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  • Lohenfal: I hesitate to jump into this fray, but the text of Schiller’s play would tend to justify La C.’s interpretation.... 8:54 PM
  • davidzalden: I would love to return to Santa Fe — one of the most beautiful spots on earth and a wonderful, magical place for opera!... 8:51 PM
  • laddie: When are you coming back to Santa Fe? We truly need you DZA. 8:09 PM
  • laddie: “Nudity is not in the libretto…But that was the extent of any apologies.” Yes, armerj, an astute observation. 8:06 PM
  • phoenix: I’m sure your site would go on quite well without any of us, but Mme. manou entertains like no one else does – Do I... 7:49 PM
  • Cicciabella: vilbastarda took the words right out of my mouth. 7:48 PM
  • antikitschychick: Batty writes: “I suppose it would be possible for Camille to hand her suitors a used tampon instead of a red... 7:46 PM
  • vilbastarda: I truly appreciate Manousplainings, they are informative and funny, and always kind. I love her play on words. Very much... 7:13 PM


Pledged since yesterday: $935.


  • Krunoslav says:

    “Pledged since yesterday: $935.”


    • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    • Porpora says:

      Shocking, sad, senseless killing of a major American arts organization by a hapless board and clueless director. Leaving Lincoln Center was stupid. Why? NYCO is spending 12 million to produce a handful of performances, when it used to spend 31 to produce 122. Any fool and do the math. They aren’t saving a dime by not being at Lincoln Center. In fact, they are paying a hell of a lot more to be putting on shows in two theaters. Someone didn’t crunch the numbers.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Someone has posted this Dream Cast Elektra -- Rysanek, Rysanek, Rysanek!

    00.00 Elektra’s monologue (Rysanek, 1981 Film)
    10.58 Scene with Chrysothemis (Nilsson/Rysanek, Met 1966)
    18.50 Procession (Nilsson/Lindholm, Sweden 1972)
    21.35 Scene with Clytemnestra (Behrens/Rysanek, Teatro Colon 1995)
    45.36 Was bluten muss? (Rysanek, Film 1981)
    48.15 Scene with Chrysothemis 2 (Borkh/Rysanek, Met 1961)
    58.58 Scene with Orest (Rysanek/Fischer-Dieskau, Film 1981)
    81.18 Murder scene (Rysanek, Film 1981)/(Rysanek, Teatro Colon 1995)/(Goltz/Rysanek, Munich 1955)
    84.46 Scene with Aegisth (Rysanek/Beirer. Film 1981)/(Borkh/Lorenz, Salzburg 1957)
    88.37 Final Scene (Borkh/Rysanek, Met 1961)

  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin says:

    Thanks for those, QPF. The labeling on the Nilsson clip is a bit misleading. She fell and dislocated her shoulder during a rehearsal, not during a performance. There was daily speculation if she would be well enough to sing the premiere of what was then the new “Götterdämmerung” (the last installment of the von Karajan “Ring”). Trooper that she was, the show did go on, but only with her costume modified to mask her arm in a sling. When she came up out of that cave/hole/whatever to sing “Zu neuen Taten,” the entire house burst into wild applause from the moment she appeared, obliterating the music until her first notes. I was there.