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Everybody rise! Rise! Rise!

Irina Lungu and Sonya YonchevaSays the Met press office: “Two rising young sopranos will make their Met debuts earlier than originally scheduled when they share the role of Gilda in Verdi’s Rigoletto later this fall, replacing Aleksandra Kurzak, who has withdrawn due to pregnancy. Russian soprano Irina Lungu will sing the role on November 11, 15, and 18, and Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva will sing the role on November 21, 27, 30, December 4, and at the December 7 matinee. Kurzak is expecting a baby this winter with her partner, tenor Roberto Alagna.”  




  • -Ed. says:

    Apropos rising singers, I’m going to the Pittsburgh Opera later this month to see Aida, where Latonia Moore (Aida) and Elizabeth Bishop (Amneris) will be performing. Y’all have had great things to say about both of them, so I’m excited. Plus they have former Steeler running back Franco Harris as the champion of champions lol! Life here in the provinces ain’t all bad..

  • redbear says:

    Rising singers? You can help as part of the larger jury and win a hotel stay in a very expensive city (Paris).
    (The money’s on Eva-Maud Hubeau, they say)