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  • overstimmelated: Not that it matters, but what was it, though? It came through on the Sirius broadcast and I assumed it was a transmission... 1:38 PM
  • La Cieca: Maybe they should have sent flowers to your home the next day with a warm note of condolence. 12:57 PM
  • kashania: Well put, Porgy. 12:50 PM
  • La Valkyrietta: Sorry, La Cieca. I should also have said I loved the evening and the review above, of corse, and Mattei was divine, I... 12:49 PM
  • La Cieca: Yeah, the Met should really reconsider their voluntary decision to create that noise deliberately, given that it annoys you and... 12:03 PM
  • kashania: Wonderfully detailed review, John. Thanks! 11:56 AM
  • La Valkyrietta: Hated the long hiss in the second scene of the first act when first they mention Elizabeth. A lady near me thought it was... 11:56 AM
  • kashania: basically top notch but just a little bit pareil LOL. Thanks for the great read. We had Brian Mulligan as Enrico the Edgardo... 11:49 AM

Cows and chickens make better friends than I’ve ever met in Paris

Until the Baron de Varville returns, cher public, take this opportunity to indulge in discussion of off-topic and general interest subjects.


  • WindyCityOperaman says:

    Born on this day in 1904 soprano Irma Beilke

    Happy 64th birthday composer Stephen Paulus. Get well soon.

    Happy 57th birthday stage director Francesca Zambello

  • zinka says:

    Contrary to some statements about Tucker’s “chopping” is a perfect example of his gorgeous legato and the phenomenal glorious top..The way he “hooks’ into it…….100 yrs.anniversary on Aug.28..Still my all-time fav.tenor of those I saw live…
    Sobbing???Ever hear of Gigli?????

    Yes,i am aware of his flaws..but he was for me the greatest tenor……..

  • operacat says:


  • operacat says:

    La Monnaie has announced their upcoming streaming online video season. Lots to add to the previously announced Bayerischer Staatsoper season — FRAU OHNE SCHATTEN (Dec. 1) and FORZA DEL DESTINO w/Harteros and Kaufmann. Still waiting for Vienna.

  • operacat says:

    La Monnaie has announced their upcoming streaming opera video season at their web site. More to add to our calendars which already includes Bayerischer Staatsoper’ announced FRAU OHNE SCHATTEN -- Dec. 1 and FORZA DEL DESTINO -- Dec. 28. Still waiting for Vienna’s streaming schedule. I am trying to collect opera streaming video available online at my website Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • redbear says:

      Can bears love cats? I was just wondering why there isn’t a central place for all this stuff! It’s not like being there but so much of Salzburg, Aix-en-Provence, etc. has been streamed without those wallet-busting prices and all that jetlag.
      Here is another one, cat-of-my-dreams: A TV site called is streaming live the Die Entführung aus dem Serail from Salzburg’s Hangar 7 on the 26th at 8:15pm CET. This is with the Camerata Salzburg, Hanz Graf conducting, etc. Do you have an app yet? I want one on my iPad and Phone!

  • DonCarloFanatic says:

    Does anyone have an opinion of the casting for the Anna Nicole that the NYCO is doing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music? I think this new opera got mixed but mostly favorable reviews of its London debut. But none of the current singers is familiar to me:

    Sarah Joy Miller* (Anna Nicole)
    Susan Bickley* (Virgie)
    Robert Brubaker (Old Man Marshall)
    Rod Gilfry (Stern)
    James Barbour* (Daddy Hogan)
    Elizabeth Pojanowski* (Shelley)
    Joshua Jeremiah (Deputy Mayor)
    Mary Testa* (Aunt Kaye)
    Ben Davis* (Billy)
    Christina Sajous* (Melissa)
    Richard Troxell (Doctor)
    John Easterlin (Larry King)
    Stephen Wallem* (Trucker)
    Michael Hance*(Mayor)
    *denotes NYC Opera debut

  • RosinaLeckermaul says:

    Rod Gilfrey is a veteran baritone who has sung everything from Mozart to contemporary opera. Mary Testa is a veteran of many Broadway musicals. I saw ANNA NICOLE in London and enjoyed it immensely. It’s not as adventurous as some of Turnage’s work but, unlike much contemporary opera, the music serves the drama effectively. Richard Jones’s production is very clever. There’s a dvd of the London production with Eva Maria Westbroek and Gerald Finley.

    • manou says:

      And Susan Bickley was Virgie in the original ROH production of Anna Nicole -- as the Vicar will be proud to confirm.

      • manou says:

        …oops! and as armer has also nearly simultaneously indicated above.

        • bluecabochon says:

          James Barbour is also a veteran of many Broadway shows.

          • manou says:

            Richard Troxell was Christian in the Alagna DVD of Cyrano de Bergerac.

            • SF Guy says:

              Troxell was also Pinkerton in the 1995 film of Butterfly:

              (And James Barbour replaced Michael Hayden as Billy Bigelow in the Nicholas Hytner production of Carousel at the Beaumont, among other things.)

            • Trowel, such a gorgeous man! I worked with him in Falstaff in Cincinnati back in the day (he was Fenton) and we we all drooling over that hairy chest.

    • operacat says:

      Robert Brubaker was Chairman Mao in the Met’s NIXON IN CHINA including the HD. He is found in many DVDs including the Los Angeles Opera GEZEICHNETEN.

    • PushedUpMezzo says:

      Rod Gilfry -- veteran but hot! Can still out-gun Gunn.

  • bellarenata says:

    Well, Alwyn Mellor was described by The Vancouver Sun as the most impressive achievement of the second cycle in Seattle and almost all of the reviewers, including Opera News at the Paris Siegfried, have praised the quality of her top notes and that her Battle Cry is one of the best around. There’s a consensus that lower part of the voice lacks weight but it’s simply not true to write that she went from Longborough to Paris. Between Longborough 2011 and Paris 2013, she sang Brünnhilde in Bergen, Gothenburg and Leipzig and Sieglinde for Opera North, as well as covering Brünnhilde at Covent Garden. She must have been under considerable strain in Paris singing seven performances of Walküre and seven of Siegfried when Janice Baird withdrew and being unwell in Seattle will not have helped either. I’d agree that she has been catapulted a little quickly and that a steadier build up would have helped, but it’s also important to remember that managements don’t cast on blind faith and she must have shown exceptional promise to be cast in Paris and Seattle and not to have compromised that promise in rehearsal. These are hugely demanding roles and the audience’s expectation is rightly high. However, she was great when and I saw her in both Paris and Seattle (yes, the Todesverkündigung is tough for a high soprano and there’s an interesting recent interview with Petra Lang in which she says she believes that scene was deliberately written so that Brünnhilde, who,is a very young girl in Walküre should not sound too imposing) and to imply that she was a disaster or is in decline is simply not borne out by what I heard, by the audience response in both theatres, and by much of the critical response.