Cher Public

12 hours

“Today, an email from General Manager and Artistic Director notes… ‘We have just finished our successful run of Anna Nicole, and raised $2 million towards our target of $7 million, however there is only one day left to make a difference and help keep NYC Opera in business’.” [Broadway World}

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    With the US Goverment on the verge of temporary closure, it’s not a very good day for operatic angels.

    • DonCarloFanatic

      Actually, it’s not a good day for planning a trip to our national parks. Otherwise, it’s always a good day for rich people.

  • operaassport

    This reminds me of “Francisco Franco is still alive!”

  • Chanterelle

    It feels like taking a beloved pet for that dreaded last trip to the vet…

    • operaassport

      Only if the pet were a cockroach.

      • perfidia

        I wouldn’t compare the NYC Opera to a cockroach. Now the people who ran it into the ground….

        • operaassport

          I realize I was unfair. My sincerest apologies to all cockroaches.

    • lucy brown

      Absolutely, Chanterelle! Opera lovers are being guilted into giving, even though they know they’re wasting their money, and at the end, they’ll wind up with an empty wallet and a dead pet. I’ll spend thousands on a dying dog, but as long as the current management is there, I’m not sending City Opera a nickel.

  • lucy brown

    The question is, of course, if you could only save one, would you save the Federal Government, or the New York City Opera?

    • operaassport

      What a choice, option 3?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Now there is talk of closing the Institute at Tanglewoog and all of the orchestras in Germany… plus: 50 people want Gergiev tossed out of the Mariinsky!!!!!

    The petition is here:

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Maybe Steel could become the fundraiser for Tanglewood.

    • operaassport

      It’s hard to see what Steel’s endgame/next step could be. I could see him running one of those privately owned prisons. I can’t see where in the arts he goes.

  • Camille

    In all of this grande fiasco the person I really feel for is Maestro Rudel. What a sordid anner in which to view his life’s work coming to an end!

    And thank g-d La Bubbles is in the beyond—but one wonders—had she still been alive and well enough to do her fundraising juju, AND disposed to do so on behalf of the current Board—how this might have turned out differently.


    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Actually, Julius did far better for himself once he was free of City Opera… conducting high visibility performances all over the world for many years and enjoying life’s pleasures. It was thanks to angels like Lloyd Riegler and others that permitted NYCO to remain in business. But, yes. I can imagine that Julius is furious about this.

  • rossifigaro

    i’m probably being very naive, but i really can’t see what all the fuss is about. organizations survive bankruptcy, yes? general motors did so recently i think. could the nyc opera company simply go on hiatus -- reorganize and reinvent themselves?

  • bassoprofundo

    Off to make my Basso ex machina $700,000 donation….