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Regina Resnik 1922-2013

The American mezzo-soprano, director, filmmaker and teacher Regina Resnik has died. She was 90. (Photo via Facebook)

  • Sempre liberal

    I will miss her *tomorrow*. It’s a question of color and tessitura.

    After this next journey, may she arrive in heaven and not have to face Marcellina.

    I adored her voice, and her Sieglinde in the Krauss 1953 Bayreuth Ring is one of my favorites.

    I saw her a year ago, and she looked glorious. Diva, requiescat in pace.


  • louannd
  • zinka

    This is the time when all those stories emerge as i think of the happy things that Regina said and did. You know she substituted for Zinka on Dec.2, 1944,making her debut before the scheduled on as Santuzza later on.
    One phone conversation many years ago featured Regina doing a better Zinka than Zinka saying, “I vas never seek>” Maybe Zinka never saw the Met Annals!!! Well..Zinka was Zinka…but Regina did accenta so well…..

  • brooklynpunk

    Another WONDERFUL (non-operatic--actually no singing , at all..) side of Regina Resnik

    AND-- a WONDERFUL documentary!



  • brooklynpunk

    ..let me try that again--IF it doesn’t “take”, you can go on to the WNET Channel 13 NYC site , and find it there


  • Nerva Nelli

    Wm. Yardley (who?) in the Newspaper of Record’s Resnik obit:

    “Her best-known roles include Ellen Orford in Britten’s “Peter Grimes,” Donna Anna and Donna Elvira in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” and the title role in Bizet’s “Carmen.

    • la vociaccia

      Yikes. I certainly *wish* she were more famous for her Ellen Orford; I’ve been dying for a record of it.

      • MontyNostry

        Talking of Ellen Orford (and apologies to the late and much-lovedFamous Quickly for hijacking the thread), Pamela Armstrong is due to sing the role in a high-profile concert performance in London this autumn. She is always struck me as in impressive singer, but what has she been up to in recent years? Operabase suggests the past five or so years have in the main seen her intermittently in smaller US houses.

        • la vociaccia

          Interesting. Lots of grimes this fall! Carnegie Hall is doing a semi staged performance on Britten’s birthday (nov. 22) with a considerably strong cast as well (A.D Griffey, S. Phillips, Alan Held as Balstrode and Ann Murray as Auntie!)

      • Nerva Nelli

        The Met’s NYT funeral notice, written by “Peter Gelb”, also oddly mentioned Chrysothemis, which she sang just once, as opposed to 17 Rosalindes, 16 Czipras, 15 Santuzzas, 14 Donna Eviras, 10 Musettas etc etc. Not to mention 21 Marcellinas!

        Even if the point had been her having done two roles in ELEKTRA, no mention was made of Alice Ford, so…

  • Camille

    It’s not just a question of color and tessitura—
    it is as well one of a great voice, superior interpretive intelligence, insight and abilty; and the determination, guts, and courage to change one’s vocal identity in mid career.

    More like Our Famous Quickly will probably not be coming on the scene, for they broke the mold.

    RIP to a great artist.

  • Jack Jikes

    Camille’s phrase ‘insight and ability’ is so appropriate -- to have done ALL that in a mere lifetime. SALVE REGINA!

  • il Rogo

    Regina Resnik was a complete artist and one of the great operatic personalities of the past century. She was also a true New Yorker and a wonderful colleague. Was she really behind the nom de plume “Famous Quickly” ? It is very apt, but almost too obvious. She will be greatly missed, but everyone who loves her should be grateful she had such a long and productive life. By the way, besides the one Azucena at the Met in spring 1964, she did 6 of them on tour. She made her New City Opera debut as Frasquita to the Carmen of Dusalina Giannini in their inaugural season, 1944, with an unscheduled but highly successfull Met debut as Leonora in Trovatore later that year, subbing for Milanov, no less. What a great life well spent! My sincere condolences to her family.

  • mjmacmtenor

    I had the privilege of seeing Resnik perform only once -- in a San Diego Fledermaus that included Sutherland (as Rosalinda) and Sills (as Adele) -- this was shortly before Sills retirement and the only time Sutherland and Sills performed together. Nevertheless, I was most entranced by Resnik as Orlofsky. Her voice was not what it had been in its glory, but it did not matter. She was a small woman (5′ ?), but she dominated the stage. She did not need to do anything. She simply had a power and intensity that made you watch her, even when she was doing nothing. When she spoke, it had a richness and power of the greatest classical actress. She could convey more with a look or raise of the eyebrow than others could with “emoting” all over the place. I can only image the impact she made as Carmen or Klytemnestra. I always regretted that I never got to see her Tony award winning performance as Fräulein Kost in Cabaret. Her performance of “What Would You Do” must have been devastating!

  • May our beloved Regina, rest in peace and may her memory be for a blessing!

    Ever since I was three yrs. old, 1953, and met her, I loved my cousin Regina. How fortunate I was to hear her sing Amneris with Leontyne Price, Aida, and James McCraken, Radames, in the production of AIDA at SF Opera in Fall 1961, I think.
    I was at her dress rehearsals and performances of Queen of Spades, Elektra, Dialogue of the Carmelites, Visit of the Old Lady and? Unfortunately, I never heard her great Carmen live.I cherish the fan and castanets she gave me from Madrid
    where she was adored as Carmen, as she was in her various roles, at the great Opera houses throughout the world. I loved being at some of her fabulous master classes, and visiting her in Venice and NYC. One of her greatest triumphs is having the best son a mother could want. Operatic Stage Director, Co Pres. of Regina Resnik Presents, Michael Davis.
    She was so proud of his many achiements, and his recent work as Video stage Director with Maestro Maazel at Castleton this summer and most of all his never ending companionship.

    So glad to read what has already been posted because you have all contributed to capturing the essence of her extraordinary career and life. I highly recommend the article written by Fred Plotkin for Operavore. And if you use Facebook, see Regina Resnik, the page that Michael created for her 90th birthday last August and Regina Resnik Presents.

    May she live on as we remember her!

    I don’t recall saying any of this, please check and post.