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Leveraged canard

“Sing on your vocal interest, not your vocal principal!”

  • luvtennis

    THe two leads here exemplify the canard.

  • antikitschychick

    for Vergin Vezzosa: :-D

    this was indeed a wonderful performance. She should at least record the role while she still can imho.

    • Vergin Vezzosa

      Thanks antikitchy. Pretty much as I recall it. Oh! rimembranza!

  • MontyNostry

    It looks like Georg Solti used the capital analogy too. Maybe he picked it up from Leontyne or Renee.
    Watch from 2’33”

  • MMM I think it means that you have to use the technique you have obtained -- placement, good breathing and use mostly that, the epidermis of the vocal construct, instead of using the main bulk of the sound, the ‘natural voice’ and the main sap of the instrument. If the technique works really well, the audience doesn’t feel there’s a loss of volume or quality, but when the singer really lets the natural voice ring out on some occasions during the evening, there is an added richness.

    • phoenix

      And where have you been? Missed you.

  • judycadanna

    That looks like an airbrushed photo of Joan Collins.