment! We have no City Opera. We have much, but so much has vanished.

    This kid has been watching Joyce

  • zinka says:

    So SAD! Here is a partial list of some of the names of artists who appeared at City Opera. Just thinking of the demise of this company is truly horrendous:

    Lawrence Winters
    Chester Ludgin
    Dominic Cossa
    Richard Fredricks
    Mark Delavan
    Moichele Molese
    Harry Theyard
    Ebrico di Giuseppe
    Placido Domingo
    Jose Carreras
    Jerry Lo Monaco
    Frances Bible
    Susan Marsee
    Olivia Stapp
    Gloria Lane
    Bevertly Wolff
    Marisa Galvany
    Beverly Sills
    Patricia Brooks
    Norman Treigle
    Irene Jorden
    Giuseppe Gismondo
    Gianna Rolandi,
    Ruth Welting
    Johanna Meier
    David Poleri
    Elizabeth Carron
    Athena Lampropolous
    Maureen Forrester
    Rolando Villazon
    Daniel Mobbs
    Camilla Williams
    Adele Addison
    Richard Leech
    Regina Resnik
    Dorothy Kirsten
    Diana Soviero
    Pablo Elvira
    Jerry Hadley
    Henry Price
    Sam Ramey

    Need I say more????There are plenty of others, but this tells you what a sad story this is.