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  • manou: Grim – I am listening to the Vasco broadcast now and marvel again at Alagna’s perfect diction. I can understand every... 2:43 PM
  • manou: lorenzo – I am Jewish* too (my grandparents came from Corfu and therefore spoke Venetian as well as several other useful... 2:41 PM
  • rapt: Plus a splendid grand-opera-style multi-sectioned finale to the second act! 2:38 PM
  • lorenzo.venezia: Manou – as an American Jew I fear Persepolis et al are places I’ll have to enjoy through photographs ;-) 2:19 PM
  • grimoaldo: Thank you dear Camille,you are so sweet. “Princess Ida” has very lovely music,more lyrical than most of the other... 2:10 PM
  • manou: Just checking I have got rid of the bold attack 1:48 PM
  • manou: 1:47 PM
  • manou: Thanks so much for this, lorenzo – we also went to Pasargadae (which is a bit of a disappointment). The tribunes built for... 1:47 PM

Second guess

“Correction: August 15, 2013 An earlier version of this post referred incorrectly to the gender of the mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton. Ms. Barton is a woman.” [New York Times]