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  • operacat

    Has anyone else watched CHOEURS from Munich?ŒURS%20-%20Alain%20Platel/ Would love comments. It is certainly riveting. . .still trying to decide if I liked it. I could finally watch it without a headache when I stopped trying to figure it out. The dancers are astonishing. . .what they are doing is ludicrous, ugly and compelling in that embarrassingly awful way that disaster news coverage is compelling. For some reason it felt right bringing this up under the NYCO saga.

    • oedipe


      I haven’t watched it yet (thanks for reminding me about it), but Alain Platel is one of the most interesting names in modern dance-theater and what he does is ALWAYS intellectually “challenging”.

      There are a number of other very interesting contemporary choreographers I suggest you take a look at, if you get a chance: Jan Fabre, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Sasha Waltz…

      BTW, the La Monnaie opera house is based in Brussels, not Munich.

      • operacat

        arghhh I keep getting them mixed up — thanks for the correction. I will definitely concede that it was fascinating. I would actually love to watch with a live audience. There would definitely be reactions!!

      • operacat

        speaking of Sasha Waltz, her troupe is featured on the next broadcast from La Monnaie starting Sept. 27 through Oct. 17 performing Stravinsky’s RITE OF SPRING and JAGDEN UND FORMEN by Wolfgang Rihm — . It is interesting that the video of CHOEURS showing on the LA MONNAIE site is from 2012 Madrid.

      • oedipe

        Here is a little taste of Jan Fabre. He definitely manages to get strong reactions from the audience, every time:

  • laddie

    Let’s just hijack the night away!

    Don’t forget, “Billy Budd” this Saturday 1155 EST from Sweden featuring the always mellifluous Peter Mattei.

  • Mairsydoats

    Ha, is that George. He looks old. I will have no regrets the day he is out of a job.