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Ich sah das Kind

La Cieca hears that Dame Gwyneth Jones has added yet another “role” to hear already vast repertoire, that of grandmother. The diva’s granddaughter, Sophia Magdalena, was born several days ago. The “lively, red-haired” baby and her mother, Susannah Haberfeld, are both reported in excellent condition.

  • Congrats to grandma diva. Wow, late bloomer. I have a couple of friends who are in their 40s who are already grandparents.

  • danpatter

    A great and wonderful singer. I was so lucky to have seen her as often as I did. Her Brunnhilde, Kundry, Turandot, and Minnie thrilled me no end. I’m grateful for her recordings and videos. A magnificent artist! Congratulations to her on becoming a grandmother. Let’s hope voices can sometimes be inherited!

  • bassoprofundo

    This is news?

    • havfruen

      Our local theater just posted auditions for Scrooge. I think they don’t have to look far for a candidate.

      • bassoprofundo

        Dunno. I just don’t see why this is news worthy of its own thread. Yes, gasp, opera singers are people. Yes, gasp, many of them have children. Yes, gasp, many of those children have children. And they become grandparents. it’s a normal part of life, I don’t see what is so newsworthy about it. But, it’s not my site. :)

        • manou

          Asthma, basso? Emphysema?

        • Regina delle fate

          Marie McLaughlin has also recently become a (somewhat younger) Granny!

  • zinka

    She will sing “Ozean” as a lullaby, thus scaring and scarring the kid for life!

  • phoenix
  • CarlottaBorromeo

    Susannah (who was in the ensemble in Halle for a time and sang the Prostitute in the Chereau/Boulez production of “House of the Dead” when it was new) as a youngster played (but didn’t sing!) the Prince of Persia when her mother sang her first Turandots at the Olympic Arts Festival in Los Angeles in 1984 (and subsequently in London).

  • doktorlehar

    It’s true. Haberfeld is also visible in the crowd during the final scene of the filmed Boulez Götterdämmerung. Look for the little redheaded girl – that’s her.

    Seriously, how wonderful for Dame Gwyneth. I do hope she intends to write some sort of memoir. The Atlantis ‘Portrait’ book from two decades ago is lovely, but is not in her own words. I’d buy it.

  • messa di voce

    Wasn’t it Dame Gwyneth’s desire to save a school field trip by Susannah’s class that prompted her historic assumption of both the Empress and the Dyer’s wife in one performance?

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Apparently so. It’s mentioned in the book written by her adoring ex-husband, along with the shocking and admirable claim that she canceled only 6 performances her entire career.

  • doktorlehar

    On the subject of Jones “Die Frau,” did anyone catch that YouTube clip of a concert, I think in Paris, in which she sang a fantastic rendition of the Kaiserin’s long Act III scene (“Vater, bist Du’s?”). It seems to have been taken down.

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Yes, I remember seeing it for the first time about 18 months ago. It’s a shame it is no longer available, but things come and go all the time -- every month there is more stuff I didn’t know existed to enjoy, so I don’t sweat it when things get taken away too.

    • damekenneth

      In that Paris concert, which is for sale by a couple of the “pirate” companies, she also sings a great version of the Salome final scene.

      • doktorlehar

        Ah, thank you, Dear Dame Kenneth, for that tip.

        (He writes as he presses the “complete purchase” button…)

        • damekenneth

          Glad I could point you towards it, good Doktorlehar.